December 22nd, 2008

Grafs has Federal Lake City Brass in Bulk

Call it “paranoia” or call it “sensible preparation”, gun owners nationwide have been stocking-up on ammunition and loading components, particularly for .223 Rem and .308 Winchester. This has created shortages in supply, with the predictable price increases. Fortunately, has large supplies of Lake City .223 Rem Brass. This is good quality stuff, made by Federal at the Lake City ammo plant. The .223 Rem brass starts at $22.99 per hundred. If you’re looking for loaded ammo, has the excellent Prvi Partizan .223 Rem 75gr HPBT match ammo for $10.99 per 20-ct box (item PPA223MATCH). Forum members have tested this ammo in fast-twist .223 barrels and found that it shoots very well.

.223 Rem Lake City Brass also has PRIMED Federal Lake City .308 Win Brass starting at $39.99 per hundred.

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