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January 4th, 2011

WebyShops Offers $1000 Sweepstakes on Facebook Page

Webyshops sweepstakes FBDidn’t get ALL the gear you wanted for Christmas?, an online optics vendor, is sponsoring a special sweepstakes with over $1000.00 in prizes. Entry into the contest is FREE — no purchase is necessary. The Grand Prize Winner will be awarded a $1000.00 shopping spree from Additionally, one in ten entrants will win one of these four prizes:

1) Scopecoat Neoprene Cover
2) Laser Boresight
3) Accuscope Sighting Chart
4) Surefire CR123 3V Battery 12 Pack

How to Enter Contest
It’s simple to enter the contest. No purchase is required, but you will be asked for your name and email address. (If you prefer NOT to provide an email, just stop here — that’s a contest entry requirement.)

  • Go to WebyShops’ Facebook Page:
  • Click the “LIKE” button at the top center of the page.
  • After the new page loads, Click ENTER at the bottom of the picture.
  • Complete the entry fields (name, email, hobby preference) and click ENTER.

The contest ends January 30th. The Grand Prize winner will be notified by email and his/her name will be posted on Webyshops’ Facebook Page on January 31, 2011. Additionally, one out of every 10 entrants will win a free gift. For more info, visit, or call (800) 851-9321.

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January 4th, 2011

JBM Ballistics to Build Handheld Ballistics Calculator

JBM Ballistics (JBM), based in Las Cruces, NM, has provided free online ballistics info for the past 15 years. JBM Ballistics’ sophisticated algorithms deliver extremely reliable ballistics solutions. To complement its software, JBM plans to introduce a new hardware product: the BallistiComp.

Laster this year, JBM will unveil its new BallistiComp, a portable handheld ballistics computer that measures atmospheric temperature and pressure. Once your load data (Bullet BC, Velocity) is entered, the BallistiComp provides instantaneous drop and windage corrections for your load and shooting conditions. Calculated parameters include drop, windage, coriolis, drift and lead, plus terminal information including velocity, energy, time of flight and danger space. All of these parameters are displayed on an LCD display with backlight. Small enough to fit in your pocket, the BallistiComp is packaged in a rugged, watertight Lexan® case, measuring about 3″x5″x1″.

JBM Ballistics Calculator Ballisticomp

Why Not “An App for That”
Why would JBM produce dedicated hardware when there are good Ballistics Apps that can run on an Apple or Droid smartphone? Battery life is one reason. The single 9-volt battery should last for months (by contrast some smartphones need to be charged every DAY). Importantly, no connection to cell towers or the internet is needed. You could use this unit anywhere on the globe. Lastly, JBM wanted something that was inherently rugged and reliable. Smartphone touch screens are notoriously fragile.

How It Works
Using an 8-button keypad, you enter your firearm, ammunition and zero parameters into the system memory. BallistiComp then calculates the bullet drop and windage correction at the current atmospheric conditions, latitude and altitude (or calculated pressure altitude). BallistiComp continually measures the air temperature and pressure and provides constantly updated drop and drift numbers.

Product Availability
JBM has not yet disclosed a launch date or a suggested price for the new BallistiComp. However, you can download an Operators Manual to learn more about the BallistiComp. JBM cautions: “The manual is just a draft and may change during beta testing”.

CLICK HERE for BallistiComp Operators Manual (Beta Version) (PDF)

Credit Forum Member Edlongrange for sourcing this article.
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January 4th, 2011

Remington Seeks New PR Manager (and other Specialists)

Remington Arms logoDo you have the gift of gab, can you turn a phrase, and can you read a spreadsheet? Would you like to work with new guns, and get paid for attending gunshows? If so, this may be a ‘dream job’ for you. Remington Arms Co., the nation’s oldest firearms manufacturer, is looking for a new Public Relations Manager.

This is a high-profile job, with responsibility for both long-term media planning and managing the day-to-day Press Relations responsibilities for the Freedom Group companies. The PR Manager also represents Remington at trade shows, works with TV and radio broadcasters, and manages media tests of company products.

Among the required qualifications are: Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university; minimum of five years PR experience; journalist and writing skills; and knowledge of hunting and shooting. We know that many of our readers possess these qualifications. Who knows — perhaps you could become the new “voice of Remington” — the man (or woman) with primary responsibility for spreading the word about Remington firearms and products.

How To Apply
Visit the Remington Website to see the complete PR Manager Job Description. On the bottom of that page, you’ll find a link to Apply for the PR Position.

Other Remington Job Openings
In addition to the PR Manager job, Remington is looking to fill a number of other sales, contracts, and customer service positions. Current openings include:

  • Senior Key Account Manager, Cabella’s
  • Sr. Sales Support Operations Analyst
  • Law Enforcement Contracts Analyst
  • Domestic Customer Service Representative
  • Senior Law Enforcement/Military Customer Service Representative
  • Field Service Support Specialist
  • Technical Consumer Services Representative
  • Senior Consumer Services Rep
  • Internal Retail Sales Manager – Bushmaster
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