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October 26th, 2020

Bargain Finder 266: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Cabela’s & Bass Pro — Remington 700 ADL Varmint, $419.97

Factory seconds bullets

Remington 700 ADL $80 Off — good basis for many projects

Both Cabela’s and Bass Pro are now selling this rifle for $419.97 — a great price on a Rem 700 ADL rifle. Offered in .223 Rem, .22-250, 6.5 Creedmoor, or .308 Win, this 8.5-lb rifle can be a good hunting rig as is, or you can upgrade trigger and/or stock. Buyer reviews have been positive: “I bought this gun in the 6.5 CM with the intention of making it a PRS match gun. I put a Timney trigger in and a KRG Bravo stock and a weaver 20 MOA scope rail. It’s one heck of a great shooter! The trigger was crisp but way heavy on my gun. It’s made a great project gun … worth the money.” Stock is matte black, while factory barrel is 26″.

2. Palmetto SA — Stoeger STR-9 9mm Compact Pistol, $299.99

Factory seconds bullets
Smart CCW pistol choice — good ergonomics, reliable, great value

Compact carry pistols are in short supply right now. Inventories are selling out quickly at gun stores across the USA. If you’re look for a quality 9mm carry gun at a VERY good price, check our this this Stoeger STR-9. We’ve shot this German-made handgun and we like the ergonomics and trigger better than Glock. Weight, without ammo, is 24 ounces. It uses a 13-round doublestack magazine. The $299.99 price is about half what you might pay for a Glock 19. User reviews are very positive.

3. Midway USA — Factory Seconds Bullets Sale

Factory seconds bullets
Great prices on huge variety of major brand bullets

Here’s your chance to score major-brand bullets at very significant discounts. MidwayUSA is running a big Factory Seconds Bullets Sale. Right now a wide selection of bullets are offered with major discounts. For the most part, these “seconds” bullets just have slight cosmetic flaws, so they still meet the needs of 99% of shooters. MidwayUSA doesn’t list brand names, but you’ll probably recognize the bullets by shape, weight, and tip type. Grab what you need now — the most popular calibers will sell out.

4. Natchez — RCBS ChargeMaster Lite, $229.99

Chargemaster Lite Midsouth Sale

Do you need an electronic powder scale and dispenser? For the very popular RCBS ChargeMaster Lite most vendors are charging $290-$300. But now you can get it for just $229.99 at Natchez. You save $70.00, about 24%. The RCBS ChargeMaster Lite is the modern second generation Scale/Dispenser, descended from the original ChargeMaster. The ChargeMaster Lite features an easy-to-use LCD touchscreen. Dispenser precision is plus/minus 0.1 grains. The unit comes with twin check weights and a convenient plastic cover for the powder pan.

5. Midsouth — Wilson Micrometer Case Trimmer with Stand

Frankford brass case tumbler media magnet
High quality, holds case perfectly, micrometer gives precise length control

The L.E. Wilson Micrometer Case Trimmer ($145.99 at Midsouth) is easy-to-use and precise — cases are consistently trimmed square and to the desired length. The trimmer can also perform inside neck and primer pocket reaming with optional attachments. With the micrometer stop you can fine tune trim length in .001″ increments. Creedmoor Sports also offers this same kit for $154.95, including plastic carry case. NOTE these kits do NOT include the cartridge-specific case holder, sold separately.

6. Midsouth — Frankford Rotary Tumbler + Magnet, $179.99

Frankford brass case tumbler media magnet
Great deal on BIG tumbler with magnet.

Wet-tumbling brass with stainless media is fast and effective at cleaning off carbon, dirt, and residues. One of the best tumblers on the market is the Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler. NOTE — this is the BIG unit that can tumble up to 1,000 cases of .223 Rem brass! Right now this Tumbler is on sale for $179.99, 18% off the regular price. And if you order now you can a FREE big magnet to pick up those stainless steel tumbling pins. You can also get this Big Platinum Series Tumbler by itself (no magnet) for $164.95 on Amazon.

7. MidwayUSA — Walker’s Electronic Muffs, $51.35 (35% Off)

Factory seconds bullets
Save 50% on Good Quality Electronic Muffs 26dB NRR

We like Electronic muffs when you need to hear range commands or get info from a team coach or your spotter. The Walker’s Ultimate Alpha Power Muff Electronic Earmuffs are comfortable with good 26dB NRR. The two hi gain omni directional microphones pick up sound equally from all directions. These Walker’s Alpha Muffs are on sale now at Midway for $51.35 a 35% savings off normal retail. For the price, about half what you’d pay for many electronic muffs, these are a very good value.

8. Midsouth Shooters — Bulldog Rifle Case Sale

bulldog rifle case
Good quality; 54″ case holds PRS and Match Rifles; Bargain Cases too

Midsouth is running a sale now on the Bulldog Rifle Cases. For F-Class and PRS rifles with long barrels, we like the big 54″ Long Range Rifle Case shown above. It’s hard to find a nice, thickly padded case with this much internal length (what you new for F-class rigs). Bulldog also make great tactical cases for modern sporting rifles. And you’ll find affordable green/tan zippered cases for scoped hunting rifles (48″, $13.05) and long-barrel shotguns (52″, $13.25). These $13 Bulldog economy cases are a great bargain.

9. Precision Reloading — Caldwell TAC OPS Holster, $15.68

Factory seconds bullets
Very secure IWB paddle holster at incredible low price

This is a good, secure holster for a killer low price — just $15.68, 38% off normal retail. This has a paddle that slips inside the wast band, the shell for the pistol can be rotated to any angle. There are versions specifically molded for 20 popular pistols including m1911, SIG P226, Beretta 92, Glock models 19/23/26/27/32/33/34/42, Ruger LC9/LCP, S&W models M&P 9mm/Compact/380 bodyguard, S&W J-Frame Revolver, Taurus models PT800/24-7.

10. MidwayUSA — TEKMAT 36″ x 12″ Rifle Cleaning Mat, $9.99

Factory seconds bullets
Ultra-Low price on high quality mat with assembly diagrams

TEKMAT makes great products for cleaning long guns. This large 36″ x 12″ vulcanized rubber mat includes a full parts diagram for AR-platform rifles, available in gray, black, and green. Get either type of 36″ x 12″ mat for just $9.99!. That’s 50% OFF the normal $19.99 price — a GREAT Deal. The oil- and water-resistant surface helps protect your firearm from scratches while the diagrams help with take-down and reassembly. MidwayUSA also has the 17″ x 11″ Tekmat Handgun Gun Cleaning Mat on sale for just $5.99 — a steal. At this price you can buy a pair, or give them as gifts to your shooting buddies.

11. Amazon — Bore-Snake Two-Pack, $9.99 (or $5.99 Single)

Bore-Snake stocking stuffer two kit
Very positive user reviews, good selection of diameters

While bore cleaning should be done with a good cleaning rod and fitted bore guide, there are times when Bore-Snakes can be handy, such as when cleaning pistols and 10/22s. Now on Amazon you can get two (2) Gogoku Bore-Snakes for just $9.99. The twin-pack is for .223 (5.56) rifles and 12ga shotguns, but you can order other pair for .223 and .308 caliber rifles. There are also single Huntsen Bore-Snakes for $5.99 in a wide variety of calibers and shotgun bore sizes.

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October 26th, 2020

America’s Best-Selling New Bolt-Action and Semi-Auto Rifles

Best selling rifles gunbroker gun genius chart

What are the top-selling new rifles in the USA? You might be surprised — there are no Remingtons among the Top 5 bolt guns. In the bolt-action category, Ruger has the three top spots, followed by a Howa 1500 and a Savage 110. But as you might expect, various AR-15 type guns fill three of the Top 5 semi-auto rifle spots, with the venerable Ruger 10/22 still being the third best-selling self-loading rifle.

Shopping for a rifle? Your buying decision may be simplified by seeing what other consumers have chosen, as revealed by nationwide sales trends. You can now check firearms sales figures using “Gun Genius”, a data-crunching service of On you can select any type of firearm (handgun, rifle, shotgun)* and see the top sellers for that category. Here are the top-selling NEW bolt-action rifles and semi-auto rifles. On the Gun Genius site you’ll find links for gun specifications. There are separate listings for used rifles.

Here are the FIVE top-selling NEW bolt-action rifles for September 2020:

Best selling rifles gunbroker gun genius chart

Here are the FIVE top-selling NEW semi-auto rifles for September 2020:

Best selling rifles gunbroker gun genius chart

Get Sales Rankings for Other Categories of Firearms
On, in addition to the categories above, you can chose lever-action rifles, single-shot rifles, semi-auto pistols, revolvers, semi-auto shotguns, pump shotguns, and more. You can also filter for sales trends (upwards and downwards). Drill down to see detailed product specifications and current prices.

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October 26th, 2020

See Bullet Holes at 500+ with White Background Splatter Targets

shoot-n-c sight-in-target white black halo

Do you have trouble seeing your bullet holes (on paper) when shooting past 400 yards? That’s a common issue even with premium ($1600+) high-magnification scopes. Here’s a target that solves that problem. A hit creates a larger black circle that’s much more visible than a plain bullet hole, making this target ideal for use at longer range (500 yards and beyond).

The 12″ square Birchwood Casey white background Sight-In Target displays a black “halo” around each hit (like the yellow circle on a conventional Shoot-N-C). Larger than bullet diameter, the “halos” can be easily seen with a high-magnification scope at long range (see video below). The self-adhesive target features four diamonds with contrasting red box centers. For precise aiming, you can position your cross-hairs to align with the corners of the boxes. Or, you can put a target dot sticker in the middle.

This video shows Black Shot Halos on white background:

White splatter targetWhile we envision using this target with optics at long range, Birchwood Casey says that open sights show up well against the white background, making these targets well-suited for indoor ranges or use in low light conditions.

This white background grid target has five aiming points and a 1-inch grid overlay for quick and easy sight adjustments. It comes with target pasters that allow shooters to cover up bullet holes and continue using the target for added value. The White/Black Shoot-N-C 12″ Sight-In Targets come in 5-packs with 75 target pasters for $8.99 from MidwayUSA or $8.09 on Amazon. If you prefer circle targets, there is a larger 17.5″ Shoot-N-C target with one large bull with red diamond center (photo right).

High-Viz Option — Yellow on Black Grid with Yellow Halos

If you prefer seeing ultra-high-contrast yellow/green “halos” for your hits, Birchwood Casey also makes adhesive grid targets with five yellow-edged diamonds. Red circles provide precise aiming points in the middle of each box. You can quickly estimate group size or dial-in your zero using the hi-viz yellow 1″ grid lines. These yellow-on-black targets are available in three sizes: 8″ square, 12″ square, and 17.5″ square. These yellow-on-black grid targets start at $4.89 for an 8″ six-pack.

shoot-n-c sight-in-target white black halo

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