June 12th, 2019

New from Nikon — Reticle Eyepieces for Spotting Scopes

Spotting scope reticle Nikon Monarch Fieldscope MOA MRAD MEP-30

This is big news for anyone who spots for a fellow shooter. Nikon has introduced new RETICLE EYEPIECES for spotting scopes. Having a reticle eyepiece with precise hashmarks allows the spotter to make wind calls, recommend hold-offs, and give precise click recommendations for follow-up shots. On Nikon’s new eyepieces, integral FS-MRAD or FS-MOA glass-etched reticles include precise milling scales for highly detailed measurements of targets. Nikon’s new MEP-30 Reticle Eyepieces, priced at $449.95 each, provide 30X magnification on 82mm spotting scope bodies and 24X on 60mm bodies.

MRAD and MOA Reticle Eyepieces Fit Straight or Angled Body
For its flagship Monarch Fieldscopes, Nikon offers the new MEP-30 Reticle Eyepieces, with either MRAD or MOA reticles, priced at $449.95. Both reticle types allow a person spotting to locate/focus on the same target as his counterpart to communicate reference points and follow-up corrections. For example, someone watching shot impact could immediately report: “You’re hitting 2 MOA low — add 8 clicks elevation.” (E.g. for a scope with 1/4-MOA clicks).

Spotting scope reticle Nikon Monarch Fieldscope MOA MRAD MEP-30

Current Monarch Fieldscope owners can fit either eyepiece to a straight or angled 82mm or 60mm body. Nikon also sells Monarch Fieldscope 82 ED-A spotting scopes complete with either MEP-30 FS-MRAD or MEP-30 FS-MOA reticle. This spotter body + eyepiece package runs about $1700.00. LINKS: Fieldscope 82 with FS-MOA Reticle; Fieldscope 82 with FS-MRAD Reticle.

About the MEP-30 Eyepieces
Nikon states: “The Field Flattener Lens System in the new MEP-30 eyepieces provide exceptional edge-to-edge clarity, resolution, life-like color and contrast. The new eyepieces feature a type-1 bayonet mount for simple and secure attachment to the MONARCH Fieldscope body. Like the Fieldscope body, the eyepieces are waterproof and fogproof (when attached to the body).”

Spotting scope reticle Nikon Monarch Fieldscope MOA MRAD MEP-30

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