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January 17th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: Stiller Unveils Four New Actions

Stiller’s Precision Firearms showcased a variety of NEW custom rifle actions at the 2009 SHOT Show. Trust us, this is BIG News for builders of precision rifles, both rimfire and centerfire. Jerry Stiller has released no less than four (count ‘em FOUR) new stainless actions this year. They are all impressive, and we predict the new rimfire actions will sell like hotcakes.

Stiller Precision Actions Predator, 408, 40X

New Custom 40X-Clone Rimfire Action
Stiller Precision’s show-stopper is a new 22 rimfire action based on 40X Remington design. Called the Predator 25X, this 40X-clone will be offered both as a single-shot AND a repeater. This is a much-awaited product. We predict huge demand for Stiller’s rimfire actions. There is nothing else like it on the market. The repeater will be perfect as the basis of a rimfire silhouette action or a “tactical rimfire” gun. Stiller’s rimfire actions cost $800.00 and should be available by mid-2009.

Predator V — RBLP Ejectorless Action
The second offering, sure to be popular, is the new “Predator V” action, described by Jerry as “an affordable BR-style action aimed at the varminter.” It is offered in right bolt, left port only, with a cone bolt and no ejector. It’s optimized for bench use for precision varminting, though it certainly could be used in a 600-yard BR comp gun or F-Class rifle. Jerry tells us: “The Predator V is a RBLP version of our Predator line with a few special features. It has a Sako extractor on a coned bolt with no ejector. There is about a .003″ fit on the bolt with a pinned trigger. The main market is high-performance varminting or benchrest. Shown below is our new ‘full bling’ polished Predator V model featuring a blue-accented Picatinny rail, knob and shroud. It is also available in matte or black finish without rails.” The Predator V is IN STOCK NOW and costs $850.00 with rail.

Stiller Predator V action bling

P-1000 Long Range Action
The third new action unveiled by Jerry Stiller is the strong and versatile new P-1000 long range action. This is a RBLP, right-eject only unit with a beefy a 1.55″ diameter. The stainless P-1000 is offered in both short and long actions, with either .308 or magum bolts. The P-1000 is a very rigid action aimed at the long-range benchrest market. NOTE: the P-1000 short action will eject 284s and the long action will eject magnums such as the 300 RUM. The price for a P-1000 (with rail) is $850.00, and P-1000s should start to ship in late February, 2009.

YouTube Preview Image

New .408 Cheytac Action
Last but certainly not least is Stiller’s new TAC 408 action. This is a new long action with a .408 bolt-face. It is optimized for the .408 CheyTac and similar high-capacity, big-rim super-sized cartridges. This action should prove popular with ultra-long-range shooters. Call Jerry Stiller at (972) 429-5000 for price and availability of the TAC 408 action.

Spec, features, and options for Jerry Stiller’s other stainless and aluminum actions can be found on

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January 17th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: Schmidt & Bender 12-50×56 PM2 Finally Arrives!

Our readers have been waiting a long time for Schmidt & Bender to bring its new high-magnification 12.5-50×56 PMII scope to American shores. We first wrote about this scope in April 2007. In February 2008, we published a follow-up report on the example we saw at the 2008 SHOT Show. For nearly two years now, American shooters have been asking us: “When can I get one?” Well, save your pennies. The scopes are slated to arrive in June, 2009 … provided S&B can deliver on its promises.

S&B Says the 12-50×56 Will Arrive in June
The scope will be available in the USA in limited quantities in summer 2009, hopefully in June. There are two (2) models. The black PMII version has a 34mm main tube and either 1/8 or 1/4 MOA clicks. Both normal and rapid two-turn counter-clockwise (CCW) turrets are offered on the PMII. The silver Field Target model comes with a 30mm main tube, and parallax that works down to 7 meters. Both scopes are priced at US $2849.00.

Schmidt Bender 12.5-50x56 PMII

Schmidt Bender 12.5-50x56 PMII

Schmidt Bender 12.5-50x56 PMII

For more information, contact Mark Cromwell, Schmidt & Bender’s USA Manager, at 800-468-3450.

Schmidt Bender 12.5-50x56 PMII

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January 17th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: Battenfeld's "7 Rest" & Compact Scale

Battenfeld Techonolgies, makers of the popular “Caldwell Rock” front rest and “Fire Control” joystick front rest, unveilved some interesting new products at SHOT Show.

Caldwell 7 Rest

Caldwell 7 RestThe unique “7 Rest” is a lightweight, two-part shooting platform that folds up on itself for easy storage and transport. As unfolded, when viewed from above, it looks like the numeral “7”, hence the name. The 7 Rest features rubber-coated cradles front and rear. The center of the rest is open, so you can shoot ARs and other rifles with long magazines without interference.

The design of the 7 Rest is certainly innovative and clever, and it is inexpensive, with a $44.95 MSRP. Since it folds so compactly, this would be a perfect “handy rest” to stow behind the seat of your truck, and we also think this might work well for Varminters with ARs.

The other product that caught our eye was the new battery-powered, DS-750 scale. It will hold up to 750 grains, and Battenfeld claims it measures with 0.1 grain (tenth of a grain) accuracy. Priced at $50.00 this could be a good back-up scale, or a good product for doing load-work-ups at the range. It’s not much bigger than a cell-phone or I-pod so it would easily fit in your range box.

Caldwell scale

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January 17th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: New Palma .308 Bullet from Sierra

There was not much new at the Sierra Bullets booth this year. Sierra did display its new 155gr, .308-caliber MatchKing bullet, the model #2156, 155-grain HPBT Palma. This is an entirely new bullet created for Palma and other long-range shooters. Compared to the older #2155 MatchKing bullet (which will still be available), the new #2156 Palma bullet has a longer, more streamlined 9-caliber ogive, slightly longer OAL, and a pointed meplat.

155 Has Factory-Pointed Bullet Tips
As Sierra’s Carroll Pilant explains in the video below, the new 155gr Palma MK has performed extremely well in testing and initial competition. It demonstrated the ability to hold very tight vertical at 1000 yards. What’s the secret? Could be the pointed bullet tips. This is the first Sierra bullet to have the meplats “pointed up” at the factory. Sierra points the tips using a special extra die as the last stage in the production process. The pointing gives the bullet a higher BC. In fact, the 155-grainer has a BC of 0.504. According to Sierra, that’s “basically the same BC as the 175gr MatchKing”. So you can shoot a 20-grain lighter bullet with no loss of BC. Sierra also noted that the 155-grainer “is an easy bullet to stabilize… it will stabilize in a 1:13″ twist.”

sierra 155 MatchKing sierra 155 MatchKing

Sierra’s new 155-grainer will be offered in boxes of 100 bullets (stock #2156, $38.89 MSRP), 500 bullets (stock #2156C, $180.46 MSRP), or 500 moly-coated bullets (stock # 2156M ,$203.81 MSRP). For more info, contact Sierra at 1-800-223-8799 or email sierra [at]

YouTube Preview Image
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January 17th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: Remington 30AR Rifles and Ammo

In October, we published a preliminary report on the new 30 Remington AR cartridge, complete with diagrams and factory load specs.

At SHOT 2009, Remington displayed Remington 30AR rifles and factory-loaded ammo. There were no great surprises. This is a short, fat cartridge (.308 bolt-face) that holds about 44 grains of H20. Case size and capacity were pretty much dictated by AR15 magazine dimensions: “According to Outdoor Life columnist John Snow: “DPMS President Randy Luth and Remington’s John Fink (brand manager for the rifle division) … both said that the goal was to look at the AR lower and see how much cartridge they could fit in there.” The Rem 30AR uses a single-stack magazine holding four (4) rounds.

Remington 30 AR

Factory Rem 30AR ammo is loaded with 125gr projectiles running about 2800 fps. While the 0.267 BC for those bullets is pretty low, the cartridge should perform its intended job of harvesting deer just fine. Jason also believes that, if the Remington-brand brass is decent, this cartridge could have real potential in Hunter Benchrest and for subsonic work.

30 Remington AR (30 RAR) Specifications

Case Capacity Rim
Parent Cases Shoulder Factory Load Mag Type
44.0gr H20 0.473″
.308 bolt face
.450 Bushmaster
.284 Winchester
25° 125gr SP or
125 B-Tip
2800 fps
0.267 BC
Single Stack

30 Remington AR

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January 17th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: Latest SHOT Daily Available

The latest SHOT Daily is now available for FREE online. The latest edition, dated Jan. 17th, covers SHOT Show events, and includes gear and hardware reviews. This issue spotlights knives, camouflage clothing, and hunting accessories. The issue also has a feature story about the Brownell’s Gun Industry Career Fair. Click the link below to download the Jan. 17th SHOT Daily as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file.

CLICK HERE to Download Jan. 17th SHOT Daily

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