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December 31st, 2008

NRA Offers Website for Hunters

The NRA offers a new website dedicated to the interests of hunters, particularly big game hunters. The website offers current news items, gear reviews, and stories about hunts in the USA and abroad. There is also a Trophy Gallery and a state-by-state directory of Places to Hunt. The site also allows readers to share their views via a Hunters’ Blog and Forum.

Site Features More Than Politics might be better titled “Hunters’ News”. The site is more a general interest resource for hunters than a platform for gun rights advocacy. While it does have links to gun rights stories, most of the content covers the basics… where to hunt, how to hunt, and what equipment to hunt with. You’ll also find interesting historical stories. Currently, features a video about Teddy Roosevelt’s .405-caliber, lever-action 1895 Winchester, the rifle Teddy called “Big Medicine.”

Click Here to Watch Video about 1895 Winchester

1895 Winchester

In the video, National Firearms Museum curator Phil Schreier explains that the 1895 Winchester accompanied the former commander in chief on a 1910 safari in Africa, as well as Roosevelt’s famed 1915 expedition to Brazil to find the source of the Amazon River. Roosevelt used his .405 to hunt moose, bear and elk stateside, too.

1895 Winchester

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December 31st, 2008

Smith & Wesson Issues Recall of I-Bolt Rifles

Smith & Wesson has announced a recall of the bolts of all i-Bolt rifles manufactured by Smith & Wesson prior to December 1, 2008. This applies to all i-Bolt rifle chamberings. The potential problem is a flaw within the striker mechanism that would allow discharge without pulling the trigger. S&W’s recall notice explains: “A condition that may exist with the bolt supplied with some rifles that would allow the striker to become disengaged from its locking tabs during cycling of the bolt, allowing the rifle to fire without the trigger being pulled. In the interest of consumer safety, we are initiating this recall to allow for the prompt inspection and, if necessary, the repair and replacement of each bolt.” Owners need not return the entire rifle, but you may be asked to return your bolt assembly for inspection, and (if necessary), repair.


Smith Wesson I-bolt Recall

Smith & Wesson advises all i-Bolt rifle owners to contact Smith & Wesson directly at 1-800-331-0852 or send email to to arrange for the inspection and repair, if necessary, of your bolt. You may also use THIS LINK to enter your i-Bolt return information. Smith & Wesson can then provide a prepaid UPS shipping form and shipping instructions.

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December 30th, 2008

The Year in Pictures on

2008 year in pictures2008 was a remarkable year in terms of global events. From the on-going conflict in the Middle East to the spectacle of the Beijing Olympics, this was a year to remember. The website has collected some of the year’s most remarkable images from around the world. You’ll find many of the photos to be amazing, although be fore-warned, some are shockingly graphic — showing the aftermath of terrorism. There are three sets of images. All three sets are worth viewing. We wish we could give you a preview but all these images are copyrighted, so you’ll just have to click on the links. We predict your reaction will be “Wow… amazing.”

Year in Pictures – Set 1 | Year in Pictures – Set 2 | Year in Pictures – Set 3

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December 30th, 2008

Wyoming College Student Offers Custom Shooting Sticks

Forum Member and Univ. of Wyoming college student Adam Teeter (aka “Cowboyarcher”) is building sets of ultra-light shooting sticks for hunters and varminters. The shooting sticks are made from camouflaged arrow shafts and 550 para-cord. Adam can build the sticks to your specs with a variety of para-cord colors: white, black, green, olive drab, tan, and dark brown (chocolate). Custom sticks (your choice of colors) cost $27.00 per pair delivered, and he has a few sets already made for $25.00. Buying a set of sticks would be a good way to help a young man finance his college education. Adam is currently studying Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management.

Arrow Shooting Sticks

Adam tell us: “These shooting sticks are custom-built to your specs. Very light, they are great for walking varminters or for big game hunters. I use brand-new arrow shafts and 550 para-cord for the construction. The camouflage sticks are approx. 35” long and the black ones are approx. 32” long. I simply insert the arrows like one would for shooting them and add a field point. I am looking into the possibility of using blunts, or adding a fender washer under the field point for a little floatation. For now, field points will vary some from pair to pair. Since these are custom, I can do any combination of colors you choose, up to two, or cut them to different lengths.” Adam added: “I guarantee these sticks to be of the highest quality and to your satisfaction. If you’re not happy with them, I will make it right. And… I will accept trades. If you’ve got something [interesting], let me know and we’ll see if we can’t work out a trade.”

Arrow Shooting Sticks

Colors shown above are: Dark Green/Black, White/Tan, Tan/Black

To order, contact Adam via email: teeteradam [at] Or you can postal-mail your order (with your specs and Postal Money Order) to Adam Teeter, 6011 Southview Rd., Laramie, WY 82070.

For more information and photos, VIEW THIS FORUM THREAD in our Shooters’ Forum.

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December 29th, 2008

Top Conversion for Caldwell 'Fire Control' Joystick Front Rest

Available for under $200.00 including front bag, the Caldwell Fire Control front rest is a remarkable value. It makes the co-axial, joystick design more affordable than ever. We used the Fire Control front rest when testing our Ultimate Varminter 20 Practical AR. Once we removed some sand from the tri-lobe front bag, the rest worked quite well. The Fire Control rest is currently on sale at MidwayUSA for $179.99, item 956104.

While most Fire Control owners are happy with the product, many have wanted to replace the tri-lobe front bag with a more conventional front bag from Protektor or Edgewood. This isn’t as easy as it looks because the width of the Fire Control top is too narrow for most standard 3″-wide front bags. On a “special order” basis, Protektor has crafted some narrower leather front bags that fit pretty well, but some shooters have decided to “upgrade” the entire front assembly.

Forum member Doug M., aka “DrJeckyl”, has come up with an elegant solution that allows a Sinclair Int’l RT-3 Rest Top to be fitted to the Fire Control Rest. Doug notes: “The Caldwell Fire Control is a nice rest for the money, but it comes up short in the rest top department. The Sinclair RT-3 fits perfect with minor modifications.” Shown below are the main components:

fire control rest conversion

To adapt the Sinclair RT-3, Doug merely had to drill a couple holes in the RT-3 baseplate, and adapt a spacer to get the height correct: “The Caldwell factory top has a raised mounting portion so a 1/8″ piece of stock will be needed as a spacer to the flat-bottom RT-3. The spacer needs to be cut to the same length as the movable portion on the rest. And you should plan the mounting accordingly so the left thumbscrew clears the vertical height column at full left position (there is a cutaway in the rest under the thumbscrew that allows for easy access to the screw).” We have labeled the photo with dimensions, but Doug cautions you should measure your own original plate to insure the drill locations are correct for your unit.

fire control rest conversion

Below you’ll see the completed installation, with the RT-3 installed on the Fire Control rest. Doug says it works very well. For more information on this Fire Control rest top conversion, with Doug’s measurments for the hole-spacing and his specs on the fasteners, go to the original thread in our Shooter’s Forum.

LINK to Fire Control Rest Top Conversion Forum Thread

fire control rest conversion

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December 29th, 2008

Rifle Magazine Offers Free (Partial) Sample Issues

Free Recent Sample Issues to Review
Wolfe Publishing offers FREE downloadable partial samples of recent issues of Rifle Magazine. Click the links below to view the Jan/Feb 2009, and Nov/Dec 2008 issues. (Note: these are fairly large, 4-5 megabyte .pdf files that will take some time to download.) The Nov/Dec ’08 issue has a nice article on a Kimber model 8400 “tactical” rifle in .308 Winchester. This gun, fitted with a McMillan stock, delivered true half-MOA accuracy with Federal Gold Match ammo.

Rifle Magazine Sample Issues

CLICK HERE for Jan/Feb 2009 (partial issue) | CLICK HERE for Nov/Dec 2008 (partial issue)

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December 28th, 2008

Madison Builds Prone Smallbore Stock with Integral Tuner

Madison tuner stockJeff Madison, a Michigan gunsmith, has created a new stock for Anschütz 2000-series actions. This action uses a separate forward barrel block so the entire action floats. The barrel block allows easy barrel indexing (so long as the barrel is fitted with a cone breech.) Interestingly, Madison has fitted his stock with an integral tuner. Jeff wanted to be able to tune his rimfire rifles for improved accuracy. However, he found that the typical large, heavy, rotary tuner at the end of the barrel was not practical for a prone rifle.

So, Jeff came up with an innovative “tuner-in-stock” design. Jeff explains: “The tuner is the ‘knob’ just in front of the trigger guard. With the barrel mounted, the action (receiver) is fully floated. The tuner itself is fixed in the stock and attaches to the Anschütz action. The tuner is a harmonic balancer of sorts and can be adjusted to change the vibration characteristics of the rifle. At first glance the tuner appears to simply be a screw that exerts pressure to the receiver. In actuality it is an eight-piece assembly that incorporates a matched pair of elastomers that can be pre-loaded as a means of vibration control. The ‘in-stock’ tuner accomplishes the same thing as a muzzle tuner, but by using the action (receiver) for tuning, this set-up provides better balance for a prone or 3P shooter.”

Developing a New King of Rimfire Tuner
Madison was inspired by the successful muzzle-mounted tuners used by rimfire benchrest shooters. However, Jeff felt a muzzle-mount design was not optimal for a prone or position rifle. Jeff told us:

“The use of a heavy weight on the muzzle didn’t fit with shooting from the prone position. Putting extra weight so far out caused early fatigue and the balance of the rifle was compromised. After several meetings with Mike Ross of Ross Precision, I learned about ‘barrel indexing’, and came to the conclusion that a properly-indexed barrel could be tuned in a barrel-mounted stock from the receiver end.

Madison tuner stock
Madison smallbore stock

Mike graciously donated one of his Ross stocks for me to use for tuner testing and development. After a year of testing with different prototypes, I completed a tuner that could successfully control the vibration. I built two rifles with wood stocks converted to barrel-block mounts with tuners and also adapted the tuner to my ‘loaner’ Ross stock. With all three stocks, the tuners worked and enhanced rifle performance using a variety of ammunition.

It was time to design my own prone stock specifically for the Anschütz 2013 barreled action. I used 6061-T6 aluminum to make the new stock stronger than the original, cast Anschütz 2000-series stock. However, my new design still accommodates the butt, grip, cheek-piece and side panel hardware from the original Anschütz stock. Four stocks were created. One is at my shop for continued tested by me. The second was sent to a national-level competitive shooter who has access to lab testing facilities. The third was sent to Mike Ross for his experiments. The fourth is warming the bench.

Madison tuner stock

Tuned Stock Works with a Variety of Ammo and Barrels
In testing the integral ‘in-stock’ tuner’s ability to improve accuracy, I used a variety of mid-grade ammunition from Eley, Lapua, SK, and Wolf. My tests confirmed enhanced accuracy from all brands and lots of ammunition used. This is not to say the tuner will make cheap ammunition shoot like match grade, but it will extract the best potential from all levels. I have also tested the performance of the stock with several barrels: a modified Anschütz barrel, a 17-twist, 2-groove Benchmark, and a Bartlein 1:16.5″ to 1:16″ gain twist barrel (currently mounted). All barrels and ammunition tested by me were able to shoot quarter-inch (or better) groups at 50 yards. The .250″ criteria is very competitive for a prone shooter, and a number of groups fired were in the mid to high ‘Ones’.

Stock Proves Successful in Competition
The stock that is being tested by a competent, national-level shooter (name intentionally withheld) is undefeated in seven matches to date. Seven matches, seven wins. That shooter has also achieved many ‘personal bests’ with the tuned rifle.

What does the future hold? I plan to build a second design specifically for the 1900 series Anschütz action. The target price for the complete stock, ready to accept a barreled action, is $1,500.00. The stock stem only is targeted at $875.00. The details of the butt and cheek piece hardware along the select wood portions will be finalized shortly.”

Jeffrey Madison is the sole proprietor of M. Werks, LLC located in Traverse City, Michigan. M. Werks, LLC manufactures a limited selection of specialized shooting products. Jeff can be contacted by e-mail at jeff [at]

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December 27th, 2008

Tack-Driving AR Varminter Auctioned to Benefit Site

To raise funds for this website, we are putting our 20 Practical AR “Ultimate Varminter” up for auction. This is a proven tack-driver, a one-of-a-kind special that you can’t buy from anyone else. Bushmaster, DPMS, Remington, Stag, Fulton Armory etc. can’t deliver a rifle with a Bartlein barrel that absolutely hammers, and nobody else can give you a gun complete with bag-riders, side-charging handle, Jewell trigger, and GG&G extended site rail. The gun is essentially new, with less than 100 test rounds through the barrel.

Send Bids to Minimum Bid is $1700.00. Auction Ends 1/9/09.

CLICK HERE for Gun Specs and Auction Rules.

20 Practical AR15

20 Practical AR1520 Practical AR15

If the truth be known, this rifle would be sitting in MY safe if California allowed me to purchase an AR15. But my loss is your gain. Minimum bid for this rifle is $1700.00. You’d have to pay a lot more just for the components. This rifle is a “dream to shoot” according to Robert Whitley. Robert says: “the recoil is almost non-existent. With the bag-riders, the gun tracks like it was on rails. No problem seeing your hits. And it’s incredibly easy to shoot really small groups. The last 5-shot group through the gun went into a measured 0.257″ and that’s with almost no load development.” In the video below, you can watch Robert shoot the rifle.

YouTube Preview Image

The Auction closes midnight Eastern time, January 9, 2009. As noted, minimum bid is $1700.00, and an FFL is required for delivery. If you have any questions, send email to

Major Website Upgrade Planned
We are currently involved in a major site upgrade that will provide many benefits for our readers. Older articles will be easier to find. Pages should display faster. The Bulletin will be more closely integrated with the site (with popular articles linked to the home page). The Forum area will be updated with a more sophisticated classifieds area. To put this all in place will cost many thousands of dollars. That’s one reason for this auction. Proceeds from the sale of the 20 Practical AR will be used to help pay for the site upgrade.

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December 27th, 2008

GUNSMITHING — Reference Articles for Home Smiths

The technical staff of MidwayUSA has created a series of useful “how-to” articles for the NRA’s Guns and Hunting website. These stories cover many basic operations that can be done in a home workshop without expensive tools. The articles available online include:

Fitting a Recoil Pad

Scope Mounting Made Easy

Glass-Bedding a Rifle Stock (Part 1) | (Part 2)

Applying a Baked-On Gun Finish

How to Shorten and Crown a .22 LR Barrel

How to Install Sling Swivel Studs

Working with Polishing Stones

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December 27th, 2008

Aussie Is First Foreigner to Win Distinguished Rifleman Badge

This fall, David Waters of Glenbrook, New South Wales, Australia, became the first non-American to earn the Distinguished Rifleman Badge. To accomplish this feat, Waters said he spent $45,000, traveled over 100,000 miles, and shot over 6,000 rounds of ammunition during 50 actual days of competition. That’s dedication! In fact, the born and raised Australian highpower shooter is the first non-U.S. citizen to achieve Distinguished Rifleman status according to contemporary records. Prior to the mid-1980s, National Match and Excellence-In-Competition (EIC) matches were open only to U.S. citizens. It’s believed that the regulation was relaxed when the military draft was replaced by an all-volunteer military.

Australian Distinguished Rifleman Australian Distinguished Rifleman

Waters clinched the prestigious award at the Texas State Rifle Association’s Excellence-in-Competition Match on 26 October, hosted by CMP and the Texas Army National Guard.

The 37-year old Waters is the founder and president of the Australian International High Power Association (AIHPA). He began shooting at age 10 and fired his first competitive shot at 19. Waters holds include several regional, national and world records primarily in high power and benchrest events. Waters began shooting internationally when he was 26. He shoots nearly every weekend at home and leaves Australia to compete overseas about six times a year. Waters explained: “I mainly shoot high power rifle now, which has been the case for about six years. [But] I also shoot Olympic trench shotgun and police (service) pistol.”

CLICK HERE to read full story …

Story by Steve Cooper from the CMP Online Magazine. Photos courtesy CMP, All Rights Reserved.

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December 26th, 2008

CG Trigger for High Power and Long-Range Rifles

The two-stage CG Universal Match Trigger has proven very popular with High Power and Long-Range Shooters. The CG-Jackson trigger is a Robert Chombart design, like the RPA Quadlock and the Millennium actions. The trigger’s final stage pull-weight adjusts from 10 ounces to over 63 ounces, and both a curved or straight trigger finger is offered. Notably, this new design works with a very wide range of actions, both custom and factory. In addition to a Remington 700 version, for example, there are versions for Barnard, Mauser, RPA, SAKO, Tikka, and Winchester Model 70 actions. That makes this CG Trigger one of the most versatile match triggers ever offered. In Europe, the trigger is sold by Jackson Rifles. In the USA, the CG trigger is solf by Tom Myers, through his company X-Treme Shooting Products.

German Salazar has tested the CG Trigger and written a detailed product review. CLICK HERE for CG Trigger Review by Salazar.

CG Universal Trigger

The CG Universal Trigger uses a variety of upper frames to fit each specific rifle action. The upper frame contains the final lever(s) of the trigger. A universal main housing is attached to this upper frame. This ensures similar function, settings and “feel”, whatever action the trigger is fitted to. The CG Universal is a true two-stage trigger, so that (unlike modified direct-pull triggers fitted to some “tactical” rifles), the sear engagement reduces and fully recovers with the first-pull movement of the trigger finger. The CG Universal trigger system was designed by Robert Chombart, who also designed the CG MILLENNIUM, CG INCH and other target rifle actions.

The CG Universal Trigger System works with numerous rifle actions including:

RPA 2000
TIKKA 5xx/6xx
US 1917 – P14

CG Universal Trigger

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December 25th, 2008

Happy Holidays to All our Readers

We wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We hope you’re enjoying time with your family today, whether you’re basking in the sun in Australia, or shoveling snow up in Finland near the Arctic Circle.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all the folks who have generously donated to the site over the past year. (Please, if you’ve donated and are a Forum member, tell us your Forum “nickname” so we can acknowledge your contribution).

We also want to thank the many individuals who help this site by donating time and effort and/or writing articles. This includes Jason Baney, Vince Bottomley, John Brewer, Mike Bryant, Brand Cole, Richard Franklin, Speedy Gonzales, “Graymist”, Dan Lilja, Bryan Litz, Chris (“Techshooter”) Long, Larry Medler, Danny Reever, German Salazar, Jerry Tierney, and members of the USAMU. We also want to acknowledge the dozens of fine shooters who have helped us with the Guns of the Week features. They have spent much time and effort to bring you their stories and photos. And we want to say thanks to our commercial sponsors that have supported the site through advertising or donated items for auction this year.

Deep Creek Range, Montana

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December 25th, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho and FREE BEER for You! sends our best holiday wishes to our many readers worldwide. (According to Google Analytics, over 50,000 shooters worldwide access our site every week.) To make the holiday season a little more festive, we found a promotion that will give you FREE Beck’s BEER. That’s right, if you pay for a six-pack of Beck’s beer, the brewers will refund your purchase price up to $9.00*.

Becks Beer Rebate

What’s the catch? You have to purchase the beer first, then mail in your sales receipt, the barcode (UPC) label from the package, and a Rebate Form. Mail-in deadline is 1/19/2009. Also, in some states the offer is not valid (Sorry Guys… complain to your state legislators). But otherwise, this is a bonafied deal. Free beer for the holidays… what’s not to like?

Download Mail-In Rebate Non-CA Resident Calif. Resident

CLICK HERE for more info on Beck’s Beer Rebate

*Via mail-in rebate. Rebate amount will be equivalent to purchase price, excluding sales tax, not to exceed $9.00. Purchase must occur between 12/8/08-1/5/09. Offer good to residents of AK, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, MA, MD, MI, MN, MS, MT, ND, NE, NH, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TN, VA, VT, WA, WI, and WY only. Request must be received by 1/19/09.

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December 25th, 2008

Super Deals: $100 Nav System, $30 Camelbak and more

Cabela's Holiday DealsRetail sales are down this holiday season, but that means deep discounts on quality products. Many major vendors have commenced “rock-bottom” selling programs, starting today, on Christmas. We’ve been impressed by some of the special sales at Here are some of the hottest deals we’ve found at Click the “Hot Buys” link at left to get the lowest prices.

Cabelas hot deals TomTom® ONE 125 GPS Nav System, $99.99
OK, folks, if you’ve been waiting for a name-brand, GPS-enabled automotive Navigation system to drop below $100, here it is. The TomTom 125 features GPS Navigation with spoken turn-by-turn directions. It has a full-color touch screen with bright, sunlight-readable displays and comes pre-loaded with detailed maps of the USA containing millions of points of interest. The unit can easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle, and it comes with USB ports so you can load software updates from your home computer. All in all, this is an amazing piece of technology for $99.99.
Camelback Hydration Pack Camelback Hydration Pack, $29.99
Cabela’s has posted an amazing price on the Camelbak GMI M.U.L.E. pack with hydration system, item 1AJ-518787. Right now the Camelbak M.U.L.E. is just $29.99. These are very high-quality packs that sell elsewhere for $95.00 or more. The hydration pack is offered in desert camo or woodland camo. The pack is 19″ x 10″ x 5″, and features 540 cubic inches of cargo space with a 100-ounce Omega Water reservoir.

CLICK HERE for a detailed review of Camelback GMI M.U.L.E. Pack

Cabelas hot deals Browning® Tactical Hunter/Renegade Light Combo, $24.99
This is a great two-lamp deal for a lot less than you’d expect to pay for a Xenon tactical lamp by itself. The 10-lumen Renegade Headlamp (top) boasts five LEDs (two white, two red and one green) making it ideal for close-up lighting. Use this outdoors, when working on a car, or for extra illumination in your workroom. The rugged, Tactical Hunter Flashlight features a high-output, 80 lumen, Xenon lamp. It includes a belt clip and armored end-grip. Two included lithium batteries provide up to 1.5 hours of illumination.
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December 24th, 2008

Spotting Scopes — Straight vs. Angled

We’ve looked through many different types of spotting scopes. Initially we thought angled was the only way to go. This lets a shooter mount the spotting scope at his side and easily glance through the lens with the scope body rotated 30 to 90°. However, at matches where you spot for a partner, the straight scopes seem to work better. You don’t have to bend your neck down or remove your hat and your “free” eye can scan downrange for wind changes. When spotting for your partner (while seated or standing), a tripod-mounted straight scope was definitely the most “user-friendly” set-up.

Straight (in-line) Spotting Scope

Danny Reever, author of our Spotting Scope Review, tell us: “Straight vs. angled? Man, that’s a tough call! Having used both personally for over a year I’d have to say this: I feel the straight gives you a clearer, sharper image. One less mirror to contend with. If you have a dealer that can give you a side-by-side look at a couple of hundred yards the difference is apparent. That’s one reason Chip Allen chose the straight Zeiss over the angled. On the other hand the angled gives you more options in the way of setup which can be a bonus between cramped benches, when you’re spotting for yourself. I don’t shoot prone, but I think the angled would be the way to go for a solo prone shooter, again more setup options. Another benefit of the angled is that you can keep the tripod lower, a plus on a windy day. The 100MM scopes like the Pentax and Optolyth do not offer an angled body option — maybe there are some engineering issues, or perhaps that’s just to control costs.”

Angled Spotting Scope

Scope Stands for Bench Use
It you plan to use an angled spotting scope on the bench, Ray-Vin has a great clamping system that allows you to position the eyepiece exactly where you want it. The clamp mount Ray-Vin Benchrest Scope Stand allows you to easily adjust the scope height and horizontal position relative to the shooter. A twist handle with a ball joint on the end then lets you set the scope (and angled eyepiece) to any angle you want. It’s a very slick system. At $199.00 for the complete system (not including scope) shown below left, it’s not inexpensive. However, if you already own a Ray-Vin scope head with ball joint, the Benchrest Clamp is just $119.00. Another option for bench use is the Ray-Vin C-2004 “Tactical Tripod” (photo below right). This low-profile, $199.00 unit can be used on the bench or on the ground. Note: the Tactical Tripod uses a 3/4″-diam. vertical shaft, while the Benchrest Scope Stand has a 1″-diam. vertical shaft. Accordingly, the scope heads are not interchangeable between the two units.

Ray-Vin Scope StandRay-Vin Scope Stand

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December 23rd, 2008

Brunos and Grafs have Reloder 17 Powder in Stock

Alliant Reloder 17We just received news that Bruno Shooters Supply has approximately 400 pounds of Alliant Reloder 17 in one- and five-pound jugs. Brunos also received a large shipment of the hard to find Federal 210M primers. Call Amy at Brunos, 1-800-455-0350 or (623) 587-7641, and mention

Forum member G. Wood also reports that received a large quantity of Reloder 17 on December 22, 2008.

If you’ve been looking for Reloder 17 you may want to act quickly. The last shipment sold out in a short period of time.

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December 23rd, 2008

Send Custom E-Mail Postcard with Shooting Invitation

The NSSF, through its “Step Outside” program, suggests you invite someone to go hunting or shooting this Holiday season. For those last-minute shoppers struggling to find a gift, there’s always the gift of hunting and shooting. Through NSSF’s web page, visitors can now deliver that gift in the form of an invitation to go hunting or shooting. Your e-mail invitation will feature an outdoor photograph with a personalized message from you.

CLICK HERE to Send a Hunting/Shooting Invitation to Friends or Family.

Step Outside Program

If you go on a shooting excursion before the end of the year (Dec. 31, 2008), you can enter the Step Outside Sweepstakes, and get a chance to win one of five $1,000 gift certificates to Bass Pro Shops. To be eligible, you must “mentor” a new shooter and complete a survey describing your experiences. Submission Deadline is January 1, 2009.

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December 23rd, 2008

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers For Shooters

Gun Gear ShoppingYep, there’s only two more shopping days left before Christmas. If you didn’t order months ago, Santa probably won’t arrive with a new gain-twist barrel, carbon-fiber stock, custom action, and 10-40×56 Benchrest scope on Christmas day. The expensive goodies required advance planning. However, there’s still time to do some online shopping for other gun gear, with delivery later this week.

Here are a few suggestions for Stocking Stuffers:

Handy Tools:
Hood Kwik Estimator — Use this handy $2.50 tool to measure your 6mm groups. Bracket the group within the diverging lines of the Kwik Estimator to get a close approximation of group size.
• Hornady Comparator body with Comparator — This simple device, mounted on your calipers, lets you measure the base to ogive of your bullets, or bottom of rim to ogive of your loaded rounds. A “must-have”.
• Pin Vise with #53 Bit — This will let you clean up the flash hole of Lapua PPC and BR cases. The number 53 bit measures .0595″, the perfect size for the .059″ BR flashholes.

gun gear shopping

Solvents and lubes:
• Ballistol — Extremely versatile, non-toxic case cleaner/lube. Use this to remove the carbon from the necks of your cases. It is also an outstanding case lube for regular resizing of small cases.
• CARB-OUT — The product name explains its function. The stuff plain works on carbon–as well or better than anything out there.
• Eezox — This product outperformed Break-Free and most other rust preventatives in our tests. It displaces water and leave a dry barrier on the surface of metal. Use it on your barrels, dies, and tools.
• Kroil — A classic penetrating lube, Kroil has myriad uses in the reloading room and home workshop. It can be combined with other solvents and used for bore cleaning.
• KG12 — Tests have shown KG12 to be a super-effective copper cleaner. It works fast and there’s no ammonia smell. Should you dump your other bore cleaners? No. But we recommend you give KG12 a try.

gun gear shopping

Full Holiday Buyer’s Guide
For more Holiday shopping ideas, check out our 2006 Holiday Buyers’ Guide. In that story we recommended dozens of products ranging in price from $1.99 to over $2000.00. While prices have changed since 2006, you’ll still find many bargains among the featured items in the Buyers’ Guide.

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December 22nd, 2008

Sierra Introduces New .308 155gr Palma Bullet

Sierra Bullets has introduced a new .308-caliber MatchKing bullet, the model #2156, 155-grain HPBT Palma. This is an entirely new bullet created for Palma and other long-range shooters. Compared to the older #2155 MatchKing bullet (which will still be available), the new #2156 Palma bullet has a longer, more streamlined 9-caliber ogive, slightly longer OAL, and a pointed meplat. This is the first Sierra bullet to have the meplats “pointed up” at the factory. Sierra points the tips using a special extra die as the last stage in the production process.

Sierra’s new 155-grainer will be offered in boxes of 100 bullets (stock #2156, $38.89 MSRP), 500 bullets (stock #2156C, $180.46 MSRP), or 500 moly-coated bullets (stock # 2156M ,$203.81 MSRP). For more info, contact Sierra at 1-800-223-8799 or email sierra [at]

Sierra MatchKing Palma bullet .308

Sierra MatchKing Palma bullet .308Tierney Tests NEW 155gr Palma MatchKing
Jerry Tierney, Palma shooter and 2008 NBRSA 600-yard Champion, has done extensive testing of Sierra bullet prototypes, including the new #2156. Jerry reports: “The old 2155 is 1.119″ long while the new 2156 is 1.219″ long with the point closed much tighter on the new bullet. The difference in base to ogive length is 0.004″ between the two bullets. In my test rifle, the new 2156 Sierra MatchKing Palma bullet can be shot with the same load and chamber as the old Sierra 155. However, in the interest of safety you may want to reduce your load slightly and then work up.”

Jerry has been testing various Sierra bullet designs for the USA Palma Team. As part of his research, he shot the new 155gr #2156 bullet in an NBRSA 1000-yard match in Sacramento this past summer. Here is Jerry’s field report:

“I loaded the old Sierra 155s, the new pointed Sierra 155s, and the Berger 155.5-grain bullets to shoot one each in the three targets of five- and ten-shot groups. All were loaded with 47.0 grains of Varget (2007 lot), the bullets were loaded to jump 0.018” for the Sierra 155, 0.010″ for the new Sierra 155s, and 0.021″ for the Berger 155.5s in Lapua cases. The MV is in the 3030 fps range.

I shot the bullets in this order: Sierra 155s, new Sierra 155s, and the Berger 155.5s in each of the three matches of light and heavy guns. The total round fired was 45 for score and 37 sighters for a total of 82 rounds. NO ILL effects were seen between the different bullets with no cleaning of the barrel. Temperature range was 73 to 80 degrees under our covered 1000-yard firing points.

Here are the results for the three 5-shot targets:

Old Sierra 155s Group = 19 ¼” Vertical = 9 ¼” Score = 39-0X
New Sierra 155s Group = 16 ½” Vertical = 6 ¼” Score = 43-0X
Berger 155.5 Group = 9 ¼” Vertical = 8 7/8″ Score = 44-0X

The wind changes were such that you could not compare the bullet wind drift, but the vertical showed the new Sierras were very good. The best vertical shot today was with my test rifle. I was first in the Light Gun three-target aggregate for score and third in single Light Gun score and the six-target aggregate score.

The elevation for BOTH the new Sierra bullet and the Berger 155.5 was exactly 3.00 minutes less than old Sierra 155 (#2155) at 1000 yards.”

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December 22nd, 2008

Grafs has Federal Lake City Brass in Bulk

Call it “paranoia” or call it “sensible preparation”, gun owners nationwide have been stocking-up on ammunition and loading components, particularly for .223 Rem and .308 Winchester. This has created shortages in supply, with the predictable price increases. Fortunately, has large supplies of Lake City .223 Rem Brass. This is good quality stuff, made by Federal at the Lake City ammo plant. The .223 Rem brass starts at $22.99 per hundred. If you’re looking for loaded ammo, has the excellent Prvi Partizan .223 Rem 75gr HPBT match ammo for $10.99 per 20-ct box (item PPA223MATCH). Forum members have tested this ammo in fast-twist .223 barrels and found that it shoots very well.

.223 Rem Lake City Brass also has PRIMED Federal Lake City .308 Win Brass starting at $39.99 per hundred.

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