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January 31st, 2011

Barnes Offers New Match and Hunting Bullets for 2011

Barnes Bullets is introducing a bunch of new bullets for 2011. Precision shooters will be interested in the new Match Burner line of bullets, as well as Barnes’ LRX series of long-range projectiles. For the large-caliber shooters, Barnes has also expanded its line of Banded Solids, in weights from 250 grains (.338 caliber) all the way up to 535 grains (.500 Jeffries).

The new Barnes Match Burner bullets are designed for competitive target shooting. The new Match Burners for 2011, listed below, are slated to ship to vendors in March.

Barnes match burner bullets

Caliber Weight Description
223 Cal 52-grain Flat Base Match
223 Cal 69-grain Boattail Match (1:10″ Twist or Faster)
223 Cal 85-grain Boattail Match (1:7″ Twist or Faster)
6MM 68-grain Flat Base Match
6MM 105-grain Boattail Match
6.5MM 140-grain Boattail Match
30 Cal 155-grain Boattail Palma
30 Cal 175-grain Boattail Match

New Long-Range X Bullets Based on Tipped Triple-Shock Design
The all-new Long-Range X Bullet® (LRX) line includes four new bullets. Designed after the best-selling Tipped Triple-Shock™ X Bullet® (TTSX), the new LRX bullet design increases B.C. values by increasing ogive and boat tail lengths to improve the bullets’ long-range ballistic performance. LRX bullets are manufactured with the proven 100-percent copper, lead-free bodies. The bullet’s polymer tip initiates expansion, causing the nose cavity to open instantly on contact, doubling the bullet’s original diameter. Barnes claims the LRX bullets allow clean, quick kills even at extreme ranges.

Barnes LRX bullets

Caliber Weight Description
7MM 145-grain Boattail
30 Cal 175-grain Boattail (1:11″ Twist or Faster)
30 Cal 200-grain Boattail (1:10″ Twist or Faster)
338 Lapua 265-grain Boattail

Solid Bullets with Drive Bands
Barnes Banded Solids are made from free-machining brass. A series of bands cut into the bullet’s shank moderate engraving pressure and help reduce barrel wear. Weight-matched with Triple-Shock X Bullets of the same caliber, Banded Solids can be interchanged with expanding TSX bullets without varying point of impact.

Precision machined from the same tough material, Banded Solid Spitzers deliver maximum concentricity, consistent density and match-grade accuracy. According to Barnes, the Banded Solid Spitzers, provide deep penetration without deformation. Barnes says these bullets can “Kill fur-bearing animals cleanly with minimal damage to valuable pelts”.

Barnes Banded Solids

Caliber Weight Description
.338 Cal 250-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
9.3MM 250-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
9.3MM 286-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.375 Cal 270-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.375 Cal 300-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.375 Cal 350-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.416 Cal 350-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.416 Cal 400-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.422″ (404 JEFF) 400-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.458 Cal 450-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.458 Cal 500-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.504″ (505 GIBBS) 525-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.510″ (500 JEFF) 535-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
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January 31st, 2011

Big Discounts on Lyman’s Factory Reconditioned Reloading Gear

Lyman 1200 DPSIf you’re on a tight budget, here’s a way you can get a strong press, an electronic powder dispenser, and a multi-caliber case trimmer for about half what these products normally cost. On the Lyman web site, Lyman offers factory reconditioned reloading gear at huge savings. For example, the Lyman 1200 DPS electronic scale/dispenser is marked down to $179.99 from a $394.95 MSRP. MidwayUSA’s price for the Lyman 1200 is $279.99, so you’re still saving $100.00 off low retail.

According to Lyman: “These factory reconditioned items have been thoroughly evaluated and meet all our quality standards. These products are classified as ‘reconditioned’ simply for cosmetic purposes. Due to some scratches, paint defects, and minor markings from normal use, these items are no longer considered new, however they will function the same as a new product and carry the same warranty. These items… come with our quality assurance guarantee. Should the product fail in any way within one year of purchase, simply return it along with a copy of your original receipt for repair.”

Reconditioned Lyman Reloading Equipment

LYMAN Product Factory MSRP Sale Price
1200 DPS 3 Electronic Scale $394.95 $179.99
Orange Crusher Press $162.50 $87.75
Power Trimmer 110V $300.00 $162.00
Universal Case Trimmer $94.00 $50.76
Accutrimmer w/9 Pilot Multi-Pack $59.95 $32.37
Note Lyman also offers a reconditioned T-Mag turret press for $121.50. While that’s a good price, you can find the upgraded T-Mag II press for $149.99 at We suggest you go with the newer, Gen II product. Lyman 1200 DPS
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January 30th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: New Items from Pacific Tool & Gauge

Dave Kiff, President of Pacific Tool & Gauge (PT&G), showed us some great new products his company will offer in 2011. First Dave showed PT&G’s new Rem 40X rimfire bolt. This is a complete bolt that will “drop in” to rimfire 40X actions. So, if you’ve picked up a surplus 40X from the CMP that is lacking a bolt, you can complete the rifle with one of Dave’s $199.00 40X bolt assemblies.

PT&G 40X bolt

YouTube Preview Image

Next Dave showcased his new one-piece Remington bolts with integral handle. Factory Rem bolt-handles are silver-soldered on to the main bolt assembly. With hard use, the bolt handles can break or separate. PT&G has cured that problem with an integrated bolt/bolt handle assembly that is CNC-milled from a single piece of billet. Dave says this produces a bolt-handle that “even the sniper guys can’t break”.

PTG DBM bottom metal

Last but not least, Dave showed some new bottom metal options. PT&G now offers handy Oberndorf-style bottom metal with a convenient push-button release in the front of the trigger-guard (see Video for demo). With a more ergonomic and positive latching system than the standard Rem bottom plate release, the Oberndorf bottom metal is very popular according to Kiff.

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January 30th, 2011

Free Bullets with Hornady Product Purchase

Hornady has launched it’s latest “Get Loaded” Free Bullet Promotion. Now through 12/31/2011, if you purchase certain Hornady reloading products, you can get up to 500 free bullets. We think the best deal may be the 100-bullet offer. You can get 100 free bullets with purchase of ANY one of the following: Hornady New Dimension Die Set, Hornady Cam-Lock Case Trimmer, Hornady manual Powder Measure, or Hornady AutoCharge Electronic Powder Dispenser. We’ve purchased and used New Dimension dies for pistol cartridges and they work very well for those applications. They also work fine in our RCBS Progressive press.

free bullets Hornady

500 Free Bullets with Reloading Kit or AP Progressive Press
To get 500 free bullets you’ll have to purchase something much more expensive, either a Lock-N-Load Classic reloading kit ($319.99 on sale now at, or the Hornady L-N-L AP Progressive Press ($427.67 at

NOTE: Not all Hornady bullets are offered through this promotion. Your free bullets must be selected among the following types:

22 CAL .224 — 55gr SP W/C, $17.53 MSRP
6MM .243 — 100gr BTSP, $26.59 MSRP
25 CAL .257 — 100gr SP, $30.88 MSRP
270 CAL .277 — 130gr SP, $28.71 MSRP
7MM .284 — 139gr BTSP, $31.27 MSRP
30 CAL .308 — 150gr SP, $29.51 MSRP
9MM .355 — 115gr HP/XTP, $21.32 MSRP
38 CAL .357 — 110gr HP/XTP, $21.51 MSRP
10MM .400 — 155gr HP/XTP, $26.53 MSRP
44 CAL .430 — 180rP/XTP, $28.55 MSRP
45 CAL .451 — 185gr HP/XTP, $28.20 MSRP

CLICK HERE to download Free Bullet Promo Flyer

CLICK HERE for Free Bullet Promo Redemption Form

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January 29th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: GS Custom Bullets from South Africa

GS Custom BulletsGS Custom Bullets has been producing high-quality hunting and target bullets in South Africa since 1993. GS Custom Bullets specializes in monometal solids. For hunters, the GS solids have proven extremely effective on game animals, including the biggest species on the African continent. The GS match bullets are CNC-machined to very exacting tolerances, offering superior concentricity and uniformity. The large match bullets feature drive bands for reduced engraving force, and an extremely slippery shape for exceptionally high ballistic coefficients. GS has made a special 1,100-grain 50-caliber projectile that has a calculated G1 BC of 1.85! This bullet, launched at 3400 fps, can stay supersonic out to 4,000 meters — that’s 2.49 miles!

GS Custom Bullets

Gerard Schultz, founder of GS Custom Bullets, holds a number of patents on his bullet designs. Currently GS Custom is selling to the American market through its South African website, However, this year GS Custom hopes to expand production to North America, starting a production facility in the USA. The North American effort will be lead by Gerard Schultz’s daughter, Gina, and her husband Anthony. They can be contacted through We met with Gina and Anthony at SHOT Show in Las Vegas and learned more about these remarkable bullet designs. The video is worth watching. These are no ordinary bullets.

YouTube Preview Image

GS Custom Bullets

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January 29th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: Sig Sauer 1911-2 and P210 “Legend”

While our SHOT Show coverage concentrated mainly on rifles and rifle accessories, we did find two notable handgun offerings from Sig Sauer: 1) a new .22LR version of the 1911; and, 2) a re-introduction of the classic Sig P210, with some enhancements. There are a handful of 22-cal 1911s on the market. Some, like the Chiappa, leave much to be desired, both in functionality and build quality. By contrast, the new Sig Sauer 1911-22 looks and handles like a high-grade .45acp 1911. CLICK for More Photos.

Sig 1911-22

The grip safety and ambidextrous frame safeties work just like those on a well-built centerfire 1911. The frame ergonomics and grips are identical to the classic 1911 design. The sights are good, and most importantly, the single-action trigger is light and crisp — just as you’d expect on a good, tuned 1911. We were very impressed with the gun, especially after noting the MSRP is just $399.00. We should add, however, that Germany’s GSG also makes a similar 1911-22 that costs less. You can buy a GSG 1911-22 for about $350.00 at larger gun dealers. The Sig Sauer 1911-22 we tried had nicer grips and a lighter trigger pull than the GSGs we’ve sampled.

Sig Sauer 1911-22

Sig 1911-22 Photos courtesy Osage County Guns and

Sig Sauer Re-Releases P210 “Legend”
Prominently displayed at Sig Sauer booth was the Sig P210 “Legend”, an updated version of the classic Sig P210. The new version has been released with an American-style mag release at the rear of the trigger guard, and some subtle modifications. The original Sig P210 is a genuine classic, perhaps the most accurate 9mm duty pistol ever created. Because of the high quality of its construction and careful hand-fitting, the P210 has never been cheap. The latest “Legend” version will be priced about $2,200.00 in the USA.

The new P210 “Legend” continues to offer superb accuracy, with some enhancements for target shooters. As expected, the P210 Legend’s trigger pull was sweet indeed — light, crisp, with no creep. Let me put it this way — the Legend’s trigger is smoother and lighter than what you’ll get on most custom 1911s. The optional, new rear target sight has a 3-position slider that adjusts the zero for three different target distances. That’s a smart feature we’d like to see on other target pistols.

In the video below we show the Sig Sauer 1911-22 and Sig P210 “Legend”. The Video starts off with a visit to the Smith and Wesson booth.

YouTube Preview Image
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January 29th, 2011

MEDIA Day Report: D.O.A. Tactical Shooting Bench

At Media Day, held prior to SHOT Show 2011, we had the chance to try out the D.O.A. Tactical Shooting Bench. The sturdy D.O.A. bench, selected by Media Day organizers, is also used by military organizations, including the USMC, the U.S. Army Sniper Training Schools, and the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM). These benches are made in Utah by D.O.A. Tactical, a USMC Veteran-owned company. During Media Day, the D.O.A. benches provided a solid base for our limited shooting sessions. They seemed well-built and solid. D.O.A. portable benches start at $475.00 (less shipping), but prices are slated to increase on February 1, 2011. To place an order before the price hikes, contact D.O.A. at (760) 953-9067.

The video below shows how quickly and easily a D.O.A. bench can be assembled and deployed.

YouTube Preview Image

dmo shooting bench

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January 28th, 2011

MicroSight Approved by CMP for Service Rifle Competition

The CMP has now approved two commercial rear sight inserts for use in Service Rifle competitions: the SR MicroSight, and the ShootingSight. The SR MicroSight produced by Stallings Machine of Senoia, GA is now legal for use in CMP-sanctioned Service Rifle matches beginning with the 2011 shooting season. The CMP also approved a rectangular rear aperture insert produced by ShootingSight of Ohio.

Only the SR Micro-Sight employs the Phased Zone Plate technology that keeps both front sight and target in sharp focus. READ MORE about Micro-Sight.

Formalizing the CMP’s action on sight inserts, the following two rule changes will be incorporated into the 2011 CMP Competition Rules that are due for release in March. Anyone with questions should contact CMP Headquarters at Camp Perry.

6.1.1 (4) Front and rear sights: Must be of U.S. Army design (either service or match). Front sights must have square-topped posts. Any modifications to the front sight, rear sight or rear sight hood must be specifically authorized in Rule 6.1.2.

6.1.2 (3) The dimensions of the rear sight aperture (internal diameter) and the front sight post (width) may vary from standard military dimensions. The rear sight hood diameter may not be longer than 0.70″ or larger than 0.50″ in diameter. The rear sight aperture may have a fixed, non-adjustable round, square or rectangular aperture insert. A corrective lens or multi-focal lens system may be inserted in the rear sight hood.

Micro-SightMicroSight Inventory Sells Out Quickly — But More Coming
The SR MicroSight is available through Creedmoor Sports. Creedmoor has been quickly selling through its inventory. However, Creedmoor will have another 100 delivered by the supplier on February 1st. If you want a MicroSight, order soon, because they won’t be in stock long!

Creedmoor Item# MS-1 — Price: $139.95

CLICK HERE to order

Thanks to E. Kennard for this news item.
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January 28th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: New 3-20x50mm PMII and 1-8x24mm from Schmidt & Bender

Schmidt & Bender has a very impressive new tactical scope in the PMII (Police and Marksman) line, the 3-20x50mm PM II/LP/MTC/LT. A first-focal-plane design, the new 3-20X PMII features very bright glass, and a double-turn, locking elevation turret. The scope can be ordered with a variety of reticles, and either 1/4-MOA clicks or one-tenth milrad clicks, with MTC turrets.

YouTube Preview Image

First delivered in late 2010, this unit has already drawn praise from the tactical community. JR, posting on Forum, declared: “I had the opportunity yesterday while at the Modern Day Marine show in Quantico to take a look at the new 3-20×50 PM II and to say that it impressed would be an understatement. The overall size was right between the 3-12 and the 4-16 and the 50mm objective is perfectly proportioned to this optic. Locking MTC turrets are very user friendly and it’s nice to have the option to leave them in the unlocked position when needed. Having a parallax range of 25 metres to infinity can also be very beneficial in many circumstances. Overall I was very impressed with the newest PM II … this scope will most definitely be sitting on one of my rifles before the year is over.” Another observer, writing in the Optics Talk Forum states: “If money is no object, consider the Hensoldt. But I think the scope that will be hardest to beat in the high-end tactical market will be the Schmidt & Bender 3-20.” That’s probably an intelligent call. However, at $3100.00+ per unit, we wonder how many shooters can actually afford the new 3-20x50mm PMII.
Schmidt & Bender 3-20x50

Schmidt & Bender 3-20x50

New Illuminated 1-8×24 Hunting and Multi-Gun Scope
At about $1899.00, Schmidt & Bender’s new 1-8x24mm Zenith scope is considerably less expensive. This scope is designed for short to medium-range tactical use, multi-gun competition, and hunting. One nice feature is that the scope has a “pure 1-power” setting that is 100% parallax-free. There will also be an illuminated version offered for $2149.00 US.

Schmidt & Bender 1-8x24

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January 28th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: McMillan’s New A3 Sporter Stock

McMillan unveiled a new stock that should appeal to readers who like McMillan tactical stocks but want something with greater versatility for sitting, kneeling, and standing shots. The new McMillan A3 Sporter combines the popular features of the A3 tactical stock with a redesigned fore-arm, plus a buttstock with more drop at the rear. For a tactical shooter, the feel of the handgrip and comb will be familiar. However, the buttstock will fit the shoulder better when standing. Also a flared beavertail has been added along the fore-end to provide more secure placement for your front hand.

McMillan A3 Stock, Cloud Peak Gunworks
Photo Courtesy Cloud Peak Gunworks. Custom Hydro-Dip Finish.

McMillan’s Dick Davis explained: “Our tactical stocks — the A2, A3, A4, A5 — are designed as prone stocks. The comb is very high and very straight, and they have very little drop at heel. They’re made to shoot when laying down on the ground. They don’t shoot well standing up offhand as a hunting stock”. Davis added: “The tactical shooters have been bugging [us] for years for a hunting stock they can shoot offhand”. For its new A3 Sporter, McMillan has modified the butt and the fore-arm to create a better platform for hunters. Now, Davis says: “We have a good off-hand stock with a vertical, tactical-style pistol grip that the tactical guys are used to shooting”.

YouTube Preview Image

Benchrest Stocks — Good for Varminters As Well
In addition to the A3 Sporter, Dick Davis explained some of the differences between the older style McMillan Benchrest stock design, and the more modern Edge stock. Both stocks can work very well in a competitive benchrest gun, but they can also function very well for a varmint rifle shot from a front sandbag or pedestal rest. For a varmint gun, we actually really like the older benchrest stock. It has a comfortable hand grip and the round toe on the buttstock works well for bag-squeezers. Davis confirmed that this stock is quite popular with varminters: “Over 1/3 of McMillan benchrest stocks are used in field varmint rifles”. Shown below is the original McMillan benchrest stock.

McMillan classic Benchrest Stock

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January 27th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: Lanny Barnes, U.S. Olympic Biathlete

Lanny BarnesAt SHOT Show we had the pleasure to talk with Lanny Barnes, a member of the U.S. Olympic Biathlon Team. Along with her twin sister Tracy Barnes, Lanny hopes to compete for Team USA at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Lanny and Tracy, who hail from Durango, Colorado, learned to shoot before they could ski. That is unusual in biathlon, a sport dominated by Nordic skiing specialists who typically take up shooting only after they have started winning ski races. Under the tutelage of their father, an avid hunter, Lanny and Tracy started shooting at a very young age. Lanny and Tracy were both crack shots before they became competitive skiers. Lanny still enjoys hunting in the Colorado backcountry.

Lanny Barnes

Biathlon is Hugely Popular in Europe
Lanny gave us some new insights into the biathlon game. While biathlon is not widely followed in the United States, it is the most-watched winter sport in Europe according to Lanny. We were also surprised to learn that top-level biathletes do not try to slow their heartbeats during the shooting segment of the competition. Lanny explained that the best competitors train so they can shoot with their hearts beating about 180 times per minute.

Remarkably, with that rapid heart-rate, the movement of the muzzle is more of a flutter than a distinct, heavy rise and fall. Learning to control the amplitude of the muzzle movement with the rapid heart-beat is one of the secrets to success, Lanny tells us. An ultra-accurate, fast-cycling rifle is also very important. Like most top biathletes, Lanny shoots an Anschütz with a straight-pull Fortner action. Lanny tells us that the straight-pull action has made a big change in the sport, speeding up the firing times dramatically. But since all the top competitors can shoot so quickly with modern rifles, that has put a premium on marksmanship. Miss a shot and you may have to do a penalty loop, which can change your standing from front-runner to back of the pack.

YouTube Preview Image

Check out the Twins’ Website (Donations Welcome)
Learn more about Lanny and Tracy Barnes on the twins’ website, Though biathlon is a winter sport, Lanny and Tracy train year-round. This requires great commitment and dedication. The Barnes’ quest to compete at the 2014 Winter Olympics also demands a significant budget. If you wish to help Lanny and Tracy in their bid to represent the USA in 2014, you can make a donation (via PayPal) on

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January 27th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: NRA Blog Photo Galleries’s coverage of SHOT Show showcases products and vendors we think would be of greatest interest to our readers. We visited close to 200 exhibits in four days. But there is much, much more that we don’t have time to cover. At the 2011 SHOT Show, there were nearly 1,600 exhibitors, who collectively occupied 630,000 square feet of booth space (the equivalent of 11 football fields). To get the full SHOT Show experience, check out these photo collections from The NRA Blog. These and other photo collections are found on the NRA Blog’s Picassa Public Photo Gallery.

Day Four — Gallery II

Day Four — Gallery I

Day Three — Gallery II

Day Three — Gallery I

Day Two — Gallery I

Day One — Gallery III

Day One — Gallery II

Day One — Gallery I

Photo collections courtesy The NRA Blog. To see more SHOT Show photos, visit the NRA Blog’s Public Photo Gallery.

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January 26th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: Lapua .260 Rem Brass and “L” Series Bullets

You’ve probably heard by now, but this is big news, so it bears repeating. Lapua has started production of .260 Remington cartridge brass. Lapua hopes to deliver the first shipments to the USA by late March, 2011. This is a very positive development for hunters, high power shooters, and tactical shooters. With the latest generation of powders (including Reloder 17), the .260 Remington is a potent cartridge with the 140gr-class bullets, and it hammers with the Lapua Scenar 123s or Berger 130s, and H4350-speed powders. In the video below, Kevin Thomas, Lapua’s USA Marketing Manager, provides more specifics about the .260 brass, and Lapua’s other new-for-2011 products.

Lapua 105 L ScenarOn the bullet front, Lapua is proudly rolling out its new “L” series of projectiles, starting with the 6mm 105gr Scenar and then expanding to the whole Scenar match bullet line. NOTE: These are NOT new bullet designs — Lapua is not changing the bullet shapes, weights, or internal construction. So you’ll be getting the same bullets, only with tighter tolerances, and improved quality control.

Lapua has tightened its production tolerances for the L series of bullets. Lapua claims that the L series of bullets will be more uniform in weight, with improved concentricity. Length from base of bullet to ogive will be held to very tight tolerances. Apart from the notations on the box, the new Lapua L bullets will be marked with an “L” crest stamped on the bullet heel. Lapua claims this tiny stamp will not affect accuracy nor reduce the bullet’s ballistic coefficient.

Lapua explains: “We have set out to tighten all measures and requirements, including our already famous quality control standards.” Scenar L bullets will exhibit: “closer weight tolerances, tighter jacket wall concentricity standards, and greater uniformity in every dimension, starting from the gilding metal cup, lead wire and jacket forming, ending up to core-jacket assembly, boat tail pressing and tipping.”

Lapua 105 L Scenar

Lapua Scenar L 105 6mmTesting the Scenar Ls for Uniformity
Are the new Scenar “L” series bullets actually more uniform than previous Scenars (which were really very, very good)? Based on my quick test of 20 sample bullets pulled at random from a box, I would say the 105gr Scenar Ls are some of the most uniform factory bullets ever. Adam Braverman gave me a box of the new 105gr Scenar “L” bullets. I randomly chose twenty (20) bullets, and measured them base to ogive using a Hornady comparator. With the exception of one bullet, everything was pretty much “dead on”. I listed two at 0.7125″, but they were awfully close to the others. Basically, except for the one bullet measuring 0.711″, they were all the same within the practical resolution of my calipers. Very impressive indeed.

All Bullets within One-Tenth of Grain
Next I checked for weight uniformity. I weighed each of the 20 bullets twice, using a calibrated RCBS ChargeMaster scale. NOTE: This is NOT a lab quality scale. The 0.1 grain total spread among the bullets is within the scale’s range of error. But I did weigh each bullet at least twice, and the ones that were one-tenth of a grain light I weighed four times. Three bullets out of the twenty measured 105.2 grains. All the rest were 105.3 grains. Remarkable.

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January 26th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: Sightron’s Upgraded 10-50X and NEW 1-7X

Alan Orr of Sightron unveiled some impressive products at the 2011 SHOT Show. The first is a fully upgraded Sightron SIII 10-50X60mm LR scope. When first introduced in 2010, Sightron’s 10-50X scope became an immediate “hit” with readers. The 10-50X offered seriously powerful magnification with reasonable weight — all in an affordable package. With “street price” under $1000.00, the Sightron 10-50X was much less expensive than rival “big-name” scopes with comparable magnification. As first released, Sightron’s 10-50X scope was a smart choice for F-Classers and long-range benchresters. For 2011, the 10-50X scope has been made even better, yet the price has stayed pretty much the same. That’s the kind of progress we like.

As upgraded, Sightron’s 10-50x60mm scope has new target turrets, a new reticle option (hash marks with center dot-in-circle), and dual-color, selectable illumination. At around $995.00, this scope is in a class by itself. Looking at the offerings of other scope-makers, you’d have to pay hundreds more to get a comparable 50-power riflescope with reliable tracking and good glass. Yes the Schmidt & Bender 12-50X scope is better, but the S&B costs three times as much as the Sightron. The Sightron 10-50X’s price to performance ratio makes it a very attractive choice for F-Class and long-range Benchrest.

YouTube Preview Image

Sightron 1-7X scopeExclusive ‘Sneak Preview’ of
New 1-7X Sightron ‘Tactical Hunter’

After showing us the updated 10-50X scope, Sightron’s Alan Orr gave us an exclusive look at Sightron’s prototype 1-7X Tactical/hunting scope. This all-new scope offers wide field of view, selectable illumination and choice of 1/3 MOA or Centimeter clicks. This versatile, illuminated riflescope can be used for everything from tactical matches to big-game safaris. We definitely expect to see this compact 1-7X illuminated optic on many multi-gun rigs in the months ahead. The “street price” for the new 1-7X is expected to be right around $950.00. Expect the first units to ship in 120 to 150 days (i.e. at the start of summer).

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January 26th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: Stiller’s New Rimfire Benchrest Action

The new Stiller Precision Rimfire Benchrest action is on the verge of entering production. This high-tech Copperhead rimfire action, in development for over two years, has DUAL firing pins at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock for improved ignition. It also has an Anschutz-style feed ramp and other features for enhanced performance. The action’s footprint matches a Rem 40X so it should fit many existing rimfire stocks. Priced at $1150.00, the new Copperhead action should be available in spring 2011.

Jerry Stiller tells us 10 Copperhead prototypes are currently being assembled for final testing. Stiller hopes to have 50-100 actions built for retail sale in two to three months. A lot of experimentation and careful design work has gone into this new action. If Stiller’s Copperhead lives up to its promise it could become the new action of choice for smallbore benchrest competition. With the popularity of precision rimfire games, we expect this action to be in high demand, once word gets out. You may want to contact Stiller Precision Firearms, (972) 429-5000, and get on the waiting list to ensure delivery this year.

In addition to the new Copperhead action, Stiller Precision continues to produce a wide variety of high-quality centerfire actions in stainless, as well as aluminum with steel insert (such as the original Viper). Shown below is a selection of Stiller stainless actions, including the rare stainless Viper:

Stiller Actions

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