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April 22nd, 2014

Huge Discounts on Weaver Scopes at Natchez Shooters Supplies

Looking for a good, solid scope for your hunting or varmint rifle, but don’t want to spend more than $400.00? Here’s your opportunity. Natchez Shooting Supplies just slashed prices on the Weaver Classic Extreme Series of rifle scopes. This is a major price cut. Scopes that previously retailed for $500 or more are now being sold for $300-$350.00. Here’s an example, the Weaver Classic Extreme 8-32x50mm is going for $499.99 on eBay but Natchez has it for $349.95. And the Weaver 4-16x50mm Classic Extreme scope is now just $299.95, also marked way down from the original $500+ price. These scopes offer 30mm maintubes, 95% light transmission, multi-coated optics, and fast-focus eyepieces.

Quantities are limited and prices are subject to change. CLICK HERE for Natchez Sale Inventory.

Natchez Weaver Optics Sale

Sale Tip by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.


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May 25th, 2012

eBay Eases Restrictions on Gun Parts Allowed for Sale or Auction

ebay logoYou probably know that eBay, the internet’s #1 auction site, forbids sales of firearms, actions, and ammunition. eBay has, in the past, also banned listings of a wide variety of gun components and accessories. However, eBay just issued a new policy allowing sales and auctions of more gun-related products. The “green light” has been given to sales of barrels, bolts, clips and magazines (10 rounds or less), triggers, firing pins, and hammers. In addition, listings of pistol slides and revolver cylinders are now allowed.

Even with the policy changes, “the listing of firearms, replica firearms, ammunition, and other firearm-related items is still prohibited on eBay.” In addition there remain some special restrictions: “You may now show your accessories on a firearm in your photo, as long as it is not an assault weapon and there is no indication in the listing that the firearm is included in the sale. You and all of the items listed must be located in the US and you must only offer domestic shipping on these items.” eBay’s new gun component policies are set forth in the following notice issued to eBay sellers.

New eBay Policies for Hunting Category Listings

ebay logoWe want to inform you eBay’s Hunting category has expanded to include more items, which could mean more buyers and sales for you. Now you can list the following firearm parts and accessories on the eBay US site ( with domestic shipping:

Enbloc clips
Choke tubes
Firing pins
Magazines with a capacity to accept 10 rounds or less (high-capacity magazines that can accept more than 10 rounds are not allowed)
Trigger assemblies

Important Guidelines
We take the update to the Hunting category seriously and will monitor these items vigilantly for compliance with the eBay firearms policy and all relevant laws and regulations. If your listing does not meet the requirements of this policy, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions to your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account. Keep in mind these important guidelines when listing any of these firearm parts and accessories:

You may now show your accessories on a firearm in your photo, as long as it is not an assault weapon and there is no indication in the listing that the firearm is included in the sale. You and all of the items listed must be located in the US and you must only offer domestic shipping on these items.

Listing accessories related to assault weapons is still prohibited on eBay. If your accessory is compatible with other weapons as well as assault weapons, you may list it, but may not mention any assault weapon compatibility. The listing of firearms, replica firearms, ammunition, and other firearm-related items is still prohibited on eBay. Please carefully review the site policy that outlines firearm restrictions before listing these items, and be sure your listings—titles, descriptions, and photos—are in compliance with the new update.

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May 21st, 2012

How to Sell Guns and Gear Online

Cash MoneyThe summer shooting season is nearly here. That means many of you need to raise cash or move older items to finance your new toys. What’s the best way to sell gun gear and accessories quickly? In today’s world, the Internet provides the easiest, most economical means to sell precision firearms, high-end optics, and specialized reloading tools. On our AccurateShooter Forum, we have a very active Marketplace with FREE Classifieds for registered Forum members. If an item is priced attractively, even a big-ticket item, there’s a good chance it may sell within 48 hours or even sooner. One Forum member told us: “Stuff sells fast on your Forum. I had a take-off barrel on the Savage Forum for a couple weeks with no takers. I put it up on the AccurateShooter Forum and it sold the same day.”

Free Classifieds

The Benchrest Classifieds operated by Benchrest Central is also a good place to sell benchrest guns (both centerfire and rimfire), actions, scopes, rests, and reloading tools. Benchrest Classifieds listings aren’t free, but the $3.00 basic fee is nominal.

Gun Auction Sites

Gunbroker and Auction Arms
The mainstream gun auction sites such as and Auction Arms have large audiences. These sites are good choices for selling factory rifles, shotguns, or pistols. is a bigger site than Auction Arms, with much more traffic. That means more potential buyers, but it also means you’ll be competing with many more sellers. Both sites allow you to set reserve prices, and offer “Buy It Now” (fixed price) options.

How Much Will It Cost?
Listing fees and policies for the important gun classifieds and online auctions are listed below. Check the pricing structure carefully. and Auction Arms have sliding-scale fees based on a complicated formula. But basically, the higher the auction price, the more you pay. For a rifle with a $1000.00 high bid, the fee is roughly $26.00 at close of auction. For a $2000.00 sale, the fee would be about $41.00. For a gun sold at auction for $3500.00, the fee would be $63.50. GunsAmerica has tiered fees due on sale–$10 minimum plus another $10 each time you pass a $1K mark. For example, the fee for a $1001-$2000 sale is $20, while the fee for a $2001-$3000 sale is $30.00. That makes a FREE listing on or a $3.00/mo listing on Benchrest Classifieds look very attractive.

Classified Advert vs. Auction
For a precision benchrest, F-Class, Tactical or High Power rifle, you may get the best results posting a For Sale ad on a Forum that caters to the right discipline. You want your ad to reach the right “niche” audience. On the other hand, a auction will have tens of thousands of potential buyers. For our Shooters’ Forum Classifieds, we’ve found that, if you price your rig attractively (and you provide good photos), your gun should sell quickly. Plus with conventional Classifieds, you can sell immediately–you don’t have to wait for an auction to end. For scopes and reloading equipment (but not firearms, actions, barrels etc.), also consider eBay. Many gun-related items are still allowed on eBay and it does have a huge audience.

Online Sales Options — Classifieds & Auction Sites
Website AccurateShooter AuctionArms GunsAmerica
Service Sale, WTB, or Trade Sale, WTB, or Trade Auction +
Buy It Now
Auction +
Buy It Now
Sale or Auction
No Fee on Sale.
Insert Fees:
$3.00/30 days
$5.50/60 days
$7.00/90 days
No Fee on Sale.

Free for items under $25 price.

Free Insert.
On Sale: $1.25 plus 2.5% of $25-$1000 plus 1.5% of $1000+
$4 signup. Free Insert.
On Sale: $1.25 plus 2.5% over $25 to $1000. Over $1000 is $26 + 1.5% of price over $1000.
$10 up to $1K
$20 up to $2K
$30 up to $3K
$10 minimum
2% of price,
$2 minimum
Photos Free Unlimited
Free Hosting
Up to 3 photos, 300 pixels max
Free Hosting
10 per item
Free Hosting
10 per item
Free Hosting
One Image Free. $2 for
2-5 more images.
Text Limit No limit 1000 words No limit No limit n/a
Time Limit No Limit 30-day terms 30-day Auction 30-day Auction 7 days or 60 days
Comment Good deals sell fast! Very easy to use. But, old ads don’t self-delete. Good deals sell fast. Logical categories. Small photos. Listing process somewhat difficult. Too many commercial sellers. Bad customer service. Must have Credit Card on File. Not many precision rifle buyers. Server can be slow. Small photos, hard to navigate, many outdated ads. Complex upgrade options.
Active Moderator. E-mails answered promptly. Webmaster answers E-Mail promptly. Hopeless.
No Phone #. Confusing FAQs. Emails not answered.
Support person responds to phone and email. No phone #. Extensive FAQs. E-mail sometimes answered after 2-3 days.
Top Level
Yes. 15 newest ads appear at top level. None Yes. $5 extra fee for Showcase. Yes. Java feed of closing auctions Yes. New and Featured Listings (extra fee).
Traffic 8,500+
n/a #1 Online Auction* 55,000+
* While these major auction sites have lots of traffic, their traffic is distributed over many thousands of auctions. It’s easy to get lost on the big sites. and offer a much higher ratio of visits per listing.

To learn more about selling guns and gun accessories online, read our full feature story on Online Gun Selling and Auctions. This story includes Sure-fire Tips for Selling online, plus advice on how to take and upload the right kind of photos. Products with photos sell much faster.

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September 26th, 2011

Find Bargains Fast with Classified Ad Helper Apps

Craigslist, the #1 classifieds ad service on the web, is a source for some great bargains. While you can’t purchase guns on Craigslist, you CAN find all sorts of hunting and outdoor gear, and shooting accessories. The only problem with Craigslist is that it’s very time-consuming to access a large region — you have to search one municipal area at a time. Well folks, there’s now a better way to use Craigslist.

Craigslist Search Helpers — SearchTempest and CraigsPal lets you search all the Craigslist ads in the whole country if you wish, or you can narrow it down to a state, or a designated distance from your zip code (you set the distance, such as within 50 miles or 250 miles). SearchTempest even lets you include eBay listings and listings. You can filter for price and exclude listings without photos. The SearchTempest interface is easy-to-use and intuitive. We use SearchTempest all the time and have found some spectacular bargains, all within a half-day’s drive.

Search Tempest Craigslist

SearchTempest is great, but there is an even more advanced tool for computer-savy bargain hunters — CraigsPal search helper software. Once installed on your computer, CraigsPal can search all Craigslist listings nationwide or you can choose any combination of multiple neighborhoods/city/state/countries and get results sorted in single screen. CraigsPal can remember your searches and even simultaneously run multiple searches for various items — that’s a huge time-saver. offers both a FREE Version of CraigsPal and an enhanced $29.99 Members Version. The deluxe Members Version can run “autopilot” searches in the background, sending you an alert when a specific item comes up for sale. Pretty cool. CLICK HERE to learn more about SearchTempest, CraigsPal, and other Craigslist tools.

Beyond Craigslist — The World of Claz.Org
If you can’t find the items you want on Craigslist, there’s another super-fast and powerful classifieds ads viewer, This service, which just released a completely updated (and speedy) search engine, scans over 200 web classifieds services. These include eBay Classifieds,,,, EasyAutoSales, RVTraderOnline, and scores of other regional classifieds services. By accessing multiple classifieds web sites, lets you search through nearly 23 million different listings nationwide. You can geo-target your searches by zip code or city, or leave the location field blank to search the entire country.

Search Tempest Craigslist

We used to search for “Leupold Scope”, and results came up instantly, with some great bargains. You should definitely check out — it is a valuable supplement to eBay and Craigslist. is fast and easy to use, and it can find bargains that don’t appear on Craigslist.

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September 14th, 2009

Find Craigslist Bargains Nationwide with

If you haven’t started using yet, you should. Craigslist is now the #1 Classified Ad resource in the nation. Like eBay, you can find just about anything on Craigslist — from cameras to classic cars. While you won’t normally find firearms for sale on Craigslist, you will find scopes, rangefinders, reloading equipment, gunsafes, and other shooting-related merchandise. Just use the search function and dig through the “for sale” listings.

Craiglist has one major shortcoming that can make bargain-hunting tedious and time-consuming. Craigslist is organized by community. So, typically, you can only search for stuff in one metropolitan region at a time. That’s fine if you’re looking for a gunsafe, where local pickup is important. But otherwise you may want to scan listings from multiple cities, multiple states, or even the whole country. Until recently, there was no way to do that efficiently. has changed all that…

New Service Scans Craigslist Ads Nationwide
Using, you can now quickly and easily search Craigslist entries anywhere in the country. Or, if you prefer, you can search for relevant ads within a given distance (say, 500 miles) of your zip code. You can set minimum and maximum prices, or limit results to ads with photos. The results will be organized by region, near to far, top to bottom. Unfortunately that means you’ll still have to do a lot of scrolling, but at least you only have to search once.


Shown below are the results of a search for “Binoculars Zeiss” within 1000 miles of Denver, CO. This shows just the top three, closest regional entries (Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins) — there are dozens more pages with matching “hits”. The search results start with “nearest first” and will cover the entire region you selected.


SearchTempest finds EBay Items Also
Along with Craigslist entries, SearchTempest lets you search eBay listings at the same time. This can be handy. When searching for gun accesories or reloading gear we recommend you activate SearchTempest’s eBay search.

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November 30th, 2007

New Auction Website for Reloaders

In July 2007, eBay announced a policy banning the listing and sales of “any firearm part that is required for the firing of a gun”. This wholesale ban created an immediate vacuum in the auction market for bullets, barrels, slides, magazines and other firearm components.

There’s now a new auction site that hopes to replace eBay for sellers and buyers of gun parts and reloading components. launched in August 2007, just a few weeks after eBay announced its anti-gun policy. The creators of the new site, who are avid reloaders themselves, explain: “We started this auction site because eBay has stopped the sale of most all reloading supplies, gun parts, and most knives. We wanted to always have a place to buy reloading and hunting supplies at a great deal….” The site combines an eBay-style auction experience with enhanced features including “Want to Buy” ads and barter (“Swap”) offerings.

Because is so new, there were only 400 or so active auctions as of November 30th. But that should change quickly. There are some very nice navigation features which make the site easy to use. Right on the front page, “Ending Soon” and “Most Popular” auctions are listed in convenient table style format, so you can scan dozens of auctions in one glance. The “Most Viewed Items” also appear on the home page, highlighting good deals that you might not find via a word search.

We wish well. It is based in North Carolina, an area where gun rights are respected, and where there is a strong tradition of hunting and shooting sports. So, next time you need bullets, brass, or reloading accessories, check out this new site. There are some good deals to be had.

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