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December 22nd, 2008

Sierra Introduces New .308 155gr Palma Bullet

Sierra Bullets has introduced a new .308-caliber MatchKing bullet, the model #2156, 155-grain HPBT Palma. This is an entirely new bullet created for Palma and other long-range shooters. Compared to the older #2155 MatchKing bullet (which will still be available), the new #2156 Palma bullet has a longer, more streamlined 9-caliber ogive, slightly longer OAL, and a pointed meplat. This is the first Sierra bullet to have the meplats “pointed up” at the factory. Sierra points the tips using a special extra die as the last stage in the production process.

Sierra’s new 155-grainer will be offered in boxes of 100 bullets (stock #2156, $38.89 MSRP), 500 bullets (stock #2156C, $180.46 MSRP), or 500 moly-coated bullets (stock # 2156M ,$203.81 MSRP). For more info, contact Sierra at 1-800-223-8799 or email sierra [at]

Sierra MatchKing Palma bullet .308

Sierra MatchKing Palma bullet .308Tierney Tests NEW 155gr Palma MatchKing
Jerry Tierney, Palma shooter and 2008 NBRSA 600-yard Champion, has done extensive testing of Sierra bullet prototypes, including the new #2156. Jerry reports: “The old 2155 is 1.119″ long while the new 2156 is 1.219″ long with the point closed much tighter on the new bullet. The difference in base to ogive length is 0.004″ between the two bullets. In my test rifle, the new 2156 Sierra MatchKing Palma bullet can be shot with the same load and chamber as the old Sierra 155. However, in the interest of safety you may want to reduce your load slightly and then work up.”

Jerry has been testing various Sierra bullet designs for the USA Palma Team. As part of his research, he shot the new 155gr #2156 bullet in an NBRSA 1000-yard match in Sacramento this past summer. Here is Jerry’s field report:

“I loaded the old Sierra 155s, the new pointed Sierra 155s, and the Berger 155.5-grain bullets to shoot one each in the three targets of five- and ten-shot groups. All were loaded with 47.0 grains of Varget (2007 lot), the bullets were loaded to jump 0.018” for the Sierra 155, 0.010″ for the new Sierra 155s, and 0.021″ for the Berger 155.5s in Lapua cases. The MV is in the 3030 fps range.

I shot the bullets in this order: Sierra 155s, new Sierra 155s, and the Berger 155.5s in each of the three matches of light and heavy guns. The total round fired was 45 for score and 37 sighters for a total of 82 rounds. NO ILL effects were seen between the different bullets with no cleaning of the barrel. Temperature range was 73 to 80 degrees under our covered 1000-yard firing points.

Here are the results for the three 5-shot targets:

Old Sierra 155s Group = 19 ¼” Vertical = 9 ¼” Score = 39-0X
New Sierra 155s Group = 16 ½” Vertical = 6 ¼” Score = 43-0X
Berger 155.5 Group = 9 ¼” Vertical = 8 7/8″ Score = 44-0X

The wind changes were such that you could not compare the bullet wind drift, but the vertical showed the new Sierras were very good. The best vertical shot today was with my test rifle. I was first in the Light Gun three-target aggregate for score and third in single Light Gun score and the six-target aggregate score.

The elevation for BOTH the new Sierra bullet and the Berger 155.5 was exactly 3.00 minutes less than old Sierra 155 (#2155) at 1000 yards.”

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December 22nd, 2008

Grafs has Federal Lake City Brass in Bulk

Call it “paranoia” or call it “sensible preparation”, gun owners nationwide have been stocking-up on ammunition and loading components, particularly for .223 Rem and .308 Winchester. This has created shortages in supply, with the predictable price increases. Fortunately, has large supplies of Lake City .223 Rem Brass. This is good quality stuff, made by Federal at the Lake City ammo plant. The .223 Rem brass starts at $22.99 per hundred. If you’re looking for loaded ammo, has the excellent Prvi Partizan .223 Rem 75gr HPBT match ammo for $10.99 per 20-ct box (item PPA223MATCH). Forum members have tested this ammo in fast-twist .223 barrels and found that it shoots very well.

.223 Rem Lake City Brass also has PRIMED Federal Lake City .308 Win Brass starting at $39.99 per hundred.

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