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October 23rd, 2020

Two Big Outdoor Shows Canceled & SHOT Show 2021 Uncertain

Cancellation cancel Safari Club Great American Outdoor Show Las Vegas NRA

This week two major outdoor trade shows slated for early 2021 were canceled: Great American Outdoor Show in Pennsylvania, and the Safari Club International Show in Las Vegas. And the PGA recently cancelled the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, the largest event in the golf industry. The big question is whether SHOT Show 2021 will go forward in Las Vegas in January 2021. The biggest guns/hunting trade show on the planet, SHOT Show is a major Las Vegas event, attracting over 60,000 attendees in recent years. But the signs are not promising for SHOT Show — more on that below.

CANCELED 2021 Outdoor Trade Shows

Safari Club International Convention (Original Dates: February 3-6, 2021)
NRA Great American Outdoor Show 2021 (Original Dates: February 6-14, 2021)

SHOT Show 2021 Doubtful without Nevada State Policy Changes
Given Nevada state governmental restrictions on capacity of large gatherings, it appears that SHOT Show 2021 could not go forward, at least not as currently planned. IF (and that’s a big IF), Nevada relaxes its current health/safety rules on trade show health/safety, then SHOT Show might go forward, but with new precautions in effect.

The Shooting Wire analyzed the prospects for SHOT Show 2021, and suggested that the event would probably NOT go forward unless health regulations are changed/relaxed by order of the Nevada Governor. And any such changes are not likely to be announced before the November election. Here is part of The Shooting Wire’s SHOT Show Commentary:

The restrictions in Nevada right now would make SHOT impossible. The current 250/1,000 maximum occupancy regulations wouldn’t adequately staff the booths in a single exhibit hall, much less the three major halls and assorted ballrooms of SHOT Show. But there’s still a chance that Nevada Governor Sisolak will relax the restrictions. And Las Vegas hospitality and trade events officials have done their best to convince him it is possible to have a trade show under the same [50% Capacity] regulations applied to casinos, restaurants and bars in Las Vegas.

If SHOT was allowed to operate at [even] 37.5% of capacity, it could still accommodate 50,000 people. [But action from the Governor would be required first.]

Which begs the question: is there a drop-dead date on a final decision about SHOT? Governor Sisolak’s office says there will be an update for indoor parameters in November. The NSSF says “at that time we’ll evaluate whether those parameters will allow us to move forward with SHOT Show.” While we’re all waiting, preparations continue….

If you have registered for SHOT Show 2021, you should read the full Shooting Wire SHOT Show Story.

Safari Club International Statement of Convention Cancellation:

After much contemplation and exhaustive effort, Safari Club International (SCI) has made the difficult decision to cancel its 2021 Hunters’ Convention. COVID-19-related restrictions imposed by the state of Nevada and city of Las Vegas to ensure a safe event environment during the ongoing pandemic has made it impossible to conduct a successful event for our members and exhibitors, or serve the greater good of wildlife conservation.

For 49 consecutive years SCI has conducted its annual convention, bringing together from around the world, hunters, exhibitors, conservation stakeholders, and generations of SCI members. This annual event celebrates hunter advocacy, raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for wildlife conservation, and enables the planning of hunts that further support conservation on every continent. Despite our disappointment with this development, SCI will be there for our members and exhibitors in 2022 … the 2022 Convention will take place in Las Vegas.

SCI hunters convention las vegas 2021

NRA Statement About Great American Outdoor Show Cancellation:

To the great disappointment of tens of thousands of sportsmen and women, COVID-related governmental restrictions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will prevent the 2021 Great American Outdoor Show from being held as scheduled on February 6-14, 2021.

Since the NRA created the Great American Outdoor Show in 2014, the show has been a much-anticipated annual event and a major boon for the state and local economy. More than 1,100 exhibitors and tens of thousands of people from Pennsylvania and indeed around the country and globe would converge on the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex each year contributing approximately $75 million to area businesses and state coffers, according to official local estimates.

The NRA will certainly miss the opportunity to celebrate America’s great firearm, hunting, fishing and outdoor heritage, but we look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones at the Great American Outdoor Show scheduled to be held February 5-13, 2022.

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October 23rd, 2020

Aiming in Autumn Range Challenge — 10 Weeks of Prizes

Autumn Range Challenge instagram contest

DOWNLOAD 8 x 11 Autumn Target | DOWNLOAD 11 x 17 Autumn Target

Here’s a great way to have fun at the range, and also get chances to win 10 Weekly prize packages. Just download the printable Autumn target, and showcase your skills. Find participating ranges HERE, or you can go to your favorite local range. There are three different challenge scenarios listed on the target sheet. Shoot indoors or outdoors — 5 yards for pistol, 10 yards for rifle. The point of the Range Challenge is to enjoy yourself and showcase the fun of target shooting.

Ten Weekly #RangeChallenge Rewards Prize Packages Now through December
For the next ten (10) weeks there will be prize packages. The first week closes Sunday, October 27, 2020 — so you can get involved this weekend. The final week 10 concludes December 29, 2020.

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How to Enter Weekly #RangeChallenge Rewards Sweepstakes
To enter each weekly contest, simply post a #RangeChallenge photo you took on Instagram. Most entry photos will have the Autumn target in view, but that’s not mandatory. You enter all ten (10) weeks, but can only post a maximum of two (2) entries per week. You much be 18 years of age or older to enter.

Autumn Range Challenge instagram contest

Enter the Weekly Sweepstakes by posting a photo or video to Instagram accompanied with the #RangeChallenge hashtag. You must agree to allow NSSF to share the image via social media and grant the NSSF photo rights. Photos are only eligible for this sweepstakes if they depict proper firearms safety, including but not limited to: fingers off the trigger until actively target shooting, keep muzzles pointed in a safe direction, keep firearms unloaded when not in use, be sure of their target and what is beyond. If any photos illustrate complacency around these core firearms safety rules, they will not be eligible. There is a maximum of two (2) eligible entries per week.

CLICK HERE for All Weekly Prize Lists with photos (PDF) »

Autumn Range Challenge instagram contestAutumn Range Challenge instagram contest

Here is the $477.97 Prize Package for the Final Week 10 in December 2020:
Autumn Range Challenge instagram contest

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