January 11th, 2009

J & J Ammo Boxes for BR and PPC Cartridges

Many readers have asked, “Is there an ammo case that holds BR and PPC cases securely without a lot of extra space?” Yes, the J & J BR-100 Ammo Case fits BR-sized cases just right, and costs just $4.38. Available in semi-transparent Blue, Red, White, Smoke, and Camo, you can purchase different-colored cases to suit different loads. Or keep your match ammo in one color case, and your varmint ammo in another color box.

The J & J cases aren’t your only option of course. Many folks use the large green/red MTM 100-round ammo boxes for transporting 6BR and 6PPC ammo. The big MTM boxes work fine with loaded rounds, but not so great with fired cases. If you tip the MTM box on its side, the empties can spill out. That’s frustrating if you’ve meticulously sorted your cases. You can put a layer of foam over the empty brass to avoid the problem, but the J & J cases are a cheaper, more compact solution. J & J’s 100-round BR-100 ammo case has tighter vertical clearance, so your empties won’t come out of their slots if the case tips over or is stacked upside down.

In addition to the BR-100 case, varminters who need to carry large numbers of loaded rounds should check out J & J’s 175-round Rifle Ammo Case. This foam-lined ammo transporter, item LR-175-2, costs $16.54 and is the largest-capacity ammo case we’ve found. For more info go to JandJProducts.Com.

30 BR Ammo

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