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December 24th, 2015

Awesome Deals at Midsouth — Getting Better by the Day

Midsouth Supply 2015 Annual Clearance Closeout Sale Discount 2015

With each passing day, prices are dropping at Midsouth Shooters Supply. Right now Midsouth is running its end-of-year Inventory Closeout Count-Down. This is a very unique sale — now through December 31st the price on Midsouth’s clearance items drops 5% each successive day. So the deals get sweeter and sweeter. But, inventories are limited — if you wait too long you may be out of luck.

Today, four days into the sale, every item on clearance is 25% off. That’s pretty tempting. Remember — the number of clearance items offered is strictly limited. If you see something you like you can watch the price drop 5% each day. But if you procrastinate, the item may get sold. As Midsouth says: “Wait too long and it may be gone”. CLICK HERE for SALE.

Here are some of the best deals we saw this morning (12/24):

Burris Scope Eliminator
Burris Eliminator Laser Scope 3.5-10x40mm, Closeout Price: $649.00 (was $799.00)
RCBS 2000 Progressive Press
RCBS Pro 2000 Progressive Press, Closeout Price: $410.62 (was $547.49)
Lyman Reloadin Kit
Lyman T-Mag Master Reloading Kit, Closeout Price: $273.83 (was $365.10)
RCBS Turret reloading press
RCBS Turret Press, Closeout Price: $184.17 (was $245.56)
Biometric Pistol Safe gunsafe
Biometric (Fingerprint) Pistol Security Safe, Closeout Price: $144.83 (was $193.10)
RCBS Rock Chucker PressRCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press, Closeout Price: $126.89 (was $169.19)
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December 24th, 2015

Crazy Days of Christmas — Having Fun with a .50 BMG

50 Caliber Barrett slow motion Christmas
50 Caliber Barrett slow motion Christmas

What could be more fun than decorating a Christmas tree? Well how about busting Xmas ornaments with a .50 BMG. Boys will be boys, right? This 50 Cal Days of Christmas video features some fantastic slow-motion footage of a Barrett .50 Caliber M82. This bad boy pumps out some serious muzzle flash. Watch carefully at the 1:05 mark and you can see the .50-caliber projectile exit the muzzle brake and spin through the ball of smoke and flame.

The video carries “overkill” to the max, as the shooter uses his big Barrett to blast Christmas ornaments and a snow-globe. To top things off, at the 2:50 mark, the shooter fires the .50 cal at a pyro-equipped gingerbread house. (The gingerbread shot is taken from a standing hold no less!) The results (at 3:22) are impressive — gingerbread house becomes flaming gingerbread pudding.

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