April 14th, 2021

Remington Ammo Production Resumes in Arkansas Factory

Remington arms ammunition ammo factory lonoke Arksansas Vista Outdoor CCI Jason Vanderbrink

Big Green is Back — Remington Ammo Production Resumes
Following the bankruptcy of Remington Arms, Remington’s ammunition business was acquired by Vista Outdoor, parent of CCI, Federal, RCBS and other major shooting/outdoor industry brands. Vista Outdoor took over Remington’s ammunition production facilities, including the main Remington Ammo plant in Lonoke, Arkansas. Federal Ammunition President Jason Vanderbrink was installed as President of Remington, and he has lead a team that has worked hard to get the Remington plant running at full capacity.

Vista Outdoor Takes Over Remington Ammunition Business:

“The Big Green is back [and] it’s stronger than ever. Remington is synonymous with America itself. It is a 205-year-old brand, founded in 1816. ” — Jason Vanderbrink, President of Remington Ammunition

American Rifleman reported: “Remington Ammunition is back in operation[.] Following Remington Outdoors’ bankruptcy in 2020, Vista Outdoor … purchased the Remington ammunition facility in Arkansas, along with most of Remington’s trademarks. Immediately following the acquisition, Vista sent a number of experienced managers down to the Lonoke facility to get production back on track. Remington, one of the largest ammunition facilities in the United States, had difficulty obtaining the raw materials needed to fill its capacity. As a result, employees were laid off, machines were idled, all while domestic ammunition demand reached unprecedented heights. With Vista Outdoor’s management, production is flowing.”

Remington arms ammunition ammo factory lonoke Arksansas Vista Outdoor CCI Jason Vanderbrink

The Remington Plant is now “back in business”, with production output increasing daily. Vanderbrink reviews the situation in this video. Vanderbrink tours the plant, talking about plans to dramatically ramp up production, overcome supply chain issues, work overtime to help meet the current demands of consumers for quality ammunition.

Remington has been working 24/7 to retool and reopen the plant, hiring hundreds of skilled American workers. “Today marks a historic milestone for our industry … I [join] the hard-working crew at Remington Ammunition, the entire team at Vista Outdoor and… shooting sports enthusiasts across America in celebrating the rebirth and resurgence of Remington Ammunition”, said Vanderbrink.

Remington arms ammunition ammo factory lonoke Arksansas Vista Outdoor CCI Jason Vanderbrink

Vanderbrink added that the vastly enhanced flow of raw materials coming to the plant now allows production to be ramped up: “Our workforce is doing fantastic, and our raw material suppliers have really come through. So now, Remington’s going 24/7, and everyone will get to enjoy the quality ammunition that Lonoke, Arkansas makes.”

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