January 21st, 2019

Make Your Own Target Stand with This FREE Set of Plans

Some years ago, the folks at TargetWorkz published a a handy set of plans for a 48-inch tall self-supporting target stand. This makes a great do-it-yourself project. To create a sturdy, self-supporting target frame, all you need are some 2x4s, 1x2x48 furring strips, plus fasteners. The target holder, which supports an 18×24 inch cardboard target backer, separates from the base for easy transport.

Note: There is no cross-piece shown in the plan, but we do recommend putting wood crosspieces at the top of the target stand and about 18″ up from the bottom. This will make the frame more rigid, and will allow the frame to work even if the cardboard is badly “shot up”. Use a T-square to set the crosspieces before attaching them with screws.


Alternative Target Stand May from ABS or PVC Pipe
If you like this kind of project, but want to build a frame that is taller, yet can break down into sections, we also have an article showing you how to build a nice frame with inexpensive ABS or PVC tubing. VIEW ABS/PVC Tubing Target Frame Plans.

PVC ABS Target Stand

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