November 30th, 2007

New Auction Website for Reloaders

In July 2007, eBay announced a policy banning the listing and sales of “any firearm part that is required for the firing of a gun”. This wholesale ban created an immediate vacuum in the auction market for bullets, barrels, slides, magazines and other firearm components.

There’s now a new auction site that hopes to replace eBay for sellers and buyers of gun parts and reloading components. launched in August 2007, just a few weeks after eBay announced its anti-gun policy. The creators of the new site, who are avid reloaders themselves, explain: “We started this auction site because eBay has stopped the sale of most all reloading supplies, gun parts, and most knives. We wanted to always have a place to buy reloading and hunting supplies at a great deal….” The site combines an eBay-style auction experience with enhanced features including “Want to Buy” ads and barter (“Swap”) offerings.

Because is so new, there were only 400 or so active auctions as of November 30th. But that should change quickly. There are some very nice navigation features which make the site easy to use. Right on the front page, “Ending Soon” and “Most Popular” auctions are listed in convenient table style format, so you can scan dozens of auctions in one glance. The “Most Viewed Items” also appear on the home page, highlighting good deals that you might not find via a word search.

We wish well. It is based in North Carolina, an area where gun rights are respected, and where there is a strong tradition of hunting and shooting sports. So, next time you need bullets, brass, or reloading accessories, check out this new site. There are some good deals to be had.

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