December 30th, 2010

Eliminate Static for Better RCBS ChargeMaster Performance

RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Electronic Powder Dispensers are normally quite accurate. However, build-up of static electricity can cause some issues, such as kernels of powder clumping together. Nat Lambert found that reducing static charges can “cure” the clumping problem: “Discharge the static in your machine and you won’t have those clumps. Either use static wipes inside and out on your machine or use a Zerostat. It will make a huge diference. Walmart has the anti-static wipes in the computer section.”

Forum member J. Cummings reports: “My Chargemaster drifted due to static electricity after a thunderstorm. I contacted RCBS. They told me to turn it off, wipe it down with an anti-static cloth then try it. That was more than six months ago. It has worked fine ever since.” Forum member Harvey concurs: “As long as I use the static dryer sheets my Chargemaster VERY RARELY will drift. [If it drifts now] it’s usually me breathing hard or moving things like seating bullets or bumping the bench with my knees. I had problems until I used the sheets and ran pieces thru the tube on a pipe cleaner.”

Others have found that they can reduce the clumping problem by prepping the inside of the dispensing tube, by removing burrs and rough spots. Milanuk has a very simple solution: “Stick a one-inch piece of drinking straw in the discharge tube; tape it in place. Clumping problem solved.” Below is a commercial anti-static cloth. You can also use the “anti-cling” fabric pieces used with clothes dryers.