April 12th, 2015

Spring-Loaded Belly Dancer Target Moves When Hit

Here’s a clever new product from Birchwood Casey, makers of Shoot-N-C targets. The innovative, spring-loaded “Belly Dancer” target moves when hit. This does the duty of a gong at a fraction of the weight and cost. The Belly Dancer is handy, easy to transport, and affordable ($34.07 at Amazon.com). What’s the down-side? Well, eventually you’re going to hit those springs and they will need replacement. Also, while the polymer target zone can withstand hundreds of shots, it will not last forever.

Polymer belly dancer gong target springs rifle shooting AccurateShooter

Ground Strike “Belly Dancer” Target

The new Belly Dancer Target employs springs to move back and forth when hit. The 9.5″ x 6.5″ yellow target section is made from a self-healing polymer that can withstand hundreds of hits. Designed for use with any caliber from .22 up, this Belly Dancer target doesn’t “clang” like a gong but the waiving motion indicates a hit. Shoot the neon-yellow gong-shaped head by itself or add stick-on 6″ Bullseye targets for precision work. This Belly Dancer target system works well as long as the ground is relatively soft. In rocky areas you may have trouble inserting the support shafts. But we still like this new product. It’s great for rifle practice at 300-600 yards.

Belly Dancer Target Features
– Yellow Hit Zone measures 9.5″ high and 6.5″ wide.

- Metal stand is 14″ high.

- Rated for all calibers and firearms.

- Long-last technology handles hundreds of rounds.

- Includes twelve 6″-Diameter Shoot•N•C Targets.

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