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January 15th, 2011

Zeiss Introduces New Compact 65mm Spotting Scope

Zeiss has just introduced its latest spotting scope, the Dialyt 18-45x65mm Compact Field Spotter. We like the design and we think there’s a place in the spotting scope market for a simple straight-tube spotter with razor-sharp, ultra-premium glass. High-end spotting scopes have become increasingly large and heavy over the years as the optics-makers have chased ever-greater levels of brightness and magnification. But a hunter or tactical shooter doesn’t want to hump 8 pounds of glass up and down mountains. The Dialyt (“Die-Ah-Lite”) weighs a mere 2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg) and is just 15.5 inches long.

Zeiss Dialyt Spotting Scope

Easy to Use, Easy to Carry
The Dialyt is easy to use — twist the eyepiece to zoom and rotate the front objective to focus. Originally designed for European Alpine hunters, the new rubber-armored ZEISS Dialyt 18-45×65 Field Spotter is built tough for field use. This should appeal to hunters and tactical shooters. And unlike older-style draw-tube scopes, the straight-tube Dialyt is dustproof and fully waterproof (rated to 400 mbar).

About the size of a thermos bottle, the 2.6-pound Dialyt 18-45×65 fits easily into a backpack and, if necessary, can be rested on a pack for stabilization at higher magnification. This spotter also has threads for a tripod or monopod.

The Dialyt 18-45×65’s variable eyepiece provides a wide field of view at low magnification and plenty of magnification up top. This compact spotter also features multilayer coatings and high light transmission for good performance at dawn and dusk — something important for hunters.

Zeiss Dialyt Spotting Scope

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January 15th, 2011

New Redding Jumbo-Capacity LR-1000 Powder Measure

Here’s good news for .338 LM, .416 CheyTac, and .50 BMG Shooters — No longer will you need to make double throws with a manual powder measure, just to get enough powder to fill your case. Redding Reloading has introduced a NEW high-capacity powder measure that can pump out up to 140 grains of powder with a single throw. The new Redding LR-1000 measure features an all new-metering chamber capable of producing accurate powder drops of up to 140 grains.

Consider that a .338 Lapua Magnum typically uses about 100 grains of powder. With Redding’s new LR-1000 measure,you can fill the case with one throw and still stay within the optimal (middle third) “sweet spot” of the measure’s capacity. This will yield better results, as Redding explains: “[Large Cartridge Shooters] have been forced to resort to double powder drops or working at the very outer limits of a measure’s capacity to throw the needed quantity of powder for these big cases. Neither practice represents the best solution.”

Redding LR-1000 Powder measure

LR-1000 Large Capacity Measure Specs
The LR-1000 features cast iron construction with a hard chromed rotor and cutting edge. Note that the hemispherical cup at the base of the metering chamber reduces bridging with extruded powders, even with small throw volumes. The LR-1000 ships complete with jumbo-sized powder reservoir, powder baffle and a zero-backlash micrometer. For more info, visit, specifically the Media Center Page (click on “2011 Press Kit”).

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