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November 2nd, 2007

'Britactical' Rifle Places Third in Euro Match

6.5x47 Lapua tacticalOur most recent Gun of the Week was a 6.5×47 Lapua Tactical Rifle built with a Surgeon Action, Krieger Barrel, and McMillan stock. Built for Rob Hunter to use in a European Military and Sniper Competition in the Czech Republic, this rifle proved it’s mettle in its first-ever competition. Vince Bottomley, who smithed the rifle, reports: “Just to let you know… with his ‘Britactical’ rifle, Rob finished a magnificent third in Czechoslovalia–out of thirty-odd shooters. Not bad for a brand new rifle and cartridge.” Well, done, Robert! We are pleased to see how a gun evolves successfully through concept, building, and finally, performance in the field. This shows that, if you endow a rifle with the best components, such as the U.S. Optics 5-25×58 SN3 scope shown here, good things can happen.

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November 2nd, 2007

Shooting Chrony F1 Master Chronograph on Sale–Just $79.99

Now through November 30, 2007, MidwayUSA has the F1 Master Chronograph (Item #688064) on sale for just $79.99. That’s $24.00 off the regular price. This unit includes the remote screen. All components (other than diffuser screens and screen supports), fold up into the hinged case for easy transport. NOTE: the F1 Master has a remote display, but this is NOT a full-featured remote control. You won’t be able to edit strings or switch between functions from the bench (only the more expensive models of Shooting Chronys allow that.) Just bring a pencil and pad to record your shots.

Shooting Chrony F1 chronograph

Is this worth buying? We’ll be honest, Shooting Chronys can be finicky in very strong sunlight and when the light comes from a harsh angle. They usually work best with hazy mid-morning light. Function-wise, this is a pretty “bare bones” unit. However, the Shooting Chrony design is very compact and easy to set-up. We keep an older Shooting Chrony in the car at all times as a “spare”. It can be put “into action” in under 5 minutes (using an inexpensive tripod with quick-release mount). At a cost of $79.99 you can almost afford to have a Shooting Chrony F1 Master as a “back-up” device–and one to use with hand-guns. If, heaven forbid, you hit the device, it’s nice to know it didn’t cost much.

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