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January 4th, 2009

Where to Buy Official NRA and IBS Match Targets offers dozens of FREE, printable targets for target practice, load development, and fun shooting. We also offer a few samples of the most popular NRA Bullseye targets. One or more of these printable targets should work for most training purposes. However, some readers have asked “where can we get the real targets… exactly like the ones used in NRA, IBS and NBRSA shooting matches?”

NRA Target IBS Hunter Rifle Target

Sources for Official Shooting Competition Targets
Here are four sources for official match targets: ALCO Target Company, American Target Company, National Target Company, and All four of these vendors carry nearly all the NRA High Power and Smallbore targets, including the new, smaller F-Class Targets. All three sources also have international 300m and 300m-reduced-to-300-yards targets. Other NRA-licensed target vendors are
Central Target Company (Kentucky), (502) 895-3390; and U.S. Target Company (Michigan), (800) 746-6836.

National Target and sell IBS targets for rimfire (50 yard) benchrest, short-range centerfire Benchrest (100, 200, 300 yards), Hunter BR Rifle (100, 200, 300 yards), plus the official 600-yard and 1000-yard IBS targets. Neither National Target nor lists a separate line of NBRSA targets, but we are told that National Target supplies NBRSA matches.

Available Official Competition Targets
Vendor NRA High Power F-Class NRA Smallbore Air Rifle/Pistol IBS NBRSA Other
ALCO Target
Yes, All No Yes Yes No No Archery, IDPA, IPSC, Police, Realistic, Shoot-N-C, Silhouette, Fun Targets, Pasters.
American Target
Yes, All Yes Yes, All Yes No No USBR, Sight-in, Muzzle-Loading, Police Silhouette
National Target
Yes, Nearly All Yes Yes, All Yes Yes On Request IDPA, IPSC, FBI, Police Silhouette, Sight-in, Target Backers, Pasters Yes, Nearly All Yes Yes, most and color training Yes Yes No Bianchi, FBI, IBS, IDPA, IPSC, Silhouette, Archery, Pasters

ALCO Target Co.
Ph: (626) 358-4814
2048 Central Ave.
Duarte, CA 91010
American Target Co.
Ph: (877) 733-0433
1328 South Jason St.
Denver, CO 80223
National Target Co.
Ph: (800) 827-7060
3958-D Dartmouth Ct.
Frederick, MD 21703
Ph: (618) 288-4588
12 Schiber Court
Maryville, IL 62062

NBRSA 600 yard Target NRA Air Rifle Target

Alternate NBRSA Target Source
NBRSA 600-yard and 1000-yard targets are also available from Karl Huntstiger, wfo13 [at], 2901 E. Cortez Street, Phoenix, AZ 85068. We are informed that Karl gets the targets from But if an item is out of stock with National Target you can contact Karl — he’ll know where to find what you need.

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January 4th, 2009

KMW Pod-Lock: Essential Accessory for Bipod Shooters

Pod-loc Harris swivelMost “tactical” shooters are already familiar with the Pod-Loc, created by Terry Cross (KMW Long Range Solutions). But varminters and our foreign readers may not know about this product, a simple adjustable handle that makes a world of difference when shooting a Harris swivel bipod.

The Pod-Loc is a “must-have” accessory for anyone using a Harris swivel-model (S-series) bipod. This unique device (priced about $25.00) transforms a Harris Swivel into an easy-to-use platform for target-shooting or varminting. The Pod-Loc cures the one major flaw of Harris Swivel bipods — the tensioning system. It is very difficult to dial out all “bipod flop” using the standard Harris tensioning knob. You just can’t get enough torque on the standard knurled swivel adjuster without resorting to a pair of pliers, and that would mar the metal. The Pod-Loc solves that problem with a short handle providing more leverage. With one hand, you can lock the bipod rock-solid, and just as easily reduce tension any time you want.


Using the Pod-Loc is easy, once you get the handle situated right. With the handle at a 4 o’clock position, the rifle should be free to swivel. Adjust the cant angle until your gun is positioned correctly for the terrain. Then just rotate the handle clockwise until you feel resistance. You can set the Pod-Loc so the rifle can still swivel a little with some effort, or you can crank the handle over farther to the left (clockwise) and effectively lock the unit in place. Once you’ve set the tension, the spring-loaded handle can be rotated out of the way without altering the tension setting. Just push the center button, pull straight back on the handle and swing it to 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock as you prefer. We advise doing this when you are carrying your rifle in the field.

Installation is a little time-consuming, but if you follow the instructions below, it shouldn’t be difficult. No special tools are required other than a pair of pliers, a flat-blade screwdriver, and a 1/4″ socket with driver. You really do need exactly the right socket however.

CLICK HERE for illustrated Pod-Loc Installation Instructions.

The Pod-Loc is available from Sinclair Int’l (item 04-140, $25.50), Brownells (item #100-000-326, $26.50), or you can buy direct from:

Terry Cross
KMW – Long Range Solutions
129 Fish Hatchery Road
Forest Hill, LA 71430
Phone: (318) 748-8732

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