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May 7th, 2020

Progressive Presses — Video Showcase of Six Machines

ultimate reloading progressive press review dillon Mark 7 rcbs lee hornady

COVID-19 stay-at-home orders have created abundant free time at home for millions of Americans. To fill otherwise empty hours, we know many readers have been reloading ammo — LOTS of ammo. And quite a few of you folks are thinking of getting a progressive press to increase output. Because multiple operations take place with a single pull of a lever, a progressive press can produce way more ammo in a given period of time than any single stage press. With a progressive, on the ram up-stroke, the multiple stations can simultaneously remove spent primer, full-length size case, drop powder, seat bullet, and crimp (if desired). Most progressives are also set up to prime cases with the ram in the lower position — though some guys prefer to prime manually.

Progressive presses aren’t just for high-output pistol ammo or bulk rifle ammunition. Good progressives can be adapted to do certain reloading tasks for top-on-the line match ammo. You might use a progressive for decapping, priming, and sizing, then throw powder and/or seat bullets separately. Some Champion shooters do use progressives to load their match ammo! For example 5-Time National Long Range Champion John Whidden and 2020 Berger SWN F-Open Champion Jay Christopherson both use progessive presses for some (but not all) operations.

To help you get started with progressive presses, here are five videos from that cover six popular machines, from the elite Mark 7 Evolution to the inexpensive Lee Pro 1000. With many of these machines you can add separate vertical bullet feeder systems that further increase loading efficiency.

Mark 7 Evolution Press — Distributed by Lyman

Dillon XL-650 vs. Dillon XL-750

RCBS Pro Chucker 7 with Bullet Feeder

Dillon 550C with 6mm Creedmoor and 9x19mm

Lee Pro 1000 Features and Operation

Better Safe Than Sorry — the RCBS Lock-Out Die
RCBS Makes a “Lock-Out Die” that senses the powder charge. This will halt the Progressive press if you have a double charge, or an undercharge. Your Editor has the Lock-Out Die on his RCBS Pro 2000. It has “saved his bacon” a half-dozen times over the years. It can be used on Dillon and Hornady progressives as well as RCBS machines.

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May 7th, 2020

New Handgun Magazine Carrier from MTM

MTM PMC5 magazine handgun case pistol box double stack

We like simple yet well-designed products that serve an important purpose. In this case, transporting pistol magazines to and from the range and storing them efficiently in gun safe or storage locker. When we saw MTM’s new-for-2020 Pistol Magazine Case, we thought this was a smart new product that will benefit countless handgun owners. The new PMC5 Pistol Mag Case (MSRP $5.99) offers compact protection for up to five (5) standard double-stack magazines. The low-profile, compact design takes up minimal space in gun safes and storage lockers. The see-through transparent gray case material make it easy to identify contents. To allow efficient storage, these Mag Cases are STACKABLE (like ammo boxes). Overall, this is a good system for protecting and organizing your pistol magazines.

MTM states: “The new Pistol Magazine Case is ideal for use in your range bag, gun safe, or wherever you need to store your pistol magazines. The case maximizes portability and organization for range days. The case maximizes portability and organization for range days.”

MTM PMC5 Pistol Magazine Case Features:

Fits up to FIVE (5) double-stack magazines (up to 5.375″ OAL).
See-through plastic material so you can see contents without opening.
Compact, stackable design for efficient storage in safe or locker.
Made in USA with $5.99 MSRP.

MTM PMC5 magazine handgun case pistol box double stack
Mag Case hold up to five (5) double-stack magazines, such as these Glock 17 mags.

For more information and availability, check with your local sporting goods dealer or contact MTM Molded Products at (937) 890-7461. See the full line of MTM products at

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