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January 14th, 2011

Nosler Introduces 17 New Types of Cartridge Brass

For 2011 Nosler will introduce no less than 17 new NoslerCustom® brass offerings. Most of the 17 new brass varieties are for large hunting cartridge types, not widely used. However, target shooters may be interested in Nosler’s new 7mm SAUM (Rem Short Action Ultra Mag) and 7mm RUM (Rem Ultra Mag) brass. The 7mm SAUM is becoming popular in F-Class circles. With slightly less capacity (and a longer neck) than the 7mm WSM, the 7mm SAUM is a good choice for shooting the popular 180gr High-BC bullets from Berger and Sierra. Tactical shooters will appreciate Nosler’s new .338 RUM and .338 Lapua Magnum brass. It’s nice to have additional brass choices for these big cartridge types.

New Nosler Custom Brass

NoslerCustom Brass is Weight-Sorted, DeBurred and Chamfered
Notably, Nosler does extra finishing steps on its cartridge brass, based on the notion that: “Life’s too short to prep your own brass”. As with other NoslerCustom cartridge brass, the 17 new varieties will come “semi-prepped”. Flash holes are trued and case mouths are deburred and chamfered. According to Nosler: “Every piece is hand-inspected, and weight-sorted within +/- .5 grains” (and then packaged by weight groupings).

New Nosler Custom Brass

All the new types of Nosler brass will bear the “Nosler” headstamp although it is rumored that some of Nosler’s cartridge brass is made for it by other highly respected companies, both domestic and foreign. As to the 17 new varieties, we can’t identify which cartridge types are produced in-house and which will be out-sourced. Overall, our experience with NoslerCustom brass has been good, though in 22-250 and .308 Win it is not quite as strong or long-lasting as Lapua brass.

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January 14th, 2011

Creedmoor Sports Has First-Ever Micro-Sight for Service Rifles

The new Micro-Sight was developed by scientists at Idaho National Laboratory (INL). This revolutionary optical insert for iron sights allows you to see BOTH the target and your front sight in sharp focus. The Micro-Sight employs Phased Zone Plate technology to improve focus of both close and distant objects.

Creedmoor Sports Micro-Sight

Creedmoor Sports Micro-SightCreedmoor Sports Now Selling Production Micro-Sight
This summer we reported that the Micro-Sight was in development. Now Creedmoor Sports has the first-ever production Micro-Sight, a special hood for AR and service rifle rear sights. The Micro-Sight hood sold by Creedmoor replaces a standard AR-15 hood (1/4-32 threads) as found in most NM AR-15 rear sights. The Micro-Sight element is positioned in the center of the hood, where it is shielded from moisture and impacts. Licensed by INL, the new Micro-Sight for ARs will be followed in the spring by inserts for popular rear match sights. The new SR Micro-Sight insert for ARs, item MS-1, costs $139.95. Order soon — Creedmoor has sold nearly 100 sights in just two days! Click HERE or call 800-273-3366 to order.

Creedmoor Micro-Sight

The Micro-Sight really works, and it makes a huge difference, particular for “older eyes” that have trouble focusing on both the target and the front sight. For the first time you’ll have a sight picture where the front sight and the target are both in focus. Creedmoor’s Dennis DeMille, a former National Service Rifle Champion, tells us: “This is one of the most game-changing products to come out in years!”

WATCH the VIDEO below to see the Micro-Sight in Use and to learn how it works…

YouTube Preview Image

Disclosure: Creedmoor Sports Advertises with

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January 14th, 2011

California Handgun Ammo Clock is Ticking…

AB 962 CaliforniaIn case you haven’t heard, February 1, 2011 is the last day you can legally purchase handgun ammunition in California, without providing a fingerprint and personal contact information. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the same law that mandates “print and ID” to purchase, also prohibits handgun ammunition sales that are not “face to face”. That effectively bans online and mail-order handgun ammo sales from any source. All these changes were enacted into law with the passage of AB 962 last year.

Given California’s tough new ammo law, most online ammo vendors, including,,, and have announced order deadlines in January. To allow for packing and transit times, these vendors will stop taking handgun ammo orders from California customers 10-17 days before the new law goes into effect.

So when are the Vendor-imposed Deadlines for ammo purchases? Well today, February 14 is the last day Californians can purchase handgun ammunition from MidsouthShootersSupply is cutting off orders on January 20th. You have another day if you order from — it will continue to take handgun ammo orders from Californians through January 21, 2011. Notice — Deadline 1/14/2011

AB 962 Ammo Ban Deadline

Midsouth Shooters Supply Notice — Deadline 1/20/2011

AB 962 Ammo Ban Deadline

Cabela’s Notice — Deadline 1/21/2011

AB 962 Ammo Ban Deadline

Smallbore Rifle Shooters Will Be Affected by New Law
Unfortunately, AB 962’s definition of “handgun ammunition” is vague, and California’s Department of Justice has failed to provide any meaningful clarification. This means that mail-order ammo vendors will have to halt shipments of ammo that could be used in both rifles and pistols. Take .223 Remington for example. Most people would consider that a rifle cartridge. However, Keltec and other manufacturers make pistols chambered for the .223 Rem. Most importantly, virtually all rimfire ammo will be embargoed because 17 Mach 2, 17 HMR, .22 LR, and .22 WMR are all used in pistols. So, you Californians needing .223 Rem, or rimfire ammo for your rifles better place your orders soon.

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