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November 11th, 2023

Saturday Movies: 7mm Hunting Rifle Cartridge Options

7mm RSAUM PRC Remington Magnum RemMag Winchester Short Magnum WSM 7mm-08 Sako S20

We are coming to the end of another fall hunting season. If you are pursuing big game, such as Elk in the Rockies, you want a powerful cartridge that is also highly accurate. We like the 7mm for big game hunting as there are a wide variety of options — from the 7mm-08 up to the very large 7mm magnums. And Hornady’s new 7 PRC has quickly earned a following among hunters. In today’s Saturday Movie Showcase, we feature seven videos covering a wide selection of 7mm cartridge types including: 7mm-08 Rem, 7×57 Mauser, 7mm PRC, 7mm WSM, 7mm SAUM (aka RSAUM), 7mm Rem Mag, and 28 Nosler.

7mm PRC in Custom Rifle

The 7mm PRC was created by Hornady as part of the PRC series which includes the 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC. With a modern, non-belted magnum case design the 7mm PRC offers excellent power with good ballistics. The 7mm PRC can drive high-BC 175 grain bullets at 3000 FPS, making it very effective at putting down large game. This Precision Rifle Network video features a high-end custom 7mm PRC rifle built with a Terminus Zeus action, 29″ barrel, Grayboe stock, Triggertech trigger and Athlon scope. This 7mm PRC rig shows impressive accuracy.

7mm Remington Magnum vs. 7mm PRC

In this video, UltimateReloader’s Gavin Gear tests the classic belted 7mm Remington Magnum vs. the relatively new 7mm PRC. Testing is done with two hunting-type rifles shot from bipod. Gavin notes that both cartridges shoot very well, with impressive down-range energy. But he concludes that the non-belted 7mm PRC does have some advantages.

7mm RSAUM PRC Remington Magnum RemMag Winchester Short Magnum WSM 7mm-08 Sako S20

7mm Remington Magnum SAKO S20

This rifle review video features real world testing of a SAKO S20 hunting rig chambered for the 7mm Remington Magnum cartridge. The SAKO S20 is offered with multiple stock types. Here the thumbhole Hunter version with slim fore-end is featured. The testers observe that the 7mm Rem Mag factory ammo shoots very well, making the cartridge a good choice for large game.

Most Popular 7mm Cartridges

This Ron Spomer Outdoors video covers a variety of the most popular 7mm cartridges. The video covers 7mm cartridge history, ballistics, and recommendations for hunting use. Starting at the 6:45 time-mark there is a detailed ballistics comparison of the Hornady 175gr ELD-X (Extremely Low Drag eXpanding) bullet in three different chamberings: 7×57 Mauser, 7mm-08 Rem, and 7mm Remington Magnum.

7mm SAUM vs. 7mm WSM

This 17-minute video compares two modern 7mm short magnum cartridges — the 7mm SAUM (Short Action Ultra Magnum) and the 7mm WSM (Winchester Short Magnum). Both these cartridges have been adapted for F-Class Open Division use over the years. In this video, factory ammo for both cartridge types was tested with a modern chassis rifle shot prone with bipod.

7mm-08 Remington

7mm-08 remington deer hunting cartridgeThe 7mm-08 Rem is a popular cartridge derived from the .308 Winchester necked down to 7mm. In 1980, Remington Arms popularized the cartridge by applying its own name and offering it as a chambering for their Model 788 and Model 700 rifles. Of cartridges derived from the original .308 Win, the 7mm-08 is the second most popular after the .243 Winchester.

Other than neck diameter, the 7mm-08 is virtually the same dimensionally as the .308 Win. But when you compare heavy bullets, grain for grain, the 7mm-08 offers better ballistics. Thus a 168-grainer fired from a 7mm-08 has less drop and less windage than a 168gr bullet fired from a .308 Win. The 7mm-08 enjoys most of the advantages of the .308 (inherent accuracy, long barrel life, great terminal performance) while offering better ballistics grain for grain. These qualities make the 7mm-08 a very popular deer-hunting round.

7mm Multi-Cartridge Comparison

Do you want a 7mm rifle, but haven’t chosen a cartridge yet? This lengthy 30-minute Ron Spomer video looks at a host of 7mm cartridge types. There is special emphasis with comparison data for the 7mm-08, 7mm Rem Magnum, and 28 Nosler (see 19:40 time-mark). Ron explains how to efficiently zero a rifle with these 7mm cartridges and how hunters can evaluate Maximum Point Blank Range (MPBR).

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November 10th, 2023

The Whims of the Wind — Slow-Motion Windflag Video

Photo of Aussie Wind Flags courtesy BRT Shooters Supply.

A while back our Aussie friend Stuart Elliot of BRT Shooters Supply recently filmed some interesting videos at the QTS range in Brisbane, Australia. Stuart told us: “I was shooting in an Air Gun Benchrest match here in Brisbane, Australia. I finished my target early and was awaiting the cease fire and took a short, slow-motion video of windflag behavior.” You may be surprised by the velocity changes and angle swings that occur, even over a relatively short distance (just 25 meters from bench to target).

Here are windflags in slow motion:

The flags show in the videos are Aussie Wind Flags, developed by Stuart Elliot. These are sold through the Bench Rest Tactical (BRT) Precision Shooting Products website, along with many other fine products.

Here is a video in real time:

Stuart says this video may surprise some shooters who don’t use windflags: “Many people say the wind doesn’t matter. Well it sure does — whether for an airgun at 25 meters or a long range centerfire at 1,000.” This video illustrates how much the wind can change direction and velocity even in a small area.

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November 10th, 2023

Free Travel Guides for Gun Owners — State by State Resources

Lawshield Travel guide state national PDF

Thanksgiving is coming soon — so many of our readers will soon be on the road traveling to visit friends and family members. LawShield, America’s largest provider of Legal Defense for Self Defense® coverage, offers a National Travel Guide for Gun Owners and state-specific Travel Guides for Gun Owners. These guides feature practical information for people traveling through nearly every state in the USA.

State-Specific Travel Guides — Access for FREE
State-specific Travel Guides and a National Travel Guide for Gun Owners can be accessed for FREE on the the U.S. LawShield website. For planning future travel, bookmark,

Lawshield Travel guide state national PDF

Lawshield Travel guide state national PDFAccording to Kirk Evans, President of U.S. LawShield, “Because there are so many details for people to understand before they leave home, we developed state-specific guides to help folks stay on the right side of the law. Take the time to learn the laws before hitting the road because they are not the same everywhere. Don’t wait until after the fact to plan for your guns when preparing for your trip.”

Travel Guide for Gun Owners Topics:
Permits/licenses recognized by specific states
State laws you should know, including vehicle carry, duty to notify law enforcement, and open and concealed carry laws
Where you can legally carry your gun
Federal laws you should know
Carrying in National Parks
Transfer of firearms
Traveling from state to state and the Safe Passage provision
Flying with a firearm, including TSA requirement warnings and how to pack ammunition
Driving with a firearm

See Travel Guide for Gun Owners Summary (8-page PDF) »

Two Knowledgeable Attorneys Explain State Law Issues When Traveling

In this video U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorneys Richard Hayes and Emily Taylor provide essential information for traveling with firearms. Discussion includes essential information needed to stay safe and responsible while traveling with firearms.

Know the Laws of Every State You Travel Through
“There is no standardization of gun laws within the 50 individual states, so even if a state recognizes your handgun license or permit, they may have additional restrictions on certain types of firearms, magazines, or ammunition,” said Evans. “In some states, it’s illegal for a non-resident to possess a firearm in the passenger compartment of their vehicle. And, because you are subject to a state’s laws when you are in that state, if you break their laws, you could be committing a crime — whether you think you intentionally broke the law or not,” he added.

“Remember, not knowing the law is not a valid defense,” stated Evans. “Use our Travel Guide for Gun Owners for whatever state you’re traveling through, and learn which states honor your carry license or permit before you go.”

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November 9th, 2023

Minute of Angle Explained by Experts — Informative Videos

one minute of angle

This popular video, viewed 3.6 million times on YouTube, provides a clear explanation of Minute of Angle (MOA) and how that angular measurement is used. Among novice shooters, there is much confusion over this term. In this NSSF Video, Ryan Cleckner, a former Sniper Instructor for the 1st Ranger Battalion, defines the term, “Minute of Angle” (MOA) and explains how you can adjust for windage and elevation using 1/4 or 1/8 MOA clicks on your scope. This allows you to sight-in precisely and compensate for bullet drop at various distances.

For starters, Ryan explains that, when talking about angular degrees, a “minute” is simply 1/60th. So a “Minute of Angle” is simply 1/60th of one degree of a central angle, measured either up and down (for elevation) or side to side (for windage). At 100 yards, 1 MOA equals 1.047″ on the target. This is often rounded to one inch for simplicity. Say, for example, you click up 1 MOA. That is roughly 1 inch at 100 yards, or roughly 4 inches at 400 yards, since the target area measured by 1 MOA increases in linear fashion with the distance.

More Minute of Angle (MOA) Explanatory Videos

This Gunwerks video explains that Minute of Angle subtends approximately 1″ for each 100 yards (well, 1.047″ to be more precise). That means a Minute of Angle increases in actual measured size the greater the distance of the target from the shooter.

This lengthy (24-minute) video defines Minute of Angle, and uses multiple diagrams to illustrate how MOA angular measurements works. The video also how MOA-based click values translate to point-of-impact changes at various distances.

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November 5th, 2023

Sunday GunDay: Sebastian Lambang’s F-Open Rifle in 7 FCP

Sebastian seb lambang f-class rifle 7 FCP Blake Barrel borden action f-open National championship arizona

November 5th is the final day of the 2023 NRA F-Class National Championships at the Ben Avery shooting facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Along with America’s ace F-Open and F-TR shooters, there are many top foreign shooters at the Nationals, including Sebastian (“Seb”) Lambang, creator of the outstanding SEB Rests and SEB Joystick bipods. For this Fall 2023 event, Seb commissioned a handsome new, state-of-the-art F-Open rifle built by Blake Barrel and Rifle. Above is Seb’s F-Open rifle on the firing line this week at Ben Avery. For full results from the F-Class Nationals, click the link below:

» 2023 NRA F-Class Nationals Results Page (F-Open & F-TR)

Seb Lambang’s impressive new 7 FCP rig was crafted by Blake Barrel and Rifle using a 7mm, 1:8.5″-twist Blake barrel chambered in 7 FCP fitted to a Borden Accuracy BRMXD action. Mated to the Borden action is a Bix’N Andy Competition Benchrest trigger. On top is a March 10-60x56mm HM scope.

The handsome laminated wood XR stock is made by Cerus Rifleworks. The XR stock boasts a R.A.D. recoil reduction system in the rear, and a metal bag-rider system at the forward end of the stock. The rig employs an adjustable F-Class Products F-Open Barrel Tuner.

Sebastian seb lambang f-class rifle 7 FCP Blake Barrel borden action f-open National championship arizona

Sebastian seb lambang f-class rifle 7 FCP Blake Barrel borden action f-open National championship arizona

Sebastian seb lambang f-class rifle 7 FCP Blake Barrel borden action f-open National championship arizona

Sebastian seb lambang f-class rifle 7 FCP Blake Barrel borden action f-open National championship arizona
Seb Lambang is a talented shooter as well as a great craftsman. On the side of his March X scope it states: “Sebastian Lambang, QRA Queens 2022, F-Open Winner”.

Sebastian seb lambang f-class rifle 7 FCP Blake Barrel borden action f-open National championship arizona

Sebastian seb lambang f-class rifle 7 FCP Blake Barrel F-class products tuner F-Open

To see more images of this rifle, visit Seb Lambang’s Facebook Page.

Sebastian Lambang — Founder and Chief Designer of SEB Rests
When he is not competing, Seb works hard producing SEB Front Rests, SEB Neo-X Rests, SEB Mini-X tripod rests, and the class-leading SEB JoyPod-X joystick bipod, favored by F-TR shooters worldwide. Here are products at Seb’s warehouse, getting ready to be shipped out.

Sebastian seb lambang f-class rifle 7 FCP Blake Barrel borden action f-open National championship arizona
Sebastian Lambang Neo-X front rest

About the 7 FCP — New 7mm Cartridge Derived from 6.5 PRC

The 7 FCP was a cartridge designed from the ground up by F-Class Products out of Phoenix, Arizona in the fall of 2022. The developers believe it is the “ultimate cartridge” for the F-Class Open Division competition. F-Class Products notes: “We wanted a cartridge that [had] an efficient case capacity [matching] the 7mm Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum. The 7 RSAUM has proven to be the most winning cartridge in world F-Class competitions and many nationals and finale events. The problem with the RSAUM is brass availability. Remington stopped making brass for the RSAUM years ago and recently Norma has also stopped producing brass for it. The only option now is ADG. While the ADG brand of brass is good, it is quite expensive and also is only run in short runs and is hardly ever available.”

So the 7 FCP was developed from the 6.5 PRC, which has high-quality Lapua brass available. The 7 FCP was designed to shoot the 180 grain Berger Hybrid bullet at 2960 FPS out of a 30″ barrel without excessive pressure. SEE: 7 FCP Cartridge INFO FAQ Page.

7 FCP Cartridge — Wildcat Based on 6.5 PRC Necked up to 7mm

Sebastian seb lambang f-class rifle 7 FCP Blake Barrel borden action f-open National championship arizonaHow Does the 7 FCP’s Case Capacity Compare?
F-Class Products states: “The parent case of the 7 FCP is a 6.5 PRC. The 6.5 PRC is a magnum case that has a head diameter of 0.532″ and has a overall length of 2.020″. It is the same overall length as the 7 RSAUM but with a smaller diameter body. Hence, without improving it, you will get not get the case capacity of a 7 RSAUM case, and therefore you will not get the velocities that the 7 RSAUM produces either.” F-Class Products has compared the capacity of cases commonly used in F-Open competition:

.284 Winchester = 63 grains of water capacity
.284 Shehane = 66.5 grains of water capacity
6.5 PRC = 65 grains of water capacity
7-6.5 PRC = 66.5 grains of water capacity

As you can see by the data above, the 6.5 PRC that is simply necked up to a 7mm does not provide more case capacity than the .284 Shehane. That is why the PRC has the shoulder moved forward.

What Powders Work Well in the 7mm FCP?
F-Class Products has tested many powders with the 7 FCP: “Any powders that work well in a .284 Win, a .284 variant or a 7 RSAUM and/or variant, can work well in the 7 FCP. We have tested many different powders and many show to work excellent. Here is a list of the powders we have tested that work well in our testing and in our customers’ testing:

Hodgdon H4350
Hodgdon H4831
Hodgdon H4831 SC
Alliant Reloder 16
Alliant Reloder 23
Vihtavuori N160
Vihtavuori N550
Vihtavuori N555

This is just a short list of what we believe are the core powders that will burn and work efficiently in the 7 FCP. There are plenty of other powders that also can work, yet they may be temperature sensitive and or not burn efficiently in the case.”

What Velocities Are Optimal?
F-Class products observes: “With the 180 grain Berger bullet we see accuracy from 2920-2980 FPS muzzle velocity. With the 190 grain Hornady A-Tip bullet we see accuracy from 2860-2900 FPS.”

What Twist Rates Do You Recommmend?
F-Class Products recommends a 1:8.5″-twist barrel. An 8-twist can work, yet the accuracy nodes may be narrower than the 8.5 twist. A 9-twist barrel can also work if you are shooting a 184 grain bullet or less. These twist rates are recommended for lead cored bullets. If you are planning on shooting a solid copper bullet, consult the bullet manufacture for recommended twist rates for that particular bullet.

What Is the Parent Case?
The parent case of the 7 FCP is a 6.5 PRC. The 6.5 PRC is a magnum case that has a head diameter of 0.532″ and has a overall length of 2.020″. It is the same overall length as the 7 RSAUM but with a smaller diameter body, hence without improving it, you will get not get the case capacity of a 7 RSAUM case, and therefore you will not get the velocities that the 7 RSAUM produces either.

For more information visit the 7 FCP Facebook Group.

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November 4th, 2023

Saturday at the Movies: F-Class Showcase for Nationals Week

F-Open Ben Avery Phoenix Arizona F-class video saturday showcase erik cortina f-class john masek bisley f-tr

The 2023 NRA F-Class National Championships are underway right now at the Ben Avery Range outside Phoenix, Arizona. There are two divisions: F-Open and F-TR. The F-Class Championships have two segments, Mid-Range and Long Range. The Mid-Range Championships ran from October 29 through November 1st, while the Long Range Championships commenced on November 2, and conclude on Sunday, November 5. See details of the 2023 F-Class Championships, including the course of fire, on the Desert Sharpshooters 2023 F-Class Nationals Program page.

» 2023 NRA F-Class Nationals Results Page (F-Open & F-TR)

For this Saturday Video Showcase, we feature five F-Class videos. These segments cover F-Class equipment, reloading, load testing, marksmanship, wind-reading and competition.

F-Class Competition — On the Firing Line at 2020 Nationals

This 12-minute video by F-Open ace Erik Cortina shows the action at the 2020 F-Class Nationals held at the Ben Avery Range outside Phoenix. Erik, who shoots with F-0pen Team Lapua, explains how team competition differs from the individual matches. Wind calls are made by the team’s wind coach. The shooter focuses on the trigger pulling.

Erik Cortina SW Nationals F-Open

Reloading for F-Class — Tools and Techniques

In this video, Erik Cortina, the 2023 SW Nationals F-Open Champion, and member of Team Lapua, provides a break down of the process he goes through to reload his match ammo for competition. Eric covers all phases of reloading: bullet sorting, case prep, priming, powder measuring, and bullet seating.

Load Development Procedures for F-Class — Seating Depth

F-Open Ben Avery Phoenix Arizona F-class video saturday showcase erik cortina f-class john masek bisley f-tr

In this video, 2023 NRA Mid-Range National Champion John Masek (aka “F-Class John”) explains how he does load development in an efficient and reliable manner. He specifically focuses on testing for optimal seating depth. With 229,000 views, this is the most-watched video on F-Class John’s popular YouTube channel. Viewers have praised this video: “This was a great video, really appreciate the explanation about how you bracketed the jump and why you chose the closest.”

F-Class Competition at Bisley Range in the UK

Bisley England UK f-class

Every wondered what F-Class competition is like in England? There are different staging rules and different targets with “V” for a center hit vs. “X” at USA F-Class matches. This video covers the 2015 F-Class Championship held at the famed Bisley Range in England, UK. To learn more about F-Class in the UK, For more on F-Class, visit

Wind-Reading for Long-Range Competition

In this excellent video Keith Glasscock explains how to read the wind and even predict wind changes in cycling conditions. Keith notes that you should look at environmental features and mirage, not just wind flags. Keith is one of America’s best wind gurus — he was a team wind coach and he has finished second three times in F-Open division at the F-Class National Championships.

Bryan Litz F-Class F-TR 2015
Here is the sleek, carbon-stocked .308 Win rifle Bryan Litz used to win both the 2015 Mid-Range AND
Long-Range F-TR Championship at the Ben Avery Range in Phoenix, Arizona.

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November 2nd, 2023

Reloading Tool Reviews By Mid-Range Nat’l Champ F-Class John

 F-Class john tool youtube video reviews lyman primer hydro press

Ben Avery nra mid-range national championships john masek f-class john Keith trapForum member F-Class John is an avid F-Class competitor and expert handloader. This week he won the NRA F-0pen Mid-Range National Championship. John reviews reloading hardware and shooting-related products for his popular F-Class John YouTube Channel, which now boasts 540+ videos. John also does product testing for and his new website. On his YouTube channel, John has reviewed many of the latest and greatest reloading tools and accessories. Below are three interesting F-Class John tool and reloading product reviews.

If you like these informative videos, consider joining F-Class John’s Patreon Channel for live video meetings, more in-depth videos, and detailed explanations.

Here are three of John’s most interesting gear review videos for products that can benefit all serious handloaders.

21st Century Hydro Press and Standard Arbor Press

John notes: “You can’t really talk about precision reloading without taking about inline dies and arbor presses. For my money there’s nothing better than the lineup from 21st Century Shooting. They offer the Hydro Seater which is hands-down the best manual seater out there as well as their standard arbor press which is great for taking on the road to push back bullets as needed.”

Henderson and Giraud Power Trimmer Comparison Review

In this video John reviews two high-quality powered case trimmers that help handloaders rapidly process large volumes of brass. He says these are “arguably the two best trimmers on the market” and are “both worth the money if you do a lot of trimmming”. The Giraud Power Trimmer is rugged and popular with high-power shooters. The advanced, red Henderson Precision Gen 3 Trimmer offers some advantages for precision trimming and John likes the Henderson layout and ergonomics.

Concentricity Checking with Accuracy One Gauge

Every serious hand-loader needs a quality concentricity gauge. The Accuracy One Concentricity Gauge boasts a smart design that delivers precise, repeatable results. We like the unit’s easy adjustability and its ability to work in a variety of configurations. The Accuracy One Gauge measures internal and external neck runout of cartridge cases as well as seated bullet runout. It can also measure the runout of the ogive, bearing surface, and boat-tail of individual bullets. And it can even measure your primer pocket runout.

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November 1st, 2023

John Masek and Keith Trapp Win F-Class Mid-Range Nationals

Ben Avery nra mid-range national championships john masek f-class john Keith trap

We congratulate John Masek (F-Open) and Keith Trapp (F-TR), the 2023 NRA F-Class Mid-Range National Champions. The Mid-Range Nationals were held at the Ben Avery Range outside Phoenix, Arizona, and the F-Class Long Range Nationals continue November 2 through November 5, 2023. Keith’s 2023 Mid-Range title was his second big win in a row — Keith won the Long-Range F-TR Championship in 2022.

Ben Avery nra mid-range national championships john masek f-class john Keith trap
2023 F-Class Mid-Range National Champions Keith Trapp (L) and John Masek (R).

F-Open Mid-Range Nationals Results | F-TR Mid-Range Nationals Results

We were particularly pleased to see our colleague John Masek earn this major victory. John helps with product tests/reviews, and John works on our Deals of the Week features. John also has a popular F-Class John YouTube Channel with videos we frequently feature. And you can see John’s content on his new website CLICK HERE to access John’s videos and product tests.

Ben Avery nra mid-range national championships john masek f-class john Keith trapp

Ben Avery nra mid-range national championships john masek f-class john Keith trapJohn Masek Wins His First Nationals
John finished with a very impressive 1774-95X score, followed by Jason Simes (1772-84X) and Norm Harrold (1768-99X). John shot very well in difficult, windy conditions, finishing with not just the highest Grand Aggregate score, but the second highest X-Count (after Norm Harrold). This is a big win for John, his first-ever National title. No one has worked harder to raise his game through advanced reloading processes and lots of practice both with centerfire and rimfire rifles.

Forum member and fellow F-Class competitor David Joe praised John’s performance: “Hey John, great wind calling this week, congratulations! Who needs Long-Range with wind like that. What a close and hard won contest! Great scores today!”

In the F-TR Division, Keith Trapp took top honors with a 1776-87X score, followed by Tracy Hogg (1767-70X), and James Crofts (1762-67X). Keith, a proven F-TR superstar, also won the F-TR 1000-yard Nationals at Ben Avery in 2022.

Here’s an insightful interview with John Masek and fellow F-Open ace and YouTube host Erik Cortina:

And here is a video F-Class John produced at last year’s Long-Range (1000-yard) F-Class Championship. This was also held at the Ben Avery Range in Arizona.

Destiny Fulfilled: Before John left his Oregon home for the 2023 F-Class Nationals, this Editor spoke to John on the telephone. I said “Good luck John, I think you’re due to stand on the podium and hold a trophy.” That prediction proved prophetic. We are glad to see our friend and colleague John Masek now hold the title of NRA F-Class Open Mid-Range National Champion!

Ben Avery nra mid-range national championships john masek f-class john Keith trapp

Shown above is John’s 7 PRCW F-Open Rifle. This features a Borden BRMXD action, X-Ring stock, and Flavio Fare trigger. On top is the 8-80x56mm March Majesta scope, a very advanced new optic. The rifle is chambered for the 7mm PRCW cartridge. John loads with Lapua brass, Vihtavuori N555 powder, and Berger 180gr Hybrid bullets.

Ben Avery nra mid-range national championships john masek f-class john Keith trap

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October 31st, 2023

Halloween Pumpkin Blasting — Don’t Try This at Home

Halloween Wallpaper explosion pumpkin
Image from WallpapersBuzz.

Today is October 31st, Halloween (originally “All Hallows Eve”). That means it’s pumpkin time. Just how much fun can you have with pumpkins? Watch these two videos and find out. In the first video, the RatedRR team sends a few orange gourds to pumpkin heaven using Det Cord, C4, and binary explosives. The sequence starting at the 2:00 minute mark in the first video is truly amazing. WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Watch Pumpkin Blasting with Explosives

In the next video, a pumpkin carved as a Death Star serves as the target for a .50 caliber rifle (looks like a Barrett M82 .50 BMG). As you may guess, the pumpkin Death Star suffers the same fate as the Hollywood version in Star Wars. NOTE: At the 0:42 mark in the video, a graphic displays “30,000 FPS”. That’s the high-speed camera’s frame-per-second rate, NOT the projectile velocity in feet-per-second.

Watch .50 BMG Rifle vs. Death Star Pumpkin

Warning: These demonstrations were carried out on closed ranges by experienced professionals certified to use explosives. Possession of C4 and Det Cord may be a violation of various Federal, State, and local laws. Detonating cord and C4 are classified as high explosives and are regulated by the BATFE. Don’t even think about trying to repeat these stunts on your own.

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October 31st, 2023

Precision Reloading for Pistols — Key Tips from the USAMU

USAMU Service Pistol Handgun Tip Advice Reloading

USAMU Service Pistol Handgun Tip Advice Reloading

The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) fields pistol teams as well as rifle and shotgun competition squads. Consequently the USAMU’s Reloading Shop loads tens of thousands of pistol rounds every year. In this article, the USAMU’s handgun experts talk about reloading for handguns — with smart tips on how to achieve superior accuracy with 100% reliability. This article, which offers important insights on COAL, primers, crimps and more.

Precision Pistol Reloading — Recommended Methods

Optimize the Taper Crimp
One often-overlooked aspect of handloading highly-accurate pistol ammunition is the amount of crimp and its effect on accuracy. Different amounts of taper crimp are used with various handloads to obtain best accuracy. The amount is based on bullet weight, powder burn rate and charge, plus other factors. It is not unusual for our Shop to vary a load’s crimp in degrees of 0.001″ and re-test for finest accuracy.

USAMU Service Pistol Handgun Tip Advice ReloadingUse Consistent Brass
Brass is also important to pistol accuracy. While accurate ammunition can be loaded using brass of mixed parentage, that is not conducive to finest results, particularly at 50 yards. It is important for the serious competitor/handloader to use brass of the same headstamp and ideally one lot number, to maximize uniformity. Given the volumes of ammunition consumed by active pistol competitors, using inexpensive, mixed surplus brass for practice, particularly at the “short line” (25 yards), is understandable. However, for the “long line” (50 yards), purchasing and segregating a lot of high-quality brass to be used strictly for slow-fire is a wise idea.

Importance of Uniform COAL
Uniformity of the Case Overall Length (COAL) as it comes from the factory is also important to achieving utmost accuracy. More uniform case lengths (best measured after sizing) contribute to greater consistency of crimp, neck tension, ignition/burn of powder charge, and so on. Cartridge case-length consistency varies from lot to lot, as well as by maker. Some manufacturers are more consistent in this dimension than others. [Editor’s note: It is easy to trim pistol brass to uniform length. Doing this will make your taper crimps much more consistent.]

Primers and Powders — Comparison Test for Accuracy
Pay attention to primer brands, powder types and charges. Evaluating accuracy with a Ransom or other machine rest at 50 yards can quickly reveal the effect of changes made to handload recipes.

This animation showing 1911 Pistol operation has over 30 million YouTube views:

Bullet Selection — FMJ vs. JHP
Bullets are another vital issue. First, there is the question of FMJ vs. JHP. A friend of this writer spent decades making and accuracy-testing rifle and pistol bullets during QC for a major bullet manufacturer. In his experience, making highly-accurate FMJ bullets is much more difficult than making highly-accurate JHPs, in large part due to the way the jackets are formed. Small die changes could affect accuracy of FMJ lots dramatically.

The CMP now allows “safe, jacketed ammunition” in Excellence-in-Competition (EIC) Service Pistol matches, although wadcutter ammunition is prohibited. Thus, the option to use very accurate JHP designs simplifies the life of CMP Service Pistol shooters in pursuit of the prestigious Distinguished Pistol Shot badge.

Hopefully, these tips will be helpful to any pistol shooters interested in accurate handloads, not just “Bullseye” shooters. Small tweaks to one’s normal routine can pay big dividends in improved accuracy and make practice and competition more rewarding.

Stay safe, and good shooting!

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October 29th, 2023

Sunday GunDay: Rimfire Fab Four — Two Rifles, Two Pistols

.22 Plinkster .22LR pistol model 41 Smith wesson review Vudoo Ravage .22 LR Savage a22 WMR rimfire video

22Plinkster runs of the most popular gun-centric YouTube channels. His videos have been watched by hundreds of thousands of firearms fans. Many of 22Plinkster’s videos involve trick shots, such as shooting a .22LR through 100 balloons, but he also does serious reviews. He’s actually a competent marksman who has shot a vast collection of .22 LR/22 WMR pistols and rifles, making him a qualified rimfire expert (as well as a trick-shot artist and showman). Today we feature five 22Plinkster Firearms Videos, plus a bonus Vudoo Gun Works video review from

Vudoo Gun Works Ravage Precision .22 LR Rifle

Last Sunday we featured an NRL22 rimfire competition rig built with a Vudoo Gun Works V-22 action. For this Sunday GunDay article, we showcase a complete Vudoo rifle, a mag-fed Ravage with Ridgeback stock. 22Plinkster declared: “It’s a Tack-Driver … this .22 LR Rifle is the most accurate .22 LR bolt-action rimfire rifle I have ever shot in my life.” And he notes that he has shot Anschutz, Lithgow and other quality rifles.

Firing from a Lead Sled, 22Plinkster starts out at 50 yards, and produced a 0.335″ group at 50 yards using Lapua Midas+ ammunition (4:00 time-mark). Then this session gets really impressive. Continuing with Lapua Midas+ ammo, this Vudoo Ravage produced a sub-half-inch group at 100 yards*. You can watch that Midas+ group form up from 7:20 to 8:25 in the video. Then, with ELEY Tenex ammo, he produced a 0.707″ group (10:30) and an even smaller group (11:55). This complete rifle is available from Vudoo Gun Works for $2545.00 without optics.

.22 Plinkster .22LR pistol model 41 Smith wesson review Vudoo Ravage .22 LR Savage a22 WMR rimfire video

22Plinkster says Vudoo’s Ravage is a top choice for NRL22/PRS rimfire matches and Rimfire ELR competitions: “This is the cream of the crop. [Many] people who are winning PRS rimfire matches are shooting Vudoos. What sets this rifle apart from a lot of the other Match 22 rifles is what it does past 300 yards. A lot of rifles — Anschutz, Lithgow, CZ — shoot really good out to 300 yards. But after 300 yards, their accuracy diminishes big-time.”

.22 Plinkster .22LR pistol model 41 Smith wesson review Vudoo Ravage .22 LR Savage a22 WMR rimfire video
Vudoo V22 Ravage with a fluted 18″ Kukri barrel in an Urban Camo Grayboe Ridgeback stock.

If you are interested in getting a Vudoo rimfire rifle, then definitely watch this 20-minute Guns & Tactics video. It provides extensive accuracy testing for multiple ammo types with verified group sizes. Then the reviewer shows the working details of the rifle, including the bolt, trigger system, and magazine. The video also includes field testing from bipod as well as competition-type practical stages out to nearly 400 yards.

Savage A22, 22 Magnum (WMR) Rifle Field Test

The Savage A22 is the .22 WMR “big brother” to Savage’s popular A17 17 HMR rifle. In this video, 22Plinkster demonstrates that the A22 is a very reliable semi-auto that can deliver near-1 MOA accuracy when the barrel is clean. This rifle retails for about $390.00.

Smith & Wesson Model 41 .22 LR Pistol Review

.22 Plinkster .22LR pistol model 41 Smith wesson review Savage a22 WMR rimfire video

The S&W Model 41 is a classic American rimfire target pistol. Beautifully crafted, the Model 41 boasts a superb trigger, comfortable grip, and excellent accuracy. New or used, a Model 41 would be a fine addition to any firearms collection.

Volquartsen Scorpion .22 LR Pistol Review

The Scorpion demonstrated exceptional accuracy in the hands of 22Plinkster. It comes with a large target-style grip. With a built-in compensator, the Scorpion stays on target with almost no muzzle rise. The comp can be easily switched out with a suppressor (See video at 3:00 time-mark).

S&W Victory Vs. Ruger Mark IV Pistol Shoot-Off

22Plinkster liked both pistols. He favored the grips on the Ruger while preferring the S&W’s trigger. He felt the Ruger’s iron sights were best for precision work, but he noted that the green dot fiber optic sights on the S&W Victory worked better for speed work.

*Footnote regarding 22Plinkster Measured Groups: At least one of the measured groups (in close-up view) does NOT show the exact same group which formed in the preceding video sequence. You can tell from the shot placements relative to the center of the target — it’s a different group. Still we believe that 22Plinkster did shoot very small groups with this rifle at 50 and 100 yards. We just think 22Plinkster’s video editing may have been out of sequence. You can tell the group measured with calipers is not the same as the group shown forming top right in the preceding live video.

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October 28th, 2023

Saturday at the Movies — Halloween Pumpkin Blastin’ Special

Pumpkin shooting blasting Halloween dirty harry tannerite
Pumpkin Blast event graphic from P2K Sports Range in El Cajon, CA.

Halloween (originally “All Hallows Eve”) is celebrated every year on October 31st — this upcoming Monday. That means it’s pumpkin time. Just how much fun can you have with pumpkins? Watch these six videos and find out. In the first video, the RatedRR team sends a few orange gourds to pumpkin heaven using Det Cord, C4, and binary explosives. The sequence starting at the 2:00 minute mark in the first video is truly amazing. WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Oh, and as a bonus for you guys who like ladies who can shoot, we included a fun video with the enthusiastic YouTuber and gun enthusiast Babee Blue. She posted: “Had a leftover Halloween pumpkin and wanted to blow it up using a Ruger .270 Win rifle. Add some Tannerite and it made for quite the fun explosion. Doesn’t everybody blow up their leftover Halloween pumpkins?”

NOTE: For all the videos, if you don’t hear sound, then click the speaker icon.

Pumpkin shooting blasting Halloween dirty harry tannerite

Watch Pumpkin Blasting with Explosives

In this lead video, the RatedRR team blasts a collection of pumpkins using Det Cord, C4, and binary explosives. The sequence starting at the 2:00 minute mark is jaw-dropping — truly top-tier Hollywood-style colored explosions. WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Pumpkin Face Carved in 5.5 seconds with Handgun

Halloween pumpkinIn two days, on October 31st, we celebrate Halloween (which was originally called All Hallows’ Eve). That means the neighborhood kids will be ringing doorbells as soon as it gets dark. No doubt some of you procrastinators will wait ’til the last minute to set out your Halloween decorations and Jack-O-Lanterns. Don’t worry, in the video below, our friend, 3-Gun ace Taran Butler, shows how to carve a pumpkin in just about 5.5 seconds, give or take a tenth. Taran performed this feat of speed-carving with his trusty Infinity handgun, chambered in 9mm Major.

Kirsten Carves Pumpkin Face with .22 LR Volquartsen

In this video, the lovely and talented Kirsten Joy Weiss shows off her impressive trick-shot skills. To help celebrate the gouls/goblins holiday, Kirsten “carved” a pumpkin using her semi-auto Volquartsen .22 LR rifle. Kirsten had to send a lot of rimfire rounds into her orange friend.

Halloween Pumpkin Kirsten Joy Weiss carving Volquartsen

It turns out that Mr. Pumpkin’s posterior side was better than his front. On inspection, Kirsten saw that the most impressive Jack ‘O Lantern face appeared on the reverse side of her pumpkin. It turns out the little .22-caliber bullets worked better on exit than entry. Those “exit wounds” made a very successful Halloween face.

Babee Blue Blows Up Pumpkins with .270 Win and Tannerite

In this video, the popular Babee Blue uses a rifle to drill pumpkins that were filled with some Tannerite. The result is an impressive blast when Babee puts a .270 Win round into a pumpkin downrange. This is a fun video to watch, and Babee Blue is an enthusiastic pumpkin blaster.

Which Cartridge Best Destroys a Pumpkin

This video is more about pumpkin blasting than pumpkin carving. Hosted on the Garand Thumb YouTube Channel, this engaging video has been watched over 1.3 MILLION times. The shooters try a variety of cartridge types to determine which firearm destroys pumpkins the best? The host explains: “In this very spooky special we will be putting lead to gourd in the most kinetic way possible. Which gun will do the best? Only science can tell us.”

Carving Pumpkin with Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum Revolver

Hickok45 Carves Pumpkins with Handguns
To celebrate Halloween, here’s an example of master wheelgun marksmanship. Popular YouTube host Hickok45 skillfully creates a smiling face on a pumpkin using a S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum revolver. Hickok45 is using the classic blued, double-action revolver popularized by Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry. To form the eyes he uses multiple shots then uses a string of shots to form the mouth, reloading his Model 29 along the way. Carving pumpkins with bullets has become a tradition for Hickok 45 — every year he puts a face on a pumpkin using a different firearm, typically a pistol, but he’s used other handguns and a couple rifles as well. SEE PUMPKIN Shooting Playlist. Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin shooting blasting Halloween dirty harry tannerite
Halloween graphic from P2K Sports Range.

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October 26th, 2023

Technology Insight: How Carbon-Wrapped Barrels Are Made

Proof Reseach carbon fiber barrel wrap aerospace composites

Montana-based PROOF Research has released a revealing video showcasing carbon fiber firearms technology and the company’s barrel-making process. Viewers will find the 8-minute film an intriguing introduction to composite barrel-making, which employs aerospace carbon fiber wrapped around a steel barrel core. The video showcases the high-tech machines used at PROOF’s production facilities.

This video shows how PROOF Research employs aerospace-grade, high-temperature composite materials to build match-grade carbon fiber-wrapped barrels.

Proof Reseach carbon fiber barrel wrap aerospace composites

Proof Reseach carbon fiber barrel wrap aerospace composites

Dr. David Curliss, General Manager of PROOF Research’s Advanced Composite Division, and former head of the U.S. Air Force High Temperature Composites Laboratory, explains how aerospace expertise helps in the development of PROOF’s firearms-related products: “We are able to provide premier materials for PROOF Research for firearms barrels applications as well as the aerospace market. We’re probably the only firearms technology company that has composite materials in orbit around the earth.”

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October 25th, 2023

Krieger Cut-Rifled Barrel-Making — Start to Finish on Video

Krieger Barrels Cut Rifling Cut-Rifled Barreling

How Krieger Builds Barrels

This video shows the process of cut-rifled barrel-making by Krieger Barrels, one of the world’s best barrel manufacturers. Krieger cut-rifled barrels have set numerous world records and are favored by many top shooters. The video show the huge, complex machines used — bore-drilling equipment and hydraulic riflers. You can also see how barrels are contoured, polished, and inspected.

For anyone interested in accurate rifles, this is absolutely a “must-watch” video. Watch blanks being cryogenically treated, then drilled and lathe-turned. Next comes the big stuff — the massive rifling machines that single-point-cut the rifling in a precise, time-consuming process. Following that you can see barrels being contoured, polished, and inspected (with air gauge and bore-scope). There is even a sequence showing chambers being cut.

Click Arrow to Watch Krieger Barrels Video:

Here is a time-line of the important barrel-making processes shown in the video. You may want to use the “Pause” button, or repeat some segments to get a better look at particular operations. The numbers on the left represent playback minutes and seconds.

Krieger Barrel-Making Processes Shown in Video:

00:24 – Cryogenic treatment of steel blanks
00:38 – Pre-contour Barrels on CNC lathe
01:14 – Drilling Barrels
01:28 – Finish Turning on CNC lathe
01:40 – Reaming
01:50 – Cut Rifling
02:12 – Hand Lapping
02:25 – Cut Rifling
02:40 – Finish Lapping
02:55 – Outside Contour Inspection
03:10 – Engraving
03:22 – Polish
03:50 – Fluting
03:56 – Chambering
04:16 – Final Inspection

Krieger Barrels

Pratt & Whitney Cut rifling hydraulic machine

“At the start of World War Two, Pratt & Whitney developed a new, ‘B’ series of hydraulically-powered rifling machines, which were in fact two machines on the same bed. They weighed in at three tons and required the concrete floors now generally seen in workshops by this time. Very few of these hydraulic machines subsequently became available on the surplus market and now it is these machines which are sought after and used by barrel makers like John Krieger and ‘Boots’ Obermeyer. In fact, there are probably less of the ‘B’ series hydraulic riflers around today than of the older ‘Sine Bar’ universal riflers.” — Geoffrey Kolbe, Border Barrels.

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October 24th, 2023

2023 F-Class Championships in Phoenix Oct. 29 through Nov. 5

2015 F-Class Nationals Ben Avery Phoenix Arizona James Crofts

The 2023 F-Class National Championships commence Sunday, October 29, 2023 at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility (BASF) in Phoenix. For 2023, the Nationals combine both Mid-Range and Long-Range competitions in one extended mega-match. The Mid-Range U.S. F-Class Nationals start on Sunday, October 29, 2023 and run through Wednesday, November 1, 2023. All Mid-Range shooting will be at 600-yard targets.

» 2023 F-Class Mid-Range & Long-Range Nationals Program

The Long Range U.S. F-Class National Championships then run Thursday, November 2, 2023 through Sunday, November 5, 2023. All Long Range matches are at 1000 yards. The competitions will have two different divisions: F-Open and F-TR (Target Rifle). Registration LINKs for both Mid-Range and Long-Range Championships are below. CLICK HERE for 2023 Nationals Official Program.

CLICK to REGISTER for 2023 F-Class Mid-Range Nationals »

2023 U.S. NRA Mid-Range F-Class Nationals
Sunday, October 29 through Wednesday, November 1

CLICK to REGISTER for 2023 F-Class Long Range Nationals »

2023 U.S. NRA Long Range F-Class Nationals
Thursday, November 2 through Sunday, November 5

Ben Avery Shooting Facility Coronavirus Health Covid-19

Located on 1,650 acres in north Phoenix, Ben Avery is one of the nation’s largest publicly-operated shooting facilities. A City of Phoenix “Point of Pride,” the facility has received a five-star rating from the National Association of Shooting Ranges. A camping area is available for competitors. Contact Ben Avery Shooting Range Camping to reserve a camping spot.

Firing line at 2015 F-Class Nationals at Ben Avery Shooting Facility.
2015 F-Class Nationals Ben Avery Phoenix Arizona James Crofts

You’ll see some serious hardware on the firing line at Ben Avery. Here’s a modern F-Open rig with a handsome maple stock. The gun, belonging to David Mann of Texas, shoots as good as it looks.

Ben Avery F-Class Nationals Championship Phoenix Arizona

View Larger Map

NRA 2023 F-Class Nationals Key Guidelines:

RULES: Current NRA F-Class Rules shall apply.
TARGETS: MR-1FC at 600 yards and LRFC at 1000 yards.
TARGET SERVICE: Competitors will pull their own targets.
SCORING: Competitors will score. Any competitor failing to perform his scoring duties may be disqualified.
CLASSIFICATION: NRA F-Class Classifications will be used. Those competitors unclassified or without proof of a lower classification, will be required to compete in the Master class. Please indicate classification on the registration and entry form.
EMPTY CHAMBER INDICATOR (ECI): Approved NRA empty chamber indicators are required to be used at all times except during the preparation period time and firing.

2015 F-Class Nationals Ben Avery Phoenix Arizona James Crofts

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