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December 27th, 2008

Tack-Driving AR Varminter Auctioned to Benefit Site

To raise funds for this website, we are putting our 20 Practical AR “Ultimate Varminter” up for auction. This is a proven tack-driver, a one-of-a-kind special that you can’t buy from anyone else. Bushmaster, DPMS, Remington, Stag, Fulton Armory etc. can’t deliver a rifle with a Bartlein barrel that absolutely hammers, and nobody else can give you a gun complete with bag-riders, side-charging handle, Jewell trigger, and GG&G extended site rail. The gun is essentially new, with less than 100 test rounds through the barrel.

Send Bids to Minimum Bid is $1700.00. Auction Ends 1/9/09.

CLICK HERE for Gun Specs and Auction Rules.

20 Practical AR15

20 Practical AR1520 Practical AR15

If the truth be known, this rifle would be sitting in MY safe if California allowed me to purchase an AR15. But my loss is your gain. Minimum bid for this rifle is $1700.00. You’d have to pay a lot more just for the components. This rifle is a “dream to shoot” according to Robert Whitley. Robert says: “the recoil is almost non-existent. With the bag-riders, the gun tracks like it was on rails. No problem seeing your hits. And it’s incredibly easy to shoot really small groups. The last 5-shot group through the gun went into a measured 0.257″ and that’s with almost no load development.” In the video below, you can watch Robert shoot the rifle.

YouTube Preview Image

The Auction closes midnight Eastern time, January 9, 2009. As noted, minimum bid is $1700.00, and an FFL is required for delivery. If you have any questions, send email to

Major Website Upgrade Planned
We are currently involved in a major site upgrade that will provide many benefits for our readers. Older articles will be easier to find. Pages should display faster. The Bulletin will be more closely integrated with the site (with popular articles linked to the home page). The Forum area will be updated with a more sophisticated classifieds area. To put this all in place will cost many thousands of dollars. That’s one reason for this auction. Proceeds from the sale of the 20 Practical AR will be used to help pay for the site upgrade.

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December 27th, 2008

GUNSMITHING — Reference Articles for Home Smiths

The technical staff of MidwayUSA has created a series of useful “how-to” articles for the NRA’s Guns and Hunting website. These stories cover many basic operations that can be done in a home workshop without expensive tools. The articles available online include:

Fitting a Recoil Pad

Scope Mounting Made Easy

Glass-Bedding a Rifle Stock (Part 1) | (Part 2)

Applying a Baked-On Gun Finish

How to Shorten and Crown a .22 LR Barrel

How to Install Sling Swivel Studs

Working with Polishing Stones

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December 27th, 2008

Aussie Is First Foreigner to Win Distinguished Rifleman Badge

This fall, David Waters of Glenbrook, New South Wales, Australia, became the first non-American to earn the Distinguished Rifleman Badge. To accomplish this feat, Waters said he spent $45,000, traveled over 100,000 miles, and shot over 6,000 rounds of ammunition during 50 actual days of competition. That’s dedication! In fact, the born and raised Australian highpower shooter is the first non-U.S. citizen to achieve Distinguished Rifleman status according to contemporary records. Prior to the mid-1980s, National Match and Excellence-In-Competition (EIC) matches were open only to U.S. citizens. It’s believed that the regulation was relaxed when the military draft was replaced by an all-volunteer military.

Australian Distinguished Rifleman Australian Distinguished Rifleman

Waters clinched the prestigious award at the Texas State Rifle Association’s Excellence-in-Competition Match on 26 October, hosted by CMP and the Texas Army National Guard.

The 37-year old Waters is the founder and president of the Australian International High Power Association (AIHPA). He began shooting at age 10 and fired his first competitive shot at 19. Waters holds include several regional, national and world records primarily in high power and benchrest events. Waters began shooting internationally when he was 26. He shoots nearly every weekend at home and leaves Australia to compete overseas about six times a year. Waters explained: “I mainly shoot high power rifle now, which has been the case for about six years. [But] I also shoot Olympic trench shotgun and police (service) pistol.”

CLICK HERE to read full story …

Story by Steve Cooper from the CMP Online Magazine. Photos courtesy CMP, All Rights Reserved.

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