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January 23rd, 2009

New Gunsmithing Tools and Rem Bottom Metal from PT&G

We recently talked with Dave Kiff of Pacific Tool & Gauge (PT&G). Dave told us he has a number of new time-saving tools for gunsmiths, plus new bottom metal and bolt components for owners of Remington rifles..

Specialized Gunsmithing Tools in Stock
At the show, dave noted that PT&G currently has a variety of specialized cutting tools in inventory. Dave says the big new is is “Gen 2 Reamer”. This unique $287.00 tool will true the receiver face AND the internal lug recesses simultaneously. That will save a gunsmith time and effort. Dave offers other specialized cutters including:

– Threaded Receiver Mandrel for external engraving, outside truing etc. — $189.00
– Oversize Thread Reamer — $189.00
– Diamond-coated tap for Rem 700 – $189.00

Pacific Tool Gauge Dave Kiff

New Rem 700 Upgrades
Dave Kiff has collaborated with parts designer Kevin Wyatt to introduce some exciting new hardware for precision tactical, match, and hunting rifles. The new PT&G/Wyatt products will include custom bottom metal for the Rem 700, and a Win m70 claw-extractor modification for the Remington 700.

Initially, the Rem 700 bottom metal will be crafted from aluminum (steel versions will be offered soon). The bottom metal will use Wyatt’s detachable box magazines. The bottom metal fits a standard Remington footprint (though minor modifications may have to be made to the receiver). Both aluminum and solid steel versions should be available by late spring for $205.00 with one magazine, and extra mags are $54.00.

Pacific Tool Gauge Dave Kiff

The Claw Extractor mod for the Rem 700 is a robust design that avoids some of the problems associated with a SAKO-style extractor in a Rem bolt. The Claw Extractor allows a “normal” ejection angle so you won’t bounce your brass off the windage knob of the scope. No receiver alterations are required, and Wyatt is working to provide controlled feeding in the final production version. The new Claw Extractor product, according to Dave Kiff, should be available by the end of 2009. Installation will require a gunsmith — this is not a do-it-yourself mod.

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January 23rd, 2009

Rifles from Well-Known Smiths in our Classifieds

The Classifieds Section in our Shooters’ Forum seems to get more popular every week. In our Classifieds you’ll find some great bargains on reloading tools, barrels, stocks, and complete rifles. A couple rifles for sale caught our eye because they were built by top smiths and good values.

Franklin-built 6BR Undertaker
The first is a handsome 6BR smithed by Richard Franklin. It features a laminated walnut, low-profile “Undertaker” thumbhole stock. The action is a blueprinted stainless Rem 700 fitted with a Jewell trigger (with safety). The gun is in “like new” condition and the Krieger barrel has only 135 rounds though it. Weight, without scope, is 13 lbs., 1 once. We bet this would be a great shooter for club varmint matches. Asking price is $1950.00 but you’d have to pay more (and wait a long time) to get Franklin to build you something similar.

• Richard’s Undertaker laminated Walnut stock with clear coat finish
• Blueprinted Remington 700 Stainless SA Receiver, Holland SS lug
• Action pillar bedded with polished SS front and steel rear pillars
• BAT polished aluminum trigger guard
• Krieger SS Match 1:8” twist LV taper 28” barrel -– polished
• SAAMI Min 0.272” no neck turn chamber with 0.080” freebore
• Callahan Firing Pin Assembly
• Mounting Solutions Picitinny 6” Scope Base
• Ken Farrell 30MM Scope Rings
• Rifle weighs 13 pounds 1 oz. without scope (scope NOT included in sale)

Stevens-Built 6PPC with .308 Boltface
The second gun is a good value for someone looking to get started in short-range Benchrest. This Stolle Grizzly 6PPC features a .308 bolt-face so it could also be converted to a 30 BR for score shooting, or a 6BR/Dasher for 600-yard shooting. The gun is built by Col. Billy Stevens, a very highly respected smith. The asking price is $1600.00 (plus actual shipping and insurance.) You may want to ask how many rounds are through the barrel. Call S. Crawford at (931) 619-8175.

Grizzly PPC

“RB/LP Stolle Grizzly 6ppc Light Varmint with .308 Boltface. Kelby Flat Bottom BR Stock Molded in color Green, Jewell Trigger and Davidson Bases. Hart Barrel 1-14 Twist. Built by Billy Stevens. This gun is a shooter. Scope not included. Must ship to FFL.”

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January 23rd, 2009

Bruno's Has Primers and Popular Powders

4/1/2009 UPDATE: READ THIS FIRST!! Bruno’s is currently sold out of most primers. Call for availability.

Alliant Reloder 17Amy Bruno reports that Bruno’s Shooters Supply has “ample quantities” of some hard-to-find reloading components:

– 207,000 Federal 210 Large Rifle STANDARD primers in stock at $30.05 per 1000.
– 107,000 Federal 150 Large Pistol Match primers in stock at $36.95 per 1000.
– 60,000 Federal 100 Small Pistol Match primers in stock at $35.79 per 1000.

– Reloder 17 in 1-lb bottle, $21.08; Reloder 17 in 5-lb. jug, $95.00
– Hodgdon H322 in 8-lb. jug, $136.66
– Hodgdon BenchMark in 8-lb. jug, $136.66
– Vihtavuori N-133 in 8-lb. jug, $168.71

Note: For powder and primer orders, add $22.50 haz mat fee and shipping charges.

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