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January 9th, 2009

QuickLOAD Software Updates Available

QuickLOAD reloading softwareQuickLOAD is a unique software product that draws upon a vast database of cartridges, bullets, and powders to analyze (and predict) load pressures and velocities. While QuickLOAD data should NOT be substituted for careful, conservative load recipes based on powder manufacturers’ recommendations, QuickLOAD is still a remarkable tool that can save you time and money. QuickLOAD can help you identify the most efficient powders for a particular cartridge/bullet combination, and it can also predict how changes to barrel length or seating depth can affect velocities and pressures. We recommend that serious reloaders consider investing in QuickLOAD, a $149.95 product from To learn more about QuickLOAD, read our SOFTWARE REVIEW.

CLICK HERE for QuickLOAD Review and User’s Guide

Update Your QuickLOAD Software
New Bullet, Cartridge, & Powder Data in Ver. 3.4 — Including Reloder 17
For $14.95, QuickLOAD verion 3.0 – 3.3 users can also purchase a CD-based upgrade to the latest version 3.4. The upgrade provides complete data for many more bullets and cartridges, plus it includes hundreds of cartridge diagrams and photos. We think the upgrade to version 3.4 is well worth the cost for the updated bullet info alone, and the cartridge diagrams are a great new feature. And yes, the latest update includes Alliant Reloder 17 powder. If you are shooting a 6XC, 6-6.5×47, Rem 260, .284 Win, or a Magnum cartridge–Reloder 17 may boost your velocities significantly.

If you are a current owner of QuickLOAD version 2.9 or earlier on floppy disk, you can upgrade to the new CD-ROM for $50.00 + S&H. The latest CD offers more powders (218 total), cartridges (1200+) and bullets (2500+). Order through or call 800-451-3550.

NOTE: If you have QuickLOAD 3.0, 3.1 or 3.2 and want to use QuickLOAD with Windows VISTA you need a VISTA-compatible version. Send in your old CD and Neconos can replace it with a Vista-compatible CD (also works with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP) for $14.95 plus S & H.

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January 9th, 2009

CMP Launches National Match Air Rifle Program

Attention High Power and Air Rifle Shooters — The CMP is introducing a new event called “National Match Air Rifle”. This new discipline features two courses of fire similar to the High Power rifle standing and John C. Garand courses of fire. These stages will be shot with air rifles on reduced High Power 200- and 600-yard targets on 10-meter ranges. There will be three rifle classes: sporter, match/precision and AR-type air rifle.

Initial Test Match at Camp Perry This Weekend
Here’s your chance to get involved in the launch of a new shooting sport. The CMP will hold a test match at the Camp Perry Marksmanship Center on 10 January. This inaugural match will be held at the CMP’s new Camp Perry Marksmanship Center that offers 80 firing points equipped with state-of-the-art electronic targets and an electronic display system.

Camp Perry Marksmanship Center

The CMP invites both experienced High Power shooters and recreational air gun shooters to participate in the test match. Shooter feedback from test matches will help the CMP finalize the rules and course of fire. At the match, the “prototype”, 10-bull paper AR-SR and AR-MR Nat’l Match targets will be displayed. You’ll also have a chance to view new industry prototype AR-style air rifles. There will also be a Novice Prone Match that can be fired by younger juniors who are just getting started in target shooting (see Match Program .pdf for details).

CLICK HERE for Match Registration Form.

CLICK HERE for Test Match Program .pdf and Event Schedule.

Feinwerkbau air rifle

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