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September 18th, 2015

How To Install a Scope on Your Hunting or Field Rifle

scope alignment tactical rifle scope level

Hunting season is right around the corner. That means its time to inspect all your hunting gear, including your scope set-up. A proper scope installation involves more than just tensioning a set of rings — you need to consider the proper eye relief and head position.

scope alignment tactical rifle scope levelIn this NSSF video, Ryan Cleckner shows how to set up a scope on a hunting or tactical rifle. Ryan, a former U.S. Army Sniper Instructor, notes that many hunters spend a small fortune on equipment, but fail to set up their rifle to use the optics optimally. Cleckner likens this to someone who owns an expensive sports car, but never adjusts the seat or the mirrors.

Ryan notes that you want your head and neck to be able to rest naturally on the stock, without straining. You head should rest comfortably on the stock. If you have to consciously lift your head off the stock to see through the scope, then your set-up isn’t correct. Likewise, You shouldn’t have to push your head forward or pull it back to see a clear image through the scope. If you need to strain forward or pull back to get correct eye relief, then the scope’s fore/aft position in the rings needs to be altered. Watch the full video for more tips.

Tips on Mounting Your Scope and Adjusting Your Comb Height:
1. Normally, you want your scope mounted as low as possible, while allowing sufficient clearance for the front objective. (NOTE: Benchrest shooters may prefer a high mount for a variety of reasons.)

2. Once the scope height is set, you need to get your head to the correct level. This may require adding an accessory cheekpad, or raising the comb height if your rifle has an adjustable cheekpiece.

3. Start with the rifle in the position you use most often (standing, kneeling, or prone). If you shoot mostly prone, you need to get down on the ground. Close your eyes, and let you head rest naturally on the stock. Then open your eyes, and see if you are too low or too high. You may need to use a cheekpad to get your head higher on the stock.

4. If your scope has a flat on the bottom of the turret housing, this will help you level your scope. Just find a flat piece of metal that slides easily between the bottom of the scope and the rail. Slide that metal piece under the scope and then tilt it up so the flat on the bottom of the scope aligns parallel with the flats on the rail. Watch the video at 8:40 to see how this is done.

Video find by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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September 18th, 2015

Hornady Progressive Press on Sale (Plus 500 Free Bullets)

Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive Press

If you’ve been shopping for a Progressive Reloading Press, here is an excellent opportunity. The Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive Press is now on sale for just $378.99 at Midsouth Shooters Supply. That’s the lowest price for this press that we’ve seen in a long time. Plus — to sweeten the deal — Hornady will kick in 500 free bullets. As part of its 2015 Get Loaded promotion, Hornady will give 500 free bullets to purchasers of a Lock-N-Load AP Press (or other qualifying product).

Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive Press

The Lock-N-Load AP press is a good machine that has been refined and enhanced over the years. We like the rotary-style case-activated powder measure. We find this easier to adjust that the Dillon system with horizontal sliders. The auto-indexing Lock-N-Load AP press features a Five-Station Die Platform allowing you to use a lock-out die or separate sizing and crimping dies.

See How the Hornady L-N-L AP Progressive Press Works in this video:

The features of the Lock-N-Load AP press are reviewed in this video from Our friend Gavin Gear put the Hornady progressive through its paces. The video shows how to set up the press, how to install/adjust dies, how to set loads with the powder measure, and how to operate the built-in priming system. If you plan to purchase a progressive press from any manufacturer (Red, Blue, or Green), you should definitely watch this video before you purchase.

CLICK HERE for Lock-N-Load AP Progressive Press Video PART 2.

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