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October 17th, 2017

Cabela’s Offers Temp-Responsive, Color-Shifting Camo Gear

hunting clothing colorphase temp sensitive hunter camo camouflage

Wouldn’t it be great if hunting clothing could adapt itself to the environment, changing colors to match the season. Sound like science fiction? In fact, this technology actually exists. Read on to learn about a new technology for hunters — color-shifting camouflage clothing.

Cabela’s exclusive “ColorPhase” camo gear is temperature-sensitive. As the temperature declines, ColorPhase clothing migrates from greens to browns and then to grays. This is achieved with a special rapid-reacting, temp-sensitive die. According to Cabela’s, ColorPhase camo is printed with “rapid-change, temperature-activated dye.” Under normal conditions, ColorPhase camo will begin changing colors at 65deg; Fahrenheit. So, with the cooler temperatures in the late hunting season, the gear should better match the grays and browns that dominate late October and November This would allow hunters to better blend in with their surroundings. At least that’s the theory….

color change camo camouflage cabelas cabela'sWatch Video to Learn More about ColorPhase Camo Clothing

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September 2nd, 2017

“Camo Tuesday” and Clothing Sales for Hunters

MidwayUSA Hunter Hunting Sale Camo Tuesday

Hunting season is coming up soon. To help hunters get outfitted with the proper hunting gear and clothing, MidwayUSA is running some big promotions. First, a wide variety of hunting clothing is now priced up to 50% off. Then on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, MidwayUSA conducts its Camo Tuesday One-Day Sale. Pitched as the “Hunters’ Black Friday”, Camo Tuesday will be a major, one-day Sales Event with huge discounts, starting at 12:01 AM on 9/5/2017. There is also a Camo Tuesday Contest with big product give-aways.

MidwayUSA Hunter Hunting Sale Camo Tuesday

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March 7th, 2014

Get $75.00 Rebate on Thompson/Center Hunting Rifles

Are you looking to save money on a factory varmint or hunting rifle? Well Thompson/Center Arms (T/C) is currently offering a $75.00 rebate with the purchase of any new T/C Venture™ rifle. The mail-in rebate program will be available to consumers who purchase a T/C Venture rifle from January 25, 2014 through April 30, 2014 in the United States or Canada.

Consumers can choose from 16 different calibers ranging from the .204 Ruger to the big .338 Winchester Magnum. Made in America and backed by Thompson/Center’s lifetime warranty, the T/C Venture provides consumers with an affordable, value-packed hunting rifle.

Thompson/Center T/C Venture Rebate discount

Click HERE for Rebate Coupon

Lifetime Warranty, One MOA Group Size Guarantee
T/C Venture rifles come with a One Minute of Angle (MOA) accuracy guarantee, plus a full lifetime factory warranty. T/C Venture bolt-action rifles features a precision barrel with 5R rifling, a user-adjustable trigger, fat bolt design with 60-degree lift, composite stock featuring traction grip panels, QD sling swivel studs, and a single stack 3+1 detachable nylon magazine. Various models are offered, including the popular T/C Venture Predator with Realtree Camo finish.

Thompson/Center T/C Venture Rebate discount

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January 30th, 2014

Reptilian Bling for Santiago’s New .284 Win Prone Rifle

Santiago Tubegun Eliseo R1 Snakeskin Hydro-dip

Santiago Tubegun Eliseo R1 Snakeskin Hydro-dipA 7mm Snake for Santiago
Our friend Dennis Santiago has a new reptile in his arsenal. It’s actually an Eliseo R1 single-shot tubegun chambered in .284 Winchester. The eye-catching aspect of Santiago’s new toy is the snakeskin dip job on the exterior. This really creates a distinctive look. Dennis tells us: “It was Gary Eliseo’s idea to try a water-transfer printing finish for this rifle. There are many patterns to choose from — this is the WTP-260 Snakeskin Illusion-Fall Copper from For a single shot LR gun, I figured something on the bright side would be interesting and pick up less heat from the sun in the summer.”

Dennis will use his new rifle in prone and tactical matches. He says: “I can’t wait to start breaking it in. Underneath the hood, it’s a Rem 700 Long Action, chambered in .284 Win. Yes it’s a single shot! I don’t need anything else for a prone gun. Nothing to get in the way of building the perfect position.”

Santiago Tubegun Eliseo R1 Snakeskin Hydro-dip

Dennis says: “Length of pull, offset and cast initially set the same as my similar RTS .308. My gun, my body dimensions.”
Santiago Tubegun Eliseo R1 Snakeskin Hydro-dip

A FFP Sightron Rides on Top
The optic is a Sightron 6-24x50mm, FFP MOA-2. Dennis reports: “I looked at many scopes (within my determined price range), and this is the one that had the best combination of features for for this gun’s particular application. The sight line sits about 3 inches above bore line on these guns. It’s been leveled, bore-sighted and pre-dialed for a 200-yard estimated zero for the ammo I plan to use during break-in. If I did everything right, the first round will be on paper — theoretically. Those are Gen II A.R.M.S. rings. Super easy to tailor to different rail widths. Same rock-steady steel performance.”

Santiago Tubegun Eliseo R1 Snakeskin Hydro-dip

Santiago Tubegun Eliseo R1 Snakeskin Hydro-dip

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November 14th, 2013

Coating Breakthrough: Two-Part DuraCoat® in One Rattle Can

DuraCoat aerosol can in can two-stage gun coatingWouldn’t it be great if you could apply a durable, two-part, commercial-grade coating on gun parts, with the ease of “rattle can” spraying. Until recently, you had to have some pro-grade equipment to apply multi-stage coatings. Now that has changed thanks to a new “can-in-a-can” developed in Europe. DuraCoat® can now be applied, in your choice of nine colors, from a single, convenient rattle can. The secret is the new type of twin-chamber can construction. An inner chamber holds the DuraCoat hardener (catalyst), while an outer chamber contains the DuraCoat color coating liquid.

The “can-in-a-can” design keeps the two elements completely separate until you are ready to apply the coating. It’s really quite ingenious. Duracoat’s owner, Steve Lauer, found this innovative dual-chamber aerosol can design in Europe. We believe his company, Lauer Custom Weaponry is the first to introduce this spray can technology in the American gun coating market.

DuraCoat aerosol can in can two-stage gun coating

Video Shows How to Apply DuraCoat with New Twin-Chamber Aerosol Can

DuraCoat aerosol can in can two-stage gun coatingDuraCoat is a two-part coating system. Once the DuraCoat is mixed with the hardener, a chemical reaction occurs. That is why the two fluids must be kept separated until it’s time to coat a project. When you’re ready, you mix the two products by pushing a plunger in the bottom of the can. This is done by attaching a red button to the bottom of the can. Push down on the can and you’ll here a “pop” that indicates the hardener can migrate into the main chamber. Shake the can for a couple minutes and you are good to go (provided the product to be coated has been prepped properly.)

DuraCoat aerosol can in can two-stage gun coating

DuraCoat is Versatile
Duracoat can be used on carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, metal alloys, wood, plastic and many other surfaces. No baking or pre-heating is required. DuraCoat is not just a thin cosmetic layer like conventional paint. When properly applied, DuraCoat offers good abrasion resistance and very effective protection against corrosion. DuraCoat Aerosol is currently offered in nine (9) popular colors: Matte Black, Woodland Green, Parkerized Gray, OD Green, White, Combat Gray, Pink Lady, Magpul Flat Dark Earth, and Blackhawk Coyote Tan. View DuraCoat Color Chart.

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March 21st, 2013

Mirage Shields — Not Just for Benchresters Anymore

AccurateShooter Mirage ShieldMirage shields really do help you hit your targets more reliably. Novice shooters may wonder “Why does that guy have a venetian blind attached to his barrel?” Here’s why. As the barrel gets hot, the heat from the barrel rises up, cooking and distorting the air directly in front of the scope’s front lens. In essense, the rifle creates its own nasty visual mirage, right in the worst possible place. You can have a $4000.00 custom rifle and a $2500.00 scope but if the air in front of your scope is distorted, it can literally move your apparent point of aim on the target relative to your cross-hairs, causing you to miss the shot.

As our friend Boyd Allen observed: “Varminters should use mirage shields. Think about it. You’ve invested thousands of dollars in a fancy varmint rifle and quality scope. You may have spent hundreds of dollars traveling to the varmint fields and spent dozens of hours loading up your ammo. Without a mirage shield on your barrel, once that barrel gets hot, you WILL get mirage effects that can make you miss a shot.”

So, we’ve established you need a mirage shield to shoot your best when the barrel gets hot. You can make your own shield from a scrap blind, or purchase a ready-made plastic or aluminum shield. Sinclair Int’l offers 2″-wide, white mirage shields in 18″ (#06-7200) or 24″ (#06-7300) lengths for $4.95. Shotmaster 10X offers a variety of Patterned Mirage Shields, starting at $6.00. These include a Patriotic theme and even Tiger Stripes:

ShotMaster 10X mirage shields

Camo Mirage Shields for Tactical Shooters and Hunters
Though tactical shooters should use mirage shields for long-distance, slow-fire stages, for the most part, tactical shooters don’t bother. One reason is that mirage shields CAN detach if you’re crawling around in the bush. However, for many tactical shooting situations, a mirage shield IS both practical and recommended. And now, for the first time, tactical shooters can get mirage shields in camo patterns to match their rifles. These camo shields should also be popular with varminters and long-range hunters.

ShotMaster 10X mirage shields

At the request of, Shotmaster 10X created a line of camo-pattern mirage shields (see above). Made of 2″-wide aluminum strips, these are available in 18″, 20″, and 24″ lengths. The camo-pattern shields come complete with Velcro attachments, and start at $8.50 for the 18″ length. The 20″ models are $9.50, while 24″ shields are $11.00.

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August 30th, 2012

Mirage Shields Tame Barrel Heat for More Accurate Shooting

Even if you don’t shoot competitively, you can benefit from having a mirage shield on your barrel. The shield helps prevent barrel heat from “cooking” the air in front of your scope, which can distort the view you see through the optic. Barrel heat creates a mirage effect that can blur the target image and actually shift your apparent aiming point up and down. Competitors know that a mirage shield helps them shoot smaller groups and better scores. Mirage shields can likewise benefit Varmint shooters on those hot summer groundhog and prairie dog expeditions.

Make a Mirage Shield from Discarded X-Ray Film
Forum member Fabian from Germany, whose Sako 6BR was featured as a Gun of the Week, has devised a clever and inexpensive mirage band option. Fabian is a radiologist by trade. He notes that many X-ray machines require a daily test film for calibration. These are normally just discarded in the trash, so you can get them for free.

mirage shield

Fabian explains: “I’m a radiologist, so I handle medical x-ray films every day. Modern X-ray machines use laser-based printers and they need to print a test-film every day. One x-ray film is about 43×35 cm (16.9″ x 13.7″). Made from polyester, the films are very stable and only 0.007″ inches thick. They are light-weight, semi-transparent, and very stable. Using normal scissors, you can easily cut four mirage shields from a single sheet of film. Then glue on some velcro to attach to your barrel. Try it, you will not be disappointed.”

mirage shield

More Do-It-Yourself Ideas
Other forum members have made mirage shields out of common, inexpensive materials such as old venetian blinds, thin plastic edging strips, and even cardboard reinforced with strapping tape. There’s no “magic material”. However many shooters have found that wider shields (extending well past the barrel sides) work better than narrow shields, particularly in hot weather.

Mirage Shields with Printed Designs
If you prefer to purchase a mirage shield, Shotmaster 10X offers a wide variety of shields starting at just $5.00 for a plain white 18″ shield. Patterned shields (including camo designs) are priced by length: $8.50 (18″), $9.50 (20″), $11.00 (24″). All Shotmaster shields come with two (2) velcro patches with self-stick adhesive.

Shotmaster 10X Mirage Shield

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February 6th, 2012

Patent Awarded for Overmolding on Patterned Gunstocks

Polymer Injection Molding (PIM) of Monson, MA has been awarded U.S. Patent 68,062,736 for overmolding gunstocks coated with a decorative or protective substrate. Overmolding typically is used to enhance synthetic stocks by molding a soft, rubber-like material to gripped areas of a gunstock (fore-end and pistol grip). Sometimes overmolding is applied to the entire stock. Overmolding also is used to decorate stocks with contrasting colors and textures.

OvermoldingApplying overmolding to a decorated gunstock (camo, wood grain, etc.) has proven to be extremely difficult and costly and has not been practiced widely. As a result, overmolded stocks typically have a black, grey, tan or other basic, out-of-the-mold colors. See, e.g. the Hogue Over-Molded stocks. PIM’s patented technology changes all that. Now overmolding can be applied over camo-dipped and other patterned stocks. This is typically done in key contact areas on the fore-arm and on the pistol grip section.

According to PIM President Jim Ryan, “We did our first overmolded stock for a gun manufacturer over ten years ago. It wasn’t long before everybody wanted to camo and overmold the same stock. That proved to be easier said than done. Masking the overmolded part makes a horrible mess and overmolding directly over camo (without our process) has big adhesion problems. We experimented for a long time before coming up with a process that worked. We overmold over camo day-in and day-out without any problem. It looks great and holds up as well as direct overmolding applications”.

Craig Dougherty, PIM’s Marketing Director, echoed Ryan’s comments. “The ultimate added value is to decorate with camo and overmold the grip areas with a complementary color. We’ve done a lot of basic black over camo but overmolded tan, grey and green grips really punch it up. Now that our technology is protected, we expect to be doing more variations”. For more info, visit the PIM website at

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January 7th, 2012

Cerakote Launches New Website with 10% Off Promotion

Cerakote Firearm Coatings has rolled out a new, interactive website, There you’ll find detailed test results of Cerakote durability and corrosion resistance. You’ll also find informative videos that show how to prep products for the coating process, and how to apply Cerakote on plastic and metal products.

Cerakote Tactical Rifle Digital Camo
Digital Camo on Tactical Rifle: H-248 Forest Green, H-199 Desert Sand, and , H-146 Graphite Black.

Get 10% Off Cerakote Products
To celebrate the launch of the Cerakote website, Cerakote is offering 10% OFF any order of $100 or more with the Promo Code TAKE 10. Note: This discount is valid for online orders only, and Promo Code must be applied at checkout.

Click Images Below to View Cerakote Test Results (PDF Files)
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January 2nd, 2012

New Folding Tactical Stocks from Manners Composite Stocks

Manners Composite Stocks has released a new series of folding tactical stocks, the MCS-TF (Tactical Folder) series. There are four TF versions: TF1 through TF4. These offer different fore-end and buttstock options, but share the same folding mechanism and hardware.

Manners Stocks TF Folder

Tom Manners explains the new folding design: “The goal of this project was to create a lightweight, super strong folder stock, with a rock-solid hinge lock-up. We feel that we have got pretty close to that. The weights of the completed stocks are running from 4.5 to 4.8 pounds. If you run a mini chassis this will bring them up to about 4.9 to 5.3 pounds.”

Manners Stocks TF Folder

Manners Stocks TF Folder

Much work went in to the hinge design, which has been in development for more than a year: “We have created a simpler, lighter weight hinge, with … rock solid lock-up. The hinge is a combination of high strength chrome-moly steel and aluminum, which has been parkerized or hardcoated. It is manufactured by Badger Ordnance exclusively for us. The hinge itself is molded and cast into the stock shell. This means the shell wraps around the hinge, with no screws or attachment systems to become loose. The hinge design itself is very simple and basic; once closed, the back portion of the hinge wraps around and locks-up the front portion of the hinge to create a very solid system. To open [the hinge] all that is needed is a push on the checkered button on the left side of the stock.”

Manners Stocks TF Folder

Manners Stocks TF Folder

The Manners TF Series also locks back in the folded position, using a positive-locking steel pin. Tom explains: “In the butt, there is a push button on the right side behind the cheek, when it is depressed; it extends the locking mechanism out the left side of the stock. It is just a simple push of the button to close the system. Once closed, the button sits about .250” below the surface of the stock so that it can not be accidentally depressed. To open all you need to do is give it another push.”

Manners Stocks TF Folder

Stock Specs and Options
All Manners TF-Series stocks will come standard with an adjustable cheek, full inlet, 1” Pachmayer Decelerator pad, and action pillars. These stocks will be offered with molded-in camo finishes or molded-in solid colors, with a textured surface in key areas. Available inlets include: All Rem-based actions, Winchester Model 70, Savage (and a few others — check website for details). These new TF series stocks will be on display at SHOT Show 2012 in Las Vegas. For more info, visit or call Tom Manners at (816) 283-3334.

Product Tip from EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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February 25th, 2011

Manners Stocks Now Offers Molded-in Camo Finishes

Manners Composite StocksTom Manners of Manners Composite Stocks, makes very high-quality, stiff rifle stocks. Tom has designs for hunters, varminters, F-Class Shooters, and tactical shooters. All his stocks are strong for their weight, and you can count on a Manners stock to have correct geometry and first-rate build quality.

However, until recently, if you wanted a Manners stock with a molded-in finished, you had to settle for a solid color, in some variation of tan, green, gray, or black. That has changed. Manners Composite Stocks now offers molded-in camo, multi-color stock finishes. You can get these molded-in MSC Camo finishes for no extra charge over the regular price of the stock.

Manners’ MCS Camo color schemes consist of three colors: a base, which is usually 40%, and two lesser colors that usually are 30% each of the total finish. Tom reports: “We do our best to maintain the color balance of the Camo, but each one is done by hand and two stocks are never the same. There are 5 different molded-in versions of our MCS-Camo and 2 solid colors (OD Green and Coyote Tan).” The molded-in finishes are currently offered for the following stock models: MCS-T, TA, T2, T3, T4, T4quad, T5 and T5A; Special Order: Mcs-T4A and T2A.

Tom tells us: “The molded-in finishes are smooth compared to our painted finishes. For the guys that like the textured feel of our painted stock but want the durability of a molded-in finish, for $35.00 extra, we offer the ArmourGrip option — a textured dead flat clear finish that is applied to the stock.”

Custom Painted Finishes Offered Also
In addition to the new line of molded-in finishes, for an extra fee, you can order a custom, painted finish. This can be applied to either the stock, or to the complete rifle (more coverage is more money). Samples of custom paint jobs are shown below. All colors are a dead flat finish to minimize light reflection and have a non-slip pebble finish. The polyurethane enamel paint used is very durable. But, like all paints, it will scratch if dragged over rocks, limbs, and other sharp surfaces.

Manners Composite Stocks PAINTED FINISH Samples (other styles offered.)

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May 22nd, 2010

Tactical Beer Holsters for Thirsty Operators

Beer Beverage camo holsterFor hunters and Tactical operators with big thirsts, here is the ultimate “Après-shoot” accessory. The new Tactical 6-pack beer holster from Dillyeo will hold enough suds for a SWAT entry team, or one really serious boozer. Made from rugged nylon in Woodland Camo pattern, this utility beverage belt allows operators to keep both hands free for mission-critical gear, such as TV remote controls or bean dip.

And for Tactical tee-totalers, the 6-pack holster can also handle non-alcoholic beverages (any 12-ounce can will fit). Priced at just $7.99, the 6-pack holster is a bargain compared to most tactical gear on the market today. And, in all seriousness, it’s actually a clever product that could be great on hikes, picnics, or on a river-rafting trip (but stick to soft drinks at the shooting range). The belt fits waist sizes from 30-54. If the $7.99 Dillyeo belt is sold out, retails a similar 6-Pack Beer Belt for $9.98. Shown below, this Beer Belt holds both cans and bottles. Bottoms up!

Beer Beverage camo holster

CAUTION: While this product is real, it is featured here for satirical purposes. Alcohol and firearms are a dangerous combination. NEVER consume alcoholic beverages before you go shooting, or while you are handling firearms. Don’t even consider drinking until: 1) your guns and ammo are unloaded and safely stowed away; and 2) you have left the firing area, and you have stopped shooting for the day. Wise shooters NEVER bring booze to a shooting range, period.

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December 19th, 2009

Huge Sale on Camo and Blaze Clothing for Hunters

Camo and Blaze hunting clothingHunters take note. Right now is running a huge promotion on camo and blaze orange clothing, with with prices slashed up to 70%. For example, Cabela’s Dry-Plus® ES1 Maximum Raingear Jacket (Real-Tree Camo) is marked down to $49.99, $100.00 off the regular price. The price of a blaze orange fleece vest is now just $8.80 compared to $22.99 regularly. Quiet, packable microdenier Rain Suede camo pants are marked down to $49.88 from $139.99. And these are but a few of the many dozens of items on sale.

You probably won’t find a wider selection of deeply-discounted, name-brand camo and blaze clothing on the web. Though this sale you can get fully outfitted, from head to foot, at big savings.

CLICK HERE for Cabela’s Hunting and Outdoor Clothing Blow-Out SALE.

Camo and Blaze hunting clothing

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August 23rd, 2009

Hard-Working Aussie Rifles with Wild Dog Stocks

Australia hunting rifle wild dog stock

It’s not unusual for a shooter to acquire a nice, custom hunting rifle that spends nearly all its life as a safe queen, getting used only once every few seasons, if at all. That’s why we like to see hunting guns that “earn their keep” in regular field use.

Forum member Andrew from Geelong, Australia has two matching hunting rifles that definitely get serious use, harvesting a wide variety of wild game. Both guns are built on Winchester Model 70 actions, fitted in Australian-crafted Wild Dog camo stocks. One rifle is chambered in .243 Win, while the other is a 270 WSM. Andrew has fitted Leupold VXL 4.5-14×50 scopes to both guns. That is the scope with the odd-looking cutaway front objective that lets the scope sit lower on the gun.

Australia hunting rifle wild dog stock Australia hunting rifle wild dog stock

Wild Dog Stocks and Custom Rifles from Australia
Wild Dog Australia, based near Brisbane, Queensland, produces both innovative high-tech stocks, as well as complete rifles. Wild Dog’s staffers are all active shooters and hunters. They build stocks that are light, but very strong, employing carbon fiber and advanced composites. The folks at Wild Dog aren’t afraid to think “outside the box”. One of the clever signature features of Wild Dog hunting stocks is a trap-door ammo caddy integrated into the buttstock. Smart eh? The flip-open ammo storage keeps your ammo clean and secure. You don’t have to mess with clumsy strap-on ammo sleeves that can slide around and collect debris and thorns.

Australia rifle wild dog stock

Australia rifle wild dog stock

Wild Dog Does Tactical Too
In addition to its hunting and varmint stocks, Wild Dog now produces a variety of rugged tactical stocks. The carbon-fiber reinforced thumbhole LA-TA2 and SA-TA2 feature clean lines with no protrusions. (These stocks run about US $900, plus another US $125 for custom camo paint.) Ergonomics are excellent and we think the grip/thumbhole area fits the hand better than an Accuracy International thumbhole stock.

Australia rifle wild dog stock

Australia rifle wild dog stock

Wild Dog also makes an excellent REM-SA-TA1 non-thumbhole tactical stock for Rem-clone short actions. The LA-TA2, SA-TA2, and REM-SA-TA1 all feature adjustable cheekpieces and adjustable length-of-pull spacer systems. Shown below is something you don’t see very often, a snakeskin camo Barnard-actioned tactical rifle. Leave it to the Aussies….

Australia rifle wild dog stock

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