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December 29th, 2008

Top Conversion for Caldwell 'Fire Control' Joystick Front Rest

Available for under $200.00 including front bag, the Caldwell Fire Control front rest is a remarkable value. It makes the co-axial, joystick design more affordable than ever. We used the Fire Control front rest when testing our Ultimate Varminter 20 Practical AR. Once we removed some sand from the tri-lobe front bag, the rest worked quite well. The Fire Control rest is currently on sale at MidwayUSA for $179.99, item 956104.

While most Fire Control owners are happy with the product, many have wanted to replace the tri-lobe front bag with a more conventional front bag from Protektor or Edgewood. This isn’t as easy as it looks because the width of the Fire Control top is too narrow for most standard 3″-wide front bags. On a “special order” basis, Protektor has crafted some narrower leather front bags that fit pretty well, but some shooters have decided to “upgrade” the entire front assembly.

Forum member Doug M., aka “DrJeckyl”, has come up with an elegant solution that allows a Sinclair Int’l RT-3 Rest Top to be fitted to the Fire Control Rest. Doug notes: “The Caldwell Fire Control is a nice rest for the money, but it comes up short in the rest top department. The Sinclair RT-3 fits perfect with minor modifications.” Shown below are the main components:

fire control rest conversion

To adapt the Sinclair RT-3, Doug merely had to drill a couple holes in the RT-3 baseplate, and adapt a spacer to get the height correct: “The Caldwell factory top has a raised mounting portion so a 1/8″ piece of stock will be needed as a spacer to the flat-bottom RT-3. The spacer needs to be cut to the same length as the movable portion on the rest. And you should plan the mounting accordingly so the left thumbscrew clears the vertical height column at full left position (there is a cutaway in the rest under the thumbscrew that allows for easy access to the screw).” We have labeled the photo with dimensions, but Doug cautions you should measure your own original plate to insure the drill locations are correct for your unit.

fire control rest conversion

Below you’ll see the completed installation, with the RT-3 installed on the Fire Control rest. Doug says it works very well. For more information on this Fire Control rest top conversion, with Doug’s measurments for the hole-spacing and his specs on the fasteners, go to the original thread in our Shooter’s Forum.

LINK to Fire Control Rest Top Conversion Forum Thread

fire control rest conversion

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December 29th, 2008

Rifle Magazine Offers Free (Partial) Sample Issues

Free Recent Sample Issues to Review
Wolfe Publishing offers FREE downloadable partial samples of recent issues of Rifle Magazine. Click the links below to view the Jan/Feb 2009, and Nov/Dec 2008 issues. (Note: these are fairly large, 4-5 megabyte .pdf files that will take some time to download.) The Nov/Dec ’08 issue has a nice article on a Kimber model 8400 “tactical” rifle in .308 Winchester. This gun, fitted with a McMillan stock, delivered true half-MOA accuracy with Federal Gold Match ammo.

Rifle Magazine Sample Issues

CLICK HERE for Jan/Feb 2009 (partial issue) | CLICK HERE for Nov/Dec 2008 (partial issue)

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