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January 31st, 2011

Barnes Offers New Match and Hunting Bullets for 2011

Barnes Bullets is introducing a bunch of new bullets for 2011. Precision shooters will be interested in the new Match Burner line of bullets, as well as Barnes’ LRX series of long-range projectiles. For the large-caliber shooters, Barnes has also expanded its line of Banded Solids, in weights from 250 grains (.338 caliber) all the way up to 535 grains (.500 Jeffries).

The new Barnes Match Burner bullets are designed for competitive target shooting. The new Match Burners for 2011, listed below, are slated to ship to vendors in March.

Barnes match burner bullets

Caliber Weight Description
223 Cal 52-grain Flat Base Match
223 Cal 69-grain Boattail Match (1:10″ Twist or Faster)
223 Cal 85-grain Boattail Match (1:7″ Twist or Faster)
6MM 68-grain Flat Base Match
6MM 105-grain Boattail Match
6.5MM 140-grain Boattail Match
30 Cal 155-grain Boattail Palma
30 Cal 175-grain Boattail Match

New Long-Range X Bullets Based on Tipped Triple-Shock Design
The all-new Long-Range X Bullet® (LRX) line includes four new bullets. Designed after the best-selling Tipped Triple-Shock™ X Bullet® (TTSX), the new LRX bullet design increases B.C. values by increasing ogive and boat tail lengths to improve the bullets’ long-range ballistic performance. LRX bullets are manufactured with the proven 100-percent copper, lead-free bodies. The bullet’s polymer tip initiates expansion, causing the nose cavity to open instantly on contact, doubling the bullet’s original diameter. Barnes claims the LRX bullets allow clean, quick kills even at extreme ranges.

Barnes LRX bullets

Caliber Weight Description
7MM 145-grain Boattail
30 Cal 175-grain Boattail (1:11″ Twist or Faster)
30 Cal 200-grain Boattail (1:10″ Twist or Faster)
338 Lapua 265-grain Boattail

Solid Bullets with Drive Bands
Barnes Banded Solids are made from free-machining brass. A series of bands cut into the bullet’s shank moderate engraving pressure and help reduce barrel wear. Weight-matched with Triple-Shock X Bullets of the same caliber, Banded Solids can be interchanged with expanding TSX bullets without varying point of impact.

Precision machined from the same tough material, Banded Solid Spitzers deliver maximum concentricity, consistent density and match-grade accuracy. According to Barnes, the Banded Solid Spitzers, provide deep penetration without deformation. Barnes says these bullets can “Kill fur-bearing animals cleanly with minimal damage to valuable pelts”.

Barnes Banded Solids

Caliber Weight Description
.338 Cal 250-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
9.3MM 250-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
9.3MM 286-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.375 Cal 270-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.375 Cal 300-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.375 Cal 350-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.416 Cal 350-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.416 Cal 400-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.422″ (404 JEFF) 400-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.458 Cal 450-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.458 Cal 500-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.504″ (505 GIBBS) 525-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
.510″ (500 JEFF) 535-grain Banded Solid Round Nose
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January 31st, 2011

Big Discounts on Lyman’s Factory Reconditioned Reloading Gear

Lyman 1200 DPSIf you’re on a tight budget, here’s a way you can get a strong press, an electronic powder dispenser, and a multi-caliber case trimmer for about half what these products normally cost. On the Lyman web site, Lyman offers factory reconditioned reloading gear at huge savings. For example, the Lyman 1200 DPS electronic scale/dispenser is marked down to $179.99 from a $394.95 MSRP. MidwayUSA’s price for the Lyman 1200 is $279.99, so you’re still saving $100.00 off low retail.

According to Lyman: “These factory reconditioned items have been thoroughly evaluated and meet all our quality standards. These products are classified as ‘reconditioned’ simply for cosmetic purposes. Due to some scratches, paint defects, and minor markings from normal use, these items are no longer considered new, however they will function the same as a new product and carry the same warranty. These items… come with our quality assurance guarantee. Should the product fail in any way within one year of purchase, simply return it along with a copy of your original receipt for repair.”

Reconditioned Lyman Reloading Equipment

LYMAN Product Factory MSRP Sale Price
1200 DPS 3 Electronic Scale $394.95 $179.99
Orange Crusher Press $162.50 $87.75
Power Trimmer 110V $300.00 $162.00
Universal Case Trimmer $94.00 $50.76
Accutrimmer w/9 Pilot Multi-Pack $59.95 $32.37
Note Lyman also offers a reconditioned T-Mag turret press for $121.50. While that’s a good price, you can find the upgraded T-Mag II press for $149.99 at We suggest you go with the newer, Gen II product. Lyman 1200 DPS
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