March 12th, 2015

76-Year-Old Sets Two Grand Senior National F-TR Records

Pampalone Grand Senior Record F-TR

One of the great things about shooting is that one can excel in the sport even as an “elder statesman”. Senior citizen Tom Pampalone of Florida recently proved that in F-TR competition. Still “shooting and loving it” at age 76, Tom used his Eliseo R1 F-TR rifle to set not one but TWO Grand Senior National Records. Bravo Tom! Gary Eliseo of Competition Machine says Tom’s record-setting performance is an inspiration for all of us: “I don’t know about you, but I want to be like Tom when I grow up!”

Shown below is Competition Machine’s HD bipod system. Tom Pampalone used a similar set-up fitted to his red R1 F-TR rifle. The bipod “head” clamps around the fore-end, allowing the system to rotate around the barrel axis as needed to match the terrain. The long, ski-type feet distribute the load over a large surface area. This reduces hop and helps the gun track straight back during recoil.

Pampalone Grand Senior Record F-TR

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