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May 5th, 2020

Cool Tool — New Scope Jack Scope Leveler

scope jack scopejack leveler level alignment tool device optics

Leveling your scope can be a time-consuming and tedious process. The Fix It Sticks folks have changed that with the introduction of the Scope Jack. This simple unit levels a scope through contact with the flat on the bottom of the scope (opposite the elevation knob). You can do this quickly, with one hand, leaving the other free to tighten your rings once the scope is aligned. This really is a clever, effective, easy-to-use tool, as you can see in this video:

You attach the Scope Jack to the Picatinny rail on your rifle, then lossen the rings so the scope can rotate. Then simply elevate the Scope Jack with a quick twist, using a 1/4″ driver. The Scope Jack’s horizontal roller will contact the scope’s bottom flat, rotating the scope it into proper alignment, square to the rail.

Operating Instructions from Manufacturer Fix It Sticks
The Scope Jack works with any 1/4 inch driver to quickly and easily level your scope to your rail. Just mount the scope jack to the pic rail under your scope and turn the drive handle until the lifting arm engages with the flat section under your turrets. Once the scope is level, maintain pressure while tightening your ring screws to keep optic level throughout the process.

1. Scope much have a central flat section under turrets
2. Needs a minimum of 1/4″ clearance between rail and scope
3. Picatinny Rail must be accessible under optic

TECH TIP: You Still Must Check the Reticle Orientation INSIDE Your Scope
The Scope Jack works fast, but it is NOT the “final solution”. Why? Some scopes have a reticle that is not perfectly aligned with the turrets and/or bottom flat. We have seen scopes with vertical reticle line off as much as three degrees (3 °) from true plumb. With such a scope, you CAN set the reticle square, but then your turrets will be canted relative to the receiver. That creates issues when shooting at long range. Accordingly, if your scope has a badly canted reticle, you should send it back to the manufacture for warranty repair. Three degrees may not sound like much, but it is actually quite noticeable:

reticle cant canted canting reticle cant canted canting

For all scopes, AFTER using the Scope Jack, we recommend you test your reticle with a plumb line. You can hang this line from a door or ceiling fixture with a weight on the bottom. Important — when using a plumb line make sure your rifle is 100% level or your results may be off. We recommend using a bubble level to help align your rifle properly.

reticle cant canted canting

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May 5th, 2020

The Shootin’ Sisters — Jalise and Justine Williams

Jalise Justine williams pistol 3-gun sponsor team colt springfield

Here’s a feel-good story about two young people excelling in the shooting sports. We can use this kind of positive message in these times, when shooting ranges have been closed and major matches have been cancelled. It’s good to see two very talented young ladies making their mark in the shooting sports.

Jalise Justine williams pistol 3-gun sponsor team colt springfield

Colt’s Manufacturing Company (Colt) has signed two talented young ladies to the Colt professional shooting team – Jalise Williams and Justine Williams. This talented twosome will now represent Colt at shooting competitions and industry events. Jalise and Justine bring exceptional young talent to the sport. Justine is a USPSA Production Grand Master and Jalise is a Single Stack Master — that means these young ladies, even as high schoolers, rank among the top USPSA shooters. Both ladies continue into 2020 with full competition schedules, including Safariland Single Stack Classic Nationals, IPSC Nationals, and IPSC World Shoot XIX in Pattaya, Thailand.

Before Joining Team Colt, the Williams Sisters Shot for Team Springfield

Jalise Williams, 17, competes in USPSA, IPSC, 3-Gun, and Steel Challenge. At the young age of 15, Jalise became the youngest Single Stack Lady National Champion in USPSA history at the age of 15. She now holds more than 100 titles. Her 2019 titles include:

Limited Lady National Champion
Single Stack Lady National Champion
L-10 Lady National Champion
L-10 A-Class National Champion
IPSC Classic Lady National Champion

“My whole world revolves around my love for the shooting sports”, said Jalise. “Colt is a legendary company and I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to represent the brand. I am beyond excited…”

Jalise Justine williams pistol 3-gun sponsor team colt springfield

Justine Williams, 15, has competed in a variety of shooting disciplines for six years. At age 13 she became the youngest-ever Production Grandmaster and at age 15 earned the PCC Grandmaster title. The first and only female to become a two-time USPSA Grandmaster, Jusine won FIVE national titles in 2019:

USPSA High Lady in the Open, Carry Optics, and Productions Divisions
USPSA High Junior National Production Champion
IPSC High Lady Production Division

Interview with the Williams Sisters

Want to learn more about the Jalise and Justine Williams? Follow the girls on their Facebook Page. There’s also a great interview with the two young talents on

Jalise Justine williams pistol 3-gun sponsor team colt springfield

Q: When was the first time you shot a gun, who taught you and why?

Jalise was 4 and Justine was 3 when we shot our very first gun. The gun was a .357 Marlin because our parents didn’t own any .22s. My dad is a big hunter and wanted us to learn how to hunt and shoot. Our dad taught us how to shoot shotguns and rifles.

Q: What drew you to competition and what do you like best about it?

We have always been thrill seekers. We look for the biggest adrenaline hype we can find. We love to find the biggest roller coasters or scary ride we can find. We participated in swimming, gymnastics, dance, and got our black belts in Karate. But when we started shooting, it was unlike anything we had done before.

We love the rush the timer gives you. The way you move through a stage like a dance or a form in karate. The way you have to be precise like hunting. It is so different and so interesting that we can’t stop! The people are also great — they are the nicest people you will meet.

READ Full Interview HERE »

And the girls keep on winning — Jalise Williams recently took home the High Lady and High Junior titles at the Western States Single Stack Championship. Justine Williams recently shot the Mesquite Mayhem Steel Challenge Match, taking home the 1st Overall Match title and 1st Overall PCC title.

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