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September 25th, 2015

New History of the Gun TV Series Features Factory Tours

Ruger Firearms History of Gun American Outdoors Ruger

A new cable television show, History of the Gun, debuts in October. The first episode, previewed in the videos below, features Ruger firearms. The show’s producers visit Ruger’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and show how Ruger handguns and rifles are crafted using “lean manufacturing” techniques and legions of CNC machines.

History of the Gun Episode One, Part ONE — Series Introduction.

Product casting at Ruger’s Foundry in Newport, New Hampshire.
Ruger Firearms History of Gun American Outdoors Ruger

History of the Gun Episode One, Part TWO — Inside the Ruger Factory.

Rifle readied for hydro-dipping process that applies camouflage finish.
Ruger Firearms History of Gun American Outdoors Ruger

The History of the Gun will be produced by Bill Rogers, the award-winning host/producer of the popular American Outdoors TV show. Every week History of the Gun will examine the firearms of yesterday and today, and take a peek at what’s on the drawing board for tomorrow. Factory tours will be regular highlights of the show.

History of the Gun airs on the Hunt Channel (Dish Network), Time Warner Cable, and is syndicated on a number of TV stations across America. History of the Gun also airs in Canada and Europe on WILD-TV.

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July 5th, 2013

New ‘A Girl and A Gun’ Documentary Is Worth Watching

A Girl and a gun movieThe feature documentary, A Girl and A Gun, shows the female perspective on firearms. In popular media, guns (and shooting) are more often associated with men and masculinity. When the media does cover the role of women shooters, it often gets the story wrong. The classic Hollywood portrayals of pistol-packin’ mamas, tomboy sharp-shooters, femme fatales, and high-heeled, cold-blooded assassins are caricatures. In truth, the typical woman who hangs out at rifle ranges and keeps ammo in her purse is the girl-next-door, the single mom, a hard working sister or aunt. Maybe she’s a realist or has learned tough lessons from life; either way, she cares about her personal safety and may even find salvation, comfort or something satisfying in possessing a gun.

A Girl and A Gun is available “On-Demand” through cable/satellite systems nationwide, including Cablevision, Comcast, Cox, DirecTV, DishNetwork, Time-Warner, and Verizon Fios. You can even download the movie via iTunes. A Girl and A Gun is also being shown in theaters nationwide this week. For screening dates and locations, CLICK HERE.

Breaking through stereotypes, A Girl and A Gun reveals America’s diverse and far-ranging female gun community. It depicts how this community is portrayed by the media and targeted by the gun industry; and shows, through personal stories, how guns change women’s lives. The intimate and graphic portrayals in A Girl and A Gun are of women who’ve carved themselves a home in the gun community, but their personal journeys in one way or another reflect the same issues every woman faces today.

Watch A Girl and A Gun Trailer

girl and gun movie

“A unique angle on the gun control issue…’A Girl and a Gun’ visits everyone from soccer moms to victims of violence, many of whom find empowerment, safety and sometimes more than a bit of ambivalence in their gun ownership. Czubek has crafted a far more even-handed film than Michael Moore’s ‘Bowling for Columbine,’ stirring much food for thought while still taking some comically surreal detours.” — CityArts, Seattle

“Cathryne Czubek meets a wide variety of gun-owning women in her debut doc A Girl and a Gun, most of whom don’t fit the two or three stereotypes outsiders likely expect…some will challenge conventional wisdom; a couple have deeply affecting personal stories.” — Hollywood Reporter

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February 15th, 2013

American Airgunner TV Show on Pursuit Channel

Air Rifle Gun shootingAmerican Airgunner is the first and only television show about airgun shooting sports. This cable TV show features a wide range of airgunning interests, including hunting, competitive shooting, and plinking. American Airgunner has signed a 52-week 2013 agreement with Pursuit Channel to help anchor its “Friday Night Firepower” line-up of shows with all-new episodes. American Airgunner will air Friday at 8:30 pm (EST), and again Wednesdays at 4:30 pm (EST). (Check local listings for other times.)

walther olympic air rifle

“2013 is already a good year for American Airgunner. We have a primetime slot on America’s largest outdoors network” said Justin Biddle, exec. producer of the show. Episodes this year will include airguns for Olympic-style competition, large- and small-game hunting, training, and backyard fun shooting. This year’s shows will also feature industry experts explaining airgun technologies and airgun history.

Airgunner Challenge — Test Your Skills
American Airgunner TV Show is seeking competitors “with strong personalities” for the 2013 Airgunner Challenge. Chosen challengers will vie for a $5000.00 top prize. You don’t need professional training in the shooting sports, just be in good physical shape and confident in your shooting abilities. Apply soon — Deadline is February 22, 2013. CLICK HERE for more information.

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July 20th, 2011

Top Shot Season 3 Debuts August 9th — Meet the Cast

Top Shot fans… get ready. The third season of the hit TV show Top Shot premiers on the History Channel Tuesday, August 9th at 10:00pm (9:00pm Central). Visit for photos and bios of all Season 3’s sixteen new competitors. Those vying for the $100,000 Top Shot grand prize include Mike Hughes, a USPSA production division shooter from Washington, and ace ICORE and USPSA wheelgunner Cliff Walsh of Florida. Other practical pistol shooters include Amanda Hardin from Alabama and Mark Schneider of Florida. Watch the video below for a Season 3 sneak peek, including short profiles of all the competitors.

Top Shot Season 3 Preview — Meet the Cast

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