April 24th, 2015

Get Reactive — Target Holders for Clay Birds

Reactive targets are fun — a nice change of pace compared to punching paper. We know many guys like busting clay birds with rifles at 300 yards and beyond. This is good training for a varmint safari, as a clay pigeon is roughly the same size as a well-fed prairie dog. However, clays make better rifle targets if you can get them up off the ground. When placed on a berm they don’t shatter as dramatically. Birchwood Casey has a new product that makes “clay-busting” more fun.

Clay pigeon target bird holder stack MTM Birchwood Casey

The new Rigid™ Clay Holder Stand from Birchwood Casey features an A-frame design that sets up quickly and easily. The stand is constructed of heavy cardboard and should withstand multiple trips to the range. The die-cut holes will hold eight standard size clay targets on one side and four on the other. The Rigid Clay Holder Stand folds flat for easy storage and transport and comes packaged with three sheets of Shoot-N-C® 1″, 2″ and 3″ targets. Birchwood Casey’s clay target holder sells for a suggested retail price of $7.60. (At that prices you can afford to buy a few spares.)

MTM Bird Board
Another option is the MTM Jammit Target System and All-Weather Bird Board. This plastic target frame holds holds up to 9 clay birds. The weather-resistant blue polymer target backer will withstand many hits. Here’s what a verified purchaser has to say: “Nice, light, compact, super easy to stick in the ground. The target has a foot hold so you just step on it and both stakes go right in the ground with no effort. The target is the perfect size and the clips hold the clay targets very well. The backboard is corrugated plastic which can be found easily at a hardware store. We spent the day shooting it with our air guns and the target held up well.”

Another purchaser writes: “You can easily attach clays under the provided pins that push into the backing board. The stand itself is very sturdy in the ground and very lightweight. For the money, it a very good target system. [However], due to the construction of the materials, don’t expect this stand to last year after year of normal use. Overall… a very cheap and innovative target stand.”

Editor: The frame is is secured into to ground via pointed stakes. This works well in grassy areas or soft soil, but may not be suitable for hard, dry ground or rocky areas.

Clay pigeon target bird holder stack MTM Birchwood Casey

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