June 4th, 2018

BargainFinder 141: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

Accurateshooter Bargain Finder Deals of Week

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. LabRadar Chronograph — $50 Off, Sale June 8-24

LabRadar Radar Doppler chronograph summer sale $50 off chrono lab-radar Bruno shooters Creedmoor

If you’ve been wanting to get a LabRadar Chronograph, now’s a good time. You can now save $50 on this very advanced piece of technology — probably the most sophisticated chronograph system ever offered to the general public. That’s notable because you never see this discounted below the $559.95 MAP price. Now Read Carefully — this Sale Pricing is available starting Friday June 8, 2018. The sale extends through 6/24/2018. You can get the LabRadar from top vendors including Bruno Shooters Supply and Creedmoor Sports. Remember the $509.95 Sale Pricing starts Friday, June 8th. But you may want to call your favorite retailer and reserve a LabRadar unit today.

2. CDNN — Winchester XR Rifle $289.99 with $50 Rebate

Winchester XPR Rifle Rebate discount Summer sale

We like the Winchester XPR as an affordable, entry-level hunting rifle. The three-lug bolt has a short throw, the mags seat easily and the rifle balances well. CDNN is offering the XPR for just $339.99. That’s a great price, but it gets even better. Winchester is offering a $50.00 factory rebate, lowering your net cost to just $289.99. That’s less than you’ll pay for a new custom barrel! This CDNN deal is available now for five popular chamberings: .243 Win, .270 Win, 7mm08, .308 Win, and .30-06. Winchester’s $50 Factory Rebate applies to any new Winchester XPR rifle purchased from May 25 through July 15, 2018. For more info, visit rebates.winchesterguns.com.

3. Cabela’s Armor Xtreme Plus Single Long-Gun Case — $119.00

cabela's rifle case 52

Many match rifles have barrels 28″-30″ long, and a brake/tuner can add even more length. It can be difficult to find a hardshell case that is long enough but also affordable and not too bulky. Cabela’s has a rifle case that fits the bill — the new Armor Xtreme Plus Single Long-Gun Case. This measures a full 52″ long INSIDE. Waterproof, dustproof, and O-ring sealed, this case meets airline requirements, with a pressure-release valve to equalize pressure during air travel. This case, which has a Lifetime Warranty, was recommended by a Forum member: “I own several Cabela’s Armor Extreme long gun cases — very solid and I really like them. The double case is really heavy and bulky for just a routine range trip with one rifle. The older single model is 48” x 8.5” on the inside. Cabela’s changed the single rifle design to make it longer and wider — it is now 52″ x 11.5″ inside – just right for me.” This Cabela’s case weighs 13.5 pounds, and external dimensions are: 53.5″ L x 14″ W x 5″ H.

4. MidwayUSA — Vortex 6-24x50mm HS LR for $399.00

Vortex HS deal bargain Viper 6-24x50mm Sportsman's News

Vortex HS deal bargain Viper 6-24x50mm Sportsman's NewsThe Vortex Viper HS features side-focus parallax, low-dispersion glass, and a BDC Reticle (shown at right) that has hold-over marks. That can be useful in the varmint fields. (Do your own testing to find the distance settings of the hold-overs with your cartridge and velocity.) The Viper has a 30mm main tube and weighs 21.4 ounces without rings. Max elevation and windage travel are both 42 MOA — plenty for typical varmint applications. At 6X power, the 100-yard Field of View is 17.8 feet.

This Viper HS scope comes with the full Vortex VIP lifetime warranty. MidwayUSA’s $399.99 price is a very good deal. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is $699.00.

CLICK HERE for video of 6-24x50mm Vortex Viper HS LR model. This is NOT the same as the basic Viper HS, but it shares many features.

5. GunBuyer — Mossberg 12ga Tactical Shotgun, $309.99

Mossberg model 500 20

A strong argument can be made that the best home defense firearm is a 12 gauge shotgun. This Mossberg 500 is a reliable 12ga pump-gun with useful upgrades including ghost-ring sights and barrel heat-shield. This Model 500 Tactical boasts an 8-shell capacity and weighs 7 pounds unloaded. Order now from GunBuyer.com for $309.00.

6. Brownells — Howa Barreled Actions on Sale, Starting at $259.99

Memorial Day Sale Brownells Monday deals sale

Right now, Brownells is running a big sale on Howa Barreled Actions, in a wide variety of chamberings. You may want to pick up one of these barreled actions, which start at $259.99. We like Howa actions — they are smooth, and they feature an excellent two-stage trigger. Howa also offers a unique Mini Action, which is great for a small-caliber varmint rig. Here are some of the Howa Barreled Actions currently in stock at Brownells. NOTE: This is just a partial sample — there are many other varieties:

.223 Rem, 20″ Heavy Barrel, $399.99
6.5 Grendel, Mini Heavy Barrel, $389.99
6.5 Creedmoor, 24″ Heavy Barrel, $399.99
6.5 Creedmoor, 26″ Heavy Barrel, $429.99
7mm-08, Std Cerakote, $579.99
7.62×39, Mini Light Barrel, $259.99
.308 Win, 20″ Heavy Barrel, $289.99
.308 Win, 24″ Heavy Barrel, $299.99
.30-06 Sprg, 22″ Sporter Barrel, Cerakote, $349.99
.300 Win Mag, 24″ Heavy Barrel, $279.99

7. Cheaper Than Dirt — Browning .22LR Ammo, $19.95 for 400 Rds

.22 LR 22LR rimfire ammunition ammo best price

The “good old days” are back. You can now buy 400 rounds of Big Name, American-made .22 LR Rimfire ammo for under twenty bucks. That’s just five cents ($0.05) per round. Right now Cheaper Than Dirt is offering Browning Performance Rimfire (BPR) 40gr LRN rimfire ammo for just $19.95. That works out to just five cents ($0.05) per round. Send 100 rounds down range for the price of a Big Mac at McDonalds.

8. Amazon — Jialitte Scope Bubble Level, $11.99

Scope Optic bubble level 30mm 1

If you shoot long range, you need a scope level. This nicely designed Jialitte Scope Bubble Level is fully CNC-machined to close tolerances for a good fit. It features a 30mm milled inside diameter, plus an inner insert ring so it will also fit 1″-diameter main tubes — that dual-diameter versatility is a nice feature. We also like the way the unit is nicely radiused, and has a low profile in the middle. User reviews have been very positive. You could easily pay $35.00 or more for a 30mm scope level. Purchasers have praised this product — almost all verified buyers have rated this five stars.

9. Midsouth — Hornady 17 HMR Ten Boxes for $84.99

Hornady 17 HMR week deal varmint V-Max ammo ammunition sale

Varmint hunters take note. Here’s a great deal on premium 17 HMR ammo. Midsouth is selling 500 rounds of Hornady 17 HMR ammo for $84.99. That works out to just $8.50 per 50-rd box — the best price we’ve seen in a while. Loaded with 17gr V-Max bullets, this ammo is accurate — expect about 1 MOA at 100 yards in a good rifle. The V-Max bullets are effective on small varmints out to 200 yards.

10. Amazon — First Aid Kit, $16.99

Preparify First Aid Kit Amazon $16.99 bandages tourniquet hunting

Every hunter or shooting sports enthusiast should have a first aid kit available during hunts and trips to the range. This handy Preparify First Aid Kit is 7.9″ x 6″ x 3.1″, so it’s small enough to stow in a backpack, range-bag, or glove-box. It contains 35 products (100 pieces) including: scissors, lancets, tweezers, tourniquet, CPR mask, emergency blanket, splints, safety pins, cold pack, cleaning wipes, sterile pads, bandages, whistle, first aid booklet (and more). Everything is visible in clear pockets, with space to add a few extra items. A best-selling product on Amazon, this compact first-aid kit is a good value at $16.99.

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