August 21st, 2019

Laser Boresighter Bargains — Starting at Just $8.99

Laser Boresight boresighter boresighting amazon cheap sale discount

Laser boresighters are very handy getting a new rifle or pistol on paper for the first time. A good, in-chamber boresighting unit can definitely save you time and money. You’ll definitely waste fewer rounds if you start with a boresighter which uses a laser to shine a bright red dot on the target.

And right now, on Amazon, you can get Laser Boresighters starting at the super-low price of $8.99 for the .223 Rem cartridge. Other sizes are $9.99 and up. The .270 Win/.30-06 Boresighter is $10.99, while the handy .223 Rem twin pack with two boresighters is $13.99. Buy the pair and give one to a buddy.

Laser Boresight boresighter boresighting amazon cheap sale discount

SPECIFICATIONS: Output Power: <5 mW; Laser Class/Wavelength: IIIA, 632 to 650 nm; Battery Type: AG3/LR41; Dot Size: 2" Diameter at 100 yards; Sighting Range: 15-100 yards; Operation: on/off end cap.

Laser Boresight boresighter boresighting amazon cheap sale discount

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November 3rd, 2011

New Laser Boresights for 17 HMR and .22LR Rimfire Rifles

With larger-caliber rifles, manual bore-sighting (with your eyeballs) is not that difficult. Just remove the bolt, and look through the bore at the target. It helps to have a well-illuminated, high-contrast circle target about 8″ to 12″ in diameter. When you’ve got the target centered, then stabilize your gun on the rest so it doesn’t move from that position. Because bore-sighting the old-fashioned way is not that difficult with larger calibers, we’re not sure laser bore-sighters and other gadgets are really needed.

Sightmark Rimfire Laser BoresighterHowever, with smaller calibers (.17, .204, .223), manual bore-sighting is not so easy. Much less light makes its way down the smaller-diameter bore, and it’s more difficult to find the target on the background. That’s why we welcome two new products from Sightmark. This Texas-based company has developed in-chamber laser boresights for 17 HMR and .22LR rimfire guns. The tiny boresights are correctly dimensioned so they fit in rimfire chambers just like normal 17 HMR or .22LR cartridges. With the boresight in place, simply flick a switch on the battery pack and the laser dot shows exactly where the rifle is aimed. The dot is roughly 2″ in diameter at 100 yards.

Sightmark rimfire boresights are made from brass, so they are gentle on your chambers. The separate battery pack holds two (2) AAA batteries, which will power the laser for about 30 hours. We like the fact that the battery pack is separate. That makes it easier to swap in new batteries, AND, importantly, the battery pack makes it obvious when the boresight is in use. That lessens the chance that someone could mistakenly try to chamber a live round with the boresight in place.

Sightmark Rimfire Laser Boresighter

Sightmark Rimfire Boresights Developed After Extensive Comparison Testing
“We tested every competitor’s chamber boresight for the 17 HMR and .22LR currently on the market and found that they did not work well, so we decided to create one that would,” said James Sellers, president of Sightmark. “Our Sightmark 17 HMR and .22LR boresights are as accurate as our other award-winning chamber boresights, so there’s no guessing if you’re on target”. Sightmark 17 HMR and .22LR Rimfire boresights retail for $47.99 and can be ordered directly from the Sightmark Online Catalog.

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April 16th, 2011

New Cabela’s In-Chamber Laser Bore-Sighter from LaserLyte and LaserLyte have teamed up to produce compact laser bore-sighters that fit inside your firearm’s chamber. The laser is housed in a brass assembly machined to duplicate an actual cartridge. To activate the laser, simply place the bore-sighter in the rifle’s chamber and close the bolt. There are two core units, the Laserlyte Cabela’s Premium .223 (collimated lens $99.00) and the Pro .223 (standard lens $69.99). Both the Premium and Pro bore-sighters fit a .223 Rem, but they can be adapted to other chamberings by adding a caliber-specific sleeve over the .223 core unit. In addition, LaserLyte makes separate in-chamber bore-sighters for the 17HMR and 50 BMG.

Laserlyte Cabela's

Laserlyte Cabela's

Adapt Basic Unit to other Calibers with SAAMI Sleeves
Both the Premium and the Professional .223 Boresighters can be used for a variety of chamberings by fitting additional caliber-specific sleeves (sold separately). Each sleeve is precision-machined from brass to SAAMI specs. Available chamber sleeve calibers include:

Laserlyte Cabela's

Bore-Sighting the Old-Fashion Way
We are not big fans of laser bore-sighters, as we think they are unnecessary for most situations — at least with conventional bolt-action rifles. Visual bore-sighting is not difficult. Set up your gun securely on bags, remove your bolt and set up a 50-yard target with a large bright orange or black center circle. Look through the back of the action and you should be able to sight down the bore with your own eyes just fine. In fact it may be easier to bore-sight the “old-fashioned way” rather that try to see a laser in bright sunlight at 50 or 100 yards.

When a Laser Bore-Sighter is Valuable
There are instances when having a laser bore-sighter can save time, such as when setting up a chronograph. Also, with many semiautos and lever guns, it is difficult to sight down the bore because of the action design. Without using mirrors, it’s hard to visually bore-sight an M1 Garand, for example. Likewise, it can be difficult to bore-sight an AR15, because the stock and buffer is in line with the bore. For these rifle types, a laser bore-sighter is a valuable tool.

In-Chamber Laser Should Be Safer
We like the new LaserLyte design because it fits in the chamber, rather than in the bore. In-Chamber laser bore-sighters are also made by Aimshot, Firefield, and SightMark, in a variety of sizes. With muzzle-entry laser bore-sighters, you could have a nasty accident if you forget to remove the device. There is always the chance you could chamber and fire a round with the muzzle-entry bore-sighter still in place. Instant Kaboom. That has happened more than once. The new LaserLyte/Cabela’s bore-sighter fills your chamber, so there is no possibility you could chamber a loaded round with the bore-sighter in place. That’s an important safety advantage. The LaserLyte K-50 in-chamber bore-sighter is shown in the video below.

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