July 10th, 2020

Recall of Accurate 2520 Powder — One Lot

Accurate Powders Recall powder 2520 lot

OK guys — check your powder stashes. Here’s an important notice regarding Accurate 2520 powder. There is one lot of Accurate 2520 that is dangerous, so you should not load with it. If you have some of this powder from Lot 0913192116, stop using it, and contact Western Powders at 406-234-0422. Western Powders issued this notice on 7/1/2020:

ACCURATE 2520 RECALL — 2520 Powder — LOT 0913192116
Western Powders is issuing a recall of Accurate 2520 1 lb. bottles with lot number 0913192116. The lot number is stamped on the back of the bottle. This is a limited recall and ONLY applies to this lot number of Accurate 2520. USE OF THIS POWDER MAY RESULT IN HIGH PRESSURE LOADS AND SUBSEQUENT GUN DAMAGE OR SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY. If you are in possession of this propellant, please discontinue use immediately and contact Western Powders at 406-234-0422. We will replace your powder and instruct you how to dispose of this powder.

Date of Notice: July 1, 2020

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