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January 25th, 2009

Bear's Big Boomer (.338 Snipe-Tac®) for Hunting

Barry O. (aka “TheBlueEyedBear”) of Montana is a long-term Forum member and “friend of the site”. Barry owns some pretty spectacular rifles, all built with premium components. His latest ‘Pride and Joy’ is a mighty impressive piece of field artillery. This is one serious “big boomer” chambered in the 338 Snipe-Tac® cartridge (based on 408 CheyTac®). The rifle was built by Dave Viers of Black Diamond Rifles ( Viers tell us: “The 338 Snipe-Tac® was developed in 2001 for extreme long-range hunting and target applications. The parent case is the 408 CheyTac® necked down and shoulder improved to 35 degrees. H2O capacity is a whopping 165 grains! For velocity, 140 grains of Hodgdon BMG-50 powder propels a 300gr Sierra MatchKing bullet to a average speed of 3300fps. Accuracy is half-MOA or less.”

.338 Snipe-Tac rifle

Barry successfully took elk with this rifle this season. The .338 Snipe-Tac certainly offers more than enough “knock-down power” for any North Americcan game. Barry explains: “Success must have come from the gun — it could not have been the ‘Nut behind the trigger’. My elk load this season was a Henson 265gr aluminum-tipped bullet pushed by 140+ grains of US-869 powder. Muzzle Velocity was 3496 fps (recorded by my PVM-21). Muzzle Energy approached the ‘Mack Truck’ mark. The bullet impact at 424 yards destroyed the off shoulder of my elk.”

.338 Snipe-Tac rifle

Gun Specifications:
Action: Lawton 8000 Action with Jewell HVRST trigger.
Barrel: 32″ Lawton chrome-moly, 1:11″ barrel with Viersco Muzzle Brake.
Stock: Manners carbon Tactical Stock with custom camo paint by Dave Viers.

.338 Snipe-Tac rifle

For more info, contact David Viers, Viersco Mfg., 58896 – 866 Road, Allen, NE 68710, phone: 402-635-2333 or 712-266-5083 (cell).

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January 25th, 2009

Shooting USA's Scoutten Talks About Obama, Gun Sales, SHOT Show

Jim Scoutten, host of the popular Shooting USA television show, has recorded a series of video interviews for the Outdoor Channel. During these six segments, Jim talks about trends in the shooting industry, including the current surge in gun sales, particularly for semi-automatic, military-style rifles. Jim talks about the effect of Obama’s election. Jim also offers his predictions as to what we can expect in the months ahead… both from gun manufacturers and from the politicians in Washington. It’s an interesting series of interviews, available via streaming video on the Outdoor Channel Website.

CLICK HERE to watch Jim Scoutten interviews (SIX Segments).

Jim Scoutten Shooting USA host

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