April 23rd, 2015

Ideal 50-Round Ammo Case for PPC and BR-type Cartridges

Frankford 512 Ammo Box BR casesAccurateShooter.com Forum members often ask: “Is there a reasonably-priced ammo box that fits PPC and BR cases just right?” The answer is yes — check out the 50-round Frankford Arsenal model 512 ammo box. It is offered in transparent blue or smoke gray for $3.49 per box at MidwayUSA (or $3.99 per box at Amazon.com).

The cartridge slots are just the right size for 22BR, 6mmBR, 30BR, 220 Russian, 6 PPC, 6.8 Rem SPC, 6.5 Grendel, and 7.62×39 cartridge cases. Cells are 1.687″ high x 0.392″ square, with a divider height of 0.94″. That will hold BR-type cases securely, and fired brass won’t get jumbled if you tip-over the box.

Frankford 512 Ammo Box BR cases

Users Praise the Frankford 512 Ammo Container

Forum member R. Bagwell gives these boxes high marks: “The Frankford Arsenal 512 box is made for BR cartridges. They won’t fall out of their cell if you drop the box as long as the lid is closed. The J&J Enterprises plastic ammo boxes will let the fired brass in the middle get mixed up. The lid on the Frankford Arsenal will close with 6mm 108s seated long. You can grab a fired case easily. The J&J boxes I had cracked and split.”

Another #512 ammo case user notes: “The best thing about the Frankford ammo boxes is the catch is flush with the front of the case. This makes them stack really well.”

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