August 25th, 2021

Two-Sided Sight-In Targets with Both MOA and MilRad Grids

sighting in sight-in target mil moa milrad grid reversible target
One side has MOA (Minute of Angle) grid for MOA-based scopes. Flip target over for MIL adjustment grid.

Here’s a clever product that can speed up the process of sighting-in your rifles, whether you have a scope with MOA-based clicks or an optic with MIL-based clicks. Sport Ridge offers a pair targets that are printed on BOTH sides with precise grids based on your scope’s click values. One side has an MOA-based grid while the other side of the target has 1/10th Milliradian grid.

Choose between two, double-sided printed targets: the 16″x16″ 100-yard Precision Rifle Target and the 10″x10″ 25/50-yard AR15 Sight-In Target. For both target types, side one has an MOA-based grid for scopes with 1/4-MOA or 1/8-MOA click values. Flip the target over to use the grid for MIL scopes with 1/10th Milliradian click values.

Sport Ridge’s Premium Precision Sight-In Targets allow you to adjust the point of impact quickly because the target’s grid boxes precisely match the click values of MOA and MIL measurement systems. Sport Ridge states: “No more guesswork at matching your optic’s adjustment value, saving your ammunition and time spent sighting-in firearms.” Get the 16″x16″ Precision Target 8-pack for $7.99, or the 10″x10″ AR Target 10-pack for $5.99.

Manufacturer Video Explains How to Sight-In with MOA/MIL Grid Target:

sighting in sight-in target mil moa milrad grid reversible target

sighting in sight-in target mil moa milrad grid reversible targetFor MOA-type scopes, Sport Ridge also offers a single-sided Reflex Sight-In target with an MOA-based adjustment grid. This has a large center sighting bullseye so it can be used to confirm MOA-based click values at longer ranges (300+ yards) with rifles. Or use it at close range (for 10, 25, or 50 yards) for red-dot equipped pistols or shotguns. A 10-pack is $5.99, or get a 25-pack for $13.99.


• Large Central Bull with MOA Grid
• Table of distance MOA optic click values
• Grid adjustment in direction Up/Down, Left/Right

This video explains general principles of sighting-in rifles, including dialing to Point of Impact:

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