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January 17th, 2011

AccurateShooter Media Team Heads to Vegas — Stay Tuned

Media DaySHOT Show kicks off tomorrow, Tuesday, January 18th. Today your Editor is fortunate enough to be attending the Media Day event, hosted at the Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club, outside Las Vegas.

At Media Day, we’ll be inspecting and testing new firearms to be introduced later this week at SHOT Show. This is a rare opportunity to handle and shoot a wide selection of new firearms, and also to test new optics and other accessories. Stay tuned to the Daily Bulletin for regular updates on our Media Day discoveries, plus all the latest products on display at SHOT Show. We will be interviewing many firearms industry notables, and we’ll try to get photos (and video clips) of the most interesting and innovative new products.

The NSSF, which operates the SHOT Show, also has its own YouTube Channel now. There you can a variety of professional-produced short videos every day for the next week. To watch the NSSF Videos, go to

Media Day

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January 17th, 2011

New Whidden Gunworks V-Blocks for Savage Actions

For quite some time Whidden Gunworks has offered an excellent V-Block designed for Remington 700, Rem Model 7, or XP100/ XR100 actions. Whidden’s machined aluminum V-Block allows you to use multiple barreled actions in the same stock (provided action length and screw positions are the same).

Savage V-BlockNow Savage owners can benefit from a V-Block set-up. Whidden Gunworks has started selling a new V-Block especially designed for Savage actions. Models are offered for the Savage Target action, Palma action, and Savage Short and Long Actions. You can’t really tell from the photo (at left), but the V-Block does have a milled recess for the Savage recoil lug.

Whidden’s V-Blocks have slightly raised ridges the run parallel to the barrel. These help provide a solid grip on the action, so you normally do NOT need to skim-bed the V-Block. Because V-Blocks have a flat bottom and straight sides, it is easy to inlet a stock to take a V-Block — nothing’s tricky. Whidden’s Savage V-Blocks are made of 6061-T6 aluminum, surface milled for epoxy adhesion, and individually inspected. John Whidden believes that a properly installed V-Block “is easier to install, simpler to inlet, more accurate, and more versatile than any action-mounting system available.” We don’t know about the accuracy part, but a V-Block can certainly help you leverage your stock investment by running multiple barreled actions in the same stock.

Right now, Whidden’s Savage V-Blocks are in short supply so you should order directly through Whidden Gunworks, by calling (229) 686-1911. You can order Whidden’s Rem-type V-Blocks for $113.95 through Creedmoor Sports or $109.95 through

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January 17th, 2011

Cerakote Lets You Play Chameleon

The makers of Cerakote have a cool interactive web application that lets you preview various colors and camo finishes on your firearm. Cerakote’s color preview page is similar to what car-makers are doing these days. For example, you can go to the Ford website and click through nine available colors for a 2011 Mustang GT. Hey, if it works for cars, it should work for guns, right?

Cerakote color App

Mix and Match 33 Colors with Virtual Gun Coater
NIC Industries, the company that produces Cerakote ceramic firearms finish, offers an interactive “colorizer” web app. This Cerakote Virtual Gun Coater lets you select from 33 solid and camo colors to “paint” the slide and frame of a Glock pistol. Mix and match slide and frame colors to your heart’s content. Available colors include digital camo, titanium, red orange (law enforcement only), coyote tan, and mil spec green. These are all real colors you can actually order. You can even e-mail your buddy a photo of your favorite color scheme. Give it a try!

Story by Edlongrange, Research Assistant.

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