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December 8th, 2015

Ed Shilen Has Left the Range…

Edward Ed Shilen memorial RIP death benchrest rifle barrel Texas
Ed Shilen at a rimfire benchrest match. Photo courtesy Frederick Jamison.

Ed Shilen, founder of Shilen Rifles Inc. and legendary barrel-maker, has passed away. This is sad news — we are all diminished. Ed was a great innovator who was always willing to help other shooters. Ed’s good friend Butch Lambert reported the news: “Mikel Shilen called a little while ago and told me that Ed has passed away. No services will be held. Ed was a great friend and very helpful to me. He was one of the true icons of our sport. Keep the family in your prayers.”

Edward Ed Shilen memorial RIP death benchrest rifle barrel TexasA member of the Benchrest Hall of Fame, Ed Shilen set many records during his long shooting career. Thomas “Speedy” Gonzalez, wrote: “Ed was always in your corner always wanting to see you succeed. He was one of our sport’s great gentlemen, innovators, and promoters of accuracy to the end. Thank you Ed for building me the barrels that allowed me to complete a dream and life’s work. Your family and friends are in my prayers. God bless them all!”

Speedy, who earned all but one of his Hall of Fame points with Shilen barrels, added: “Ed was one of my mentors. I have owned almost every type of Shilen action Ed ever made — from the early Ross Sherman/Shilens, to the SS&D (Shooters Service and Dewey), to the 2″ round unlimited actions of which only 10 were made, to the round big bolt Shilens and DGA & DGA-S.” Here is one of Speedy’s older Shilen actions, beautifully engraved.

Edward Ed Shilen memorial RIP death benchrest rifle barrel Texas

Posting on Facebook, B. Moreno wrote: “Very sad indeed…I dare say that not only did [Ed Shilen] make great barrels, actions and triggers, but his business model allowed custom performance at a reasonable price. I believe more bullet holes are touching across America due to his name than any other single family. R.I.P. Ed, you will be missed.”

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December 8th, 2015

Point-Blank Powders in Stock — PVI Has Jugs of the Good Stuff

Vihtavuori N133 powder valley

Here’s good news for short-range benchrest shooters. The two most popular powders for the 6PPC, Vihtavuori N133 and Accurate LT-32, are now in-stock at Powder Valley Inc. (PVI). In fact, Powder Valley even has the hard-to-find 8-lb jugs of N133 and LT-32.

For you 30BR score shooters, PVI has both Hodgdon H4198 and Accurate LT-30 in stock, the two most popular powders for the 30BR. A slightly faster-burning version of LT-32, LT-30 is a very promising powder for the 30 BR, while H4198 has traditionally been the “go-to” choice for the 100/200-yard score shooting game. PVI has 1-lb and 8-lb containers of both these ultra-accurate powders in stock now. Visit, and click on the “Powders” link in the Menu.

6PPC Powders 30 BR Powders

– PVI has 1-pound LT-32 for $27.10
— PVI has 8-pound LT-32 for $204.30
— PVI has 1-pound N133 for $31.25
— PVI has 8-pound N133 for $202.00

– PVI has 1-lb LT-30 for $27.10
— PVI has 8-pound LT-32 for $204.30
— PVI has 1-pound H4198 for $23.25
— PVI has 8-pound H4198 for $165.00

Lapua Vihtavuori burn rate charts

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