December 18th, 2015

Great All-Weather Plano Case (One-Third the Price of Pelican)

Plano Tactical Gun Case foam O-ring Pelican

Looking for a tough, heavy-duty gun case for under $100? The excellent Plano All-Weather Rifle Case is now just $68.67 with free shipping. That’s an awesome deal. This Plano shares many features of a much more expensive Pelican case at a fraction of the price. An O-Ring runs all around the lid, providing dust protection and a watertight seal. The bottom-level foam is pre-configured into little “pluckable” cubes, so you can easily customize the case for your rifle (no “hot-knife” work required). The interior size is 43″ x 13″ x 5″. That’s big enough for most AR-platform and hunting rifles. For long-barreled competition rifles, you will want to detach the barreled action from the stock — and then place them in two different slots (one for the stock, one for the barreled action.) We’ve transported long-barreled F-Open rifles in cases like this — just separate the rifle into two parts first.

Plano Tactical Gun Case foam O-ring Pelican

REAL REVIEWS: Here are comments from verified purchasers of the Plano Tactical case:

This gun case is everything I expected. Latches very securely and is durable enough to handle laying in the bed of my truck bouncing down a dirt road. The foam is nice because it allows for almost exact shaping to your rifle and accessories. I plan on ordering three more. You can’t beat this price. — Coach

The absolute best without busting my wallet. NOTHING wrong with this case … nothing. Clamps are solid and do not slip open when bumped. You will not go wrong with owning this model/price gun case. Satisfied! — SF67n2

This Plano All-Weather Case offers great value for the money. A similar, 44″-long Pelican model 1720 case retails for about $240.00. The Plano offers most of the same capabilities of the Pelican, for about one-third the price. Both cases are watertight (with O-Ring seal), both cases have pressure release valves, and both cases have strong “gorilla-proof” outer shells. If you need more capacity, Plano also makes a large Double Scoped Rifle Case with wheels for $114.99 (51.5″ x 12.63″ x 5.25″ interior). All gun case prices are subject to change.

Plano All-Weather Tactical Rifle Case Features

  • 43″X13″X5″ Interior
  • Watertight Seal
  • Draw-Down Latches
  • Key-Locks on Latches
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • “Pluckable” Foam Allows Easy Customizing

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