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January 5th, 2009

New RT-10 Long-Action, Mag-Fed TubeGun Kit

RT-10 Eliseo tubegunGary Eliseo of Competition Shooting Stuff has been busy lately. A month ago, we showcased his new S1TubeGun Kit for Savage actions. Gary’s done it again. He’s just started shipping his latest creation, the new RT-10 TubeGun kit, a long-action, mag-fed design that will hold regular or magnum rounds. Gary explains: “The RT10 was designed from the start as the basis for the ultimate tactical/long range precision rifle. It comes finished in super-tough type III hard coat. Employing a 10-round center feed enclosed box magazine with a maximum C.O.L. of 3.33″, the RT-10 can feed the 300 Win Mag but also feeds the .308 perfectly. The hand-guard has four modular accessory rails and is attached very rigidly specifically for use with a bipod.”

Ace prone shooter German Salazar received one of the first RT-10s and he’s impressed. German told us: “Just finished getting this together this morning. My RT-10 features a Remington 700 LH long action and CG trigger. Gunsmith Clark Fay did the barrel work (30-06), trued the action, and did a few other things which I’ll detail in an upcoming article. The magazines hold 10 rounds and will feed any 30-06 or magnum that’s not longer than a 30-06. I’ll mount some sights on it tonight and start shooting it tomorrow!”

RT10 magnum tubegun

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January 5th, 2009

RELOADING TIP–Use Shell-Holder to Monitor Case Expansion

cartridge shell holderDuring load development, it’s important to check cases for signs of over-pressure. While you need to pay attention of a variety of factors, such as primer flattening and stiffer bolt lift, one sure sign of over-pressure is excessive case swelling at the web. A quick and easy way to monitor this is to bring a shell-holder (for your rim size) with you to the range. If a fired case won’t slide into the shell-holder easily, the diameter of the extractor groove has grown excessively and you know your load is much too hot… you’re way over-pressure.

Take note — if you get to the point that your case is hard to slide into a case-holder, your load is way hotter than it should be. So consider this an “extreme” measuring method. You should watch for other signs of pressure as well. As a rough rule of thumb, if we had a case that would not fit easily into the shell-holder, we would reduce the charge by at least 3/4 grain in a small case and 1.5 grains in a magnum case (and you may need to back-off the load further).

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