February 4th, 2017

Combo Gun Case Serves as 78″ Shooting Mat

long range tactical mat rifle bag case
long range tactical mat rifle bag case

2021 Update: This product has been discontinued, but may still be available at some retailers. But it cannot be purchased on Amazon.com.

Wouldn’t it be cool if your gun case could do double-duty as a shooting mat? That would be smart — you’d have one less item to carry to the range. Well such a thing does exist. Uncle Mike’s Long Range Tactical Bag protects your rifle during transport, then quickly and easily converts to a 78″ shooting mat. Measuring 50″ in length, with a 15″-tall main compartment, this bag is big enough to handle most tactical and F-TR rifles with optics and Harris-type bipods attached. A 30″ flip-out forward section includes a front load strap that allows shooters to pre-load the bipod legs while shooting prone.

The Long Range Shooting bag has four self-adjusting magazine pockets, which will hold magazine sizes from .223/5.56mm to .308/7.62mm. Conveniently, this new 50″-long soft case will fit inside the popular Pelican model 1750 hard case (for those situations where you need greater protection).

long range tactical mat rifle bag case

  • Fits Long-Range and Tactical rifles up to 49″ in length
  • Fold out front section has bi-pod front load strap
  • Four self-adjusting magazine pockets
  • Fits inside a Pelican 1750 hard case
  • Tough 1000D nylon with waterproof backing
  • Opens up into 30″ x 78″ shooting mat

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