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September 21st, 2019

3GN Nationals Coming to Florida October 12-13, 2019

3GN 3-gun nation championship nationals florida
3-Gun competitors must be wicked fast (and accurate) with rifle, pistol, and shotgun.

What’s the most exciting, physically challenging shooting sport? An argument can be made that three-gun shooting (also called “multi-gun”) tops the list. To succeed in the 3-Gun world, competitors must be fast and accurate with rifle, pistol, and shotgun. They must exhibit blazing speed in the short-range stages plus serious accuracy during long-range stages.

3GN 3-gun nation championship nationals florida

America’s top 3-Gun shooters held to Florida next month. The 2019 3-Gun Nation (3GN) Nationals take place October 12-13 at Southern Tactical Range in Holt, Florida. There will be plenty of fast action, plus some long-range accuracy stages. Watch the video below for a preview of the event:

3GN 3-gun nation championship nationals florida

If you’d like to try your hand at 3-Gun shooting, you can still register for the 3GN Nationals, by visiting This match will feature a minimum of 8 stages of fire over a 2-Day Format. Southern Tactical Range offers a mixture of natural terrain and bay stages, featuring a long range area with targets up to 1000 yards.

Blast from the Past — 3-Gun Nation Championship Shoot-Off 2013
In this video 2019 3GN Champion Dan Horner wins a dramatic shoot-off at 2013 3GN Nationals. Horner, after leaving the USAMU, now shoots for Team SIG Sauer.

Hardware for 3-Gun Competition — Guns & Gear

3GN 3-gun nation nationals

In this NSSF video, Top Shot Finalist Chris Cerino reviews the hardware you’ll need for multi-gun matches. Chris talks about carbine configurations — including barrel, handguard, and optics options. Cerino also demonstrates pistol techniques and explains the key features of a belt/holster rig.

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July 29th, 2013

3-Gun Nation Website Now Offers Interactive Range Locator

3 gun nation3-Gun Nation (3GN) has redesigned the website, adding many key enhancements. The most important new feature is a Google-based, interactive mapping system that shows 3GN clubs around the country. Each 3GN range location is “pinned” on an interactive map. Just click on the pin to find more information. Zoom the map with your mouse scroll wheel to find three-gun friendly ranges in your area.

In addition, now features all past issues of the 3-Gun Nation E-Magazine. Simply click on the magazine tab to access hundreds of pages of 3-Gun eZine content. The home page now also features the 3GN leader boards, updated automatically after each match.

3 gun nation

“With new competitors joining the 3GN ranks on a daily basis, the need to post and track scores is paramount” said Chad Adams, 3-Gun Nation Vice President. “3GN has reached a point in which our members demand their scores and rankings quickly, easily and in real-time. Thanks to our partners at Rangelog, we are now able to do just that.”

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November 27th, 2012

National 3-Gun Association Launches New Digital e-Zine

The National 3-Gun Association, which operates the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series and 3-Gun Nation TV, has launched a new e-Zine dedicated to 3-Gun Competition. Entitled “3GN Magazine”, this new e-Zine features match reports, gear reviews, and shooting tips. You’ll find a host of 3GN videos, including match footage, product reviews, and instructional segments. Ace 3-gunners will contribute to the articles along with leading outdoor industry journalists. Comprehensive match coverage will include local club matches, regional tournaments, national Outlaw matches, and, of course, the 3GN Pro Series Tour.

The first installment of 3GN Magazine can be previewed now on the website. There is also a mobile version of 3GN Magazine optimized for smartphones and tablets. 3GN Magazine is offered free to the public, but you can choose to be added to a subscriber list to be notified directly of new releases and special offers for fans of the 3-Gun sport.

Read 3-Gun Nation Magazine Issue #1 (Use Slider Bar to Scroll)

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August 15th, 2012

3-Gun Nation Pro Series Tour on NBC Sports Network

3-Gun Pro SeriesThe 3-Gun Nation (3GN) Pro Series Tour kicks off this week on the NBC Sport Network. The first action shooting pro tournament series, the 3GN Pro Series Tour features the top 64 shooters in the sport, all competing for the largest cash payouts in 3-gun. This season’s shows include spectacular slow-motion footage shot with new high-speed cameras. The Pro Series episodes follow nine top pros, including defending 3GN Champion Tommy Thacker, Mark Hanish, Kalani Laker, Jesse Tischsauser, Keith Garcia, Patrick Kelley, Bryan Ray, Matt Burkett and Craig Outzen.

This week, the field converges on St. Augustine, Florida, the first stop on the 2012-2013 3GN Tour. Top pros Daniel Horner, Jerry Miculek, Taran Butler and more battle the field in the inaugural 3-Gun Pro Series match, a made-for-TV course of fire that presents a wild array of challenges, including some of the fastest 3-Gun stages ever. 3GN Pro Series episodes also feature Shooting Tips with top pro shooters, including 3GN Director of Competition Rob Romero, Colt’s Clint Upchurch, and Noveske’s Jansen Jones. “3-Gun Nation” airs Wednesdays at 1 PM EST and Sundays at 7:30 AM EST — only on the NBC Sports Network. For more info, go to

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June 29th, 2012

Horner Wins 3-Gun Nation Event in Covington, Georgia

SSG Daniel Horner 3-Gun

SSG Daniel Horner of the USAMU came from behind to win the 3-Gun Nation (3GN) match at the South River Gun Club in Covington, GA. Trailing Keith Garcia with one stage remaining, Horner laid down a blistering final stage to finish first. This was Horner’s second win in three events on the 2012 FNH USA 3-Gun Nation Pro Series Tour. Just a little more than two and a half months ago, during the first 2012 3GN Pro Series event in St. Augustine, Florida, it was Garcia who had a great final stage run. On that day, Horner came up just a few tenths of a second short, giving Garcia his third 3GN win.

Behind the Scenes with Dan Horner (Excellent Video, Click to Watch)

USAMU Daniel HornerTrailing by less than a second heading into the final stage, Horner shot superbly with his rifle, was very clean with pistol, and laid down a solid shotgun run. In three Pro Series Events this season, Horner has two wins and one second place, earning a total of $13,000 this season. Garcia cashed his second 3GN check of the season, totaling $8,000 after three events.

In third place for the second time this season was Taran Butler, who shot a very solid match. Butler, who also finished third in St. Augustine, has won $4,000 on the 3GN Pro Series this season. In all, $26,000 in cash prizes were paid to the field, with $10,000 across first, second and third provided by Stag Arms.

3-Gun Nation Matches are Fast and Furious
The 3GN Pro Series puts 64 of the game’s top shooters into a one-day, all-Tactical Optics format. All competitors shoot five extremely fast, open stages, where multiple stage strategies are possible, challenging even veteran shooters. The top 10 then make the cut, proceeding to stage 6, where in front of a crowd of onlookers, including the entire field of competitors; scores are posted on the large 3GN Scoreboard for all to see.

The next event on the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series Tour with be the second annual Rockcastle Pro-Am. This runs August 26-28, 2012, at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky. A 3GN Pro Series Shoot-Off will culminate what promises to be the largest 3-gun match of the season, with more than 500 shooters registered in the Pro and Amateur matches combined.

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September 15th, 2010

Jerry Miculek and Maggie Reese Win USPSA Nationals

Multi-Gun nationalsLegendary shooter Jerry Miculek of Princeton, Louisiana won the Open division at the U.S. Practical Shooting Association’s (USPSA) 2010 Multi-Gun National Championships this past weekend at the Desert Sportsman’s Rifle & Pistol Club in Las Vegas, Nevada. Miculek, who finished second in 2009, has won the title previously in 2008, 2007, and 2005. His first place finish this year also earned Miculek the Senior Open division title.

This was an impressive come-from-behind victory by Miculek, who trailed most of the match. Jerry grabbed the lead on the 10th of 12 stages, then held on to win with a final score of 1997.2577. In winning his fourth USPSA Multi-Gun Championship, Jerry out-gunned dozens of other shooters half his age. Maybe those young bucks should buy Jerry’s Practical Rifle DVD in which he explains his techniques. Though some of his younger competitors could cover ground faster, Jerry was ultra-accurate with his rifle, scoring hits faster than the younger shooters. As Jerry told photographer Yamil Sued: “Son, if I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it right.” In the video below you can see Jerry competing in the 3-Gun Nation Championship, which was held on Monday, immediately after the USPSA event.

Jerry Miculek Las Vegas

Jerry Miculek Las Vegas

USPSA Maggie Reese“Jerry is one of our sport’s most respected competitors. There is no match that he enters that he is not among those favored to win and that’s certainly true when it comes to Multi-Gun competition,” said Michael Voigt, USPSA president and the defending Multi-Gun champion who finished second this year behind Miculek. Voigt’s final score of 1963.7636 placed him second in the match while Taran Butler finished third with 1927.1224.

Reese Repeats as Women’s Champion
In the Women’s Open division contest Maggie Reese of South Pasadena, California took top honors, winning six of the 12 stages and posting a final score of 1272.8205. This gave Maggie back-to-back USPSA titles, as she also won the Womens’ Multi-Gun Championship in 2009. A soft-spoken, humble competitor, Maggie really dominated her division in this event. She is a deserving Ladies’ Champion. Maggie’s final total was more than 155 points ahead of second place Vinky Castillo’s score of 1117.8194.

USPSA Maggie Reese

SGT Horner and Tasha Hanish Both Win Tactical Division Second Year in a Row
In the Tactical Division, SGT Daniel Horner of the USAMU successfully defended his USPSA Multi-Gun Tactical division title. The Army shooter, who won five of the 12 stages, finished with a 2075.0824 score, beating his nearest competitor by more than 218 points. Then, one day after securing his USPSA Tactical title, SGT Horner won the first-ever 3-Gun Nation Championship, capturing a $25,000 cash prize donated by Leupold.

Cave Creek, Arizona’s Tasha Hanish, a member of the FNH USA shooting team, won seven of 12 stages and dominated the field as she won the Women’s Tactical division title for the second year in a row. Hanish won the first four stages of the match, jumping out to a 62+ point lead over FNH USA teammate Dianna Liedorff. Hanish won the title with a final score of 1252.3448. Liedorff finished second with 1095.2133. Watch Tasha in action in the video above.

More than 150 top shooters from 26 states, as well as Canada, competed in the 2010 USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals. Despite the brutal heat, which reached the mid-90s, these shooters managed to “run and gun” for four days straight, sending over 19,000 rounds downrange during the competition.

CLICK ARROW to View Slide-Show

Jerry Miculek and Maggie Reese action photos © 2010 by Yamil Sued,

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August 26th, 2010

Major Multi-Gun Championships Coming Soon

3-gun nation National ChampionshipsMulti-Gun Competition is fast and exciting. With plenty of action and lots of fire-power, multi-gun matches are crowd-pleasing events that play well on television. The 3-Gun Nation TV show has been a popular addition to the Versus Channel this year. 3-Gun Nation culminates its inaugural season on September 13 with the 3GN Championship at the Desert Sportsman’s Rifle & Pistol Club in North Las Vegas, where the top 3-gunners in the country will battle for $40,000 in cash prizes.

Immediately preceding the 3-Gun Nation Champsionship, the 4-day USPSA Multi-Gun World Championships will be held September 9-12 at the same Desert Sportsman’s Club Range. Shooters will compete in five divisions: Standard, Standard Tactical, Open, Heavy Metal Standard, and Heavy Metal Tactical. will be on hand to cover the action.

Ozarks 3-Gun Match in Missouri — Watch the Video
Just a few days after the Vegas Multi-Gun Comps, the Adams Arms Ozark 3-Gun Championship will be held September 24-26, 2010, near the Lake of Ozarks in the heart of Missouri. Check out the very cool video below for a preview of the action. (You may want to turn down your speakers at work.)

YouTube Preview Image

Nearly 230 shooters will compete during this 3-day competition with nine stages of fire. Stages feature the natural terrain and hills of the Ozark Mountains on 1,000 acres of land. “We like to be challenging, but fun,” said Match Director Kirk Broyles. “We want to make sure the most experienced shooters are challenged and enjoy the match, but that new shooters can compete and won’t be overwhelmed.” Run by the Adams Arms Shooting Team, the Ozark 3-Gun Championship held its first competition just last year. The match gained NRA-sanctioning in 2010.

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