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November 29th, 2007

ARA Rimfire Winter Nationals This Weekend

The American Rimfire Assn. (ARA) Indoor Winter Nationals will be held this weekend, December 1st and 2nd in North Carolina. The event is hosted at the Rocky River Bench Rest Barn, located near Aquadale, NC (about 60 miles east of Charlotte). Cost is $50 for both days, or $25 for juniors.

American Rimfire Assn.

In ARA rimfire competition, competitors shot a 25-bull target (one shot per bull) with “worst edge” scoring. Most ARA benchresters shoot in the “Unlimited” class, which has no weight or rest restrictions. You’ll typically see rifles with barrel tuners and 30-40X scopes, shot from high-tech rests. Shown below, on a Roger von Ahrens one-piece rest, is an ARA unlimited 22LR rifle belonging to Joe Friedrich . CLICK HERE to download the ARA Winter Nationals registration form.

ARA Unlimited Rimfire Rifle

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November 29th, 2007

Excellent Long-Range Shooting Simulator

If you want to keep your wind-reading skills sharp during a long, cold winter spent mostly indoors, check out Shooter Ready, a Long-Range Shooting Simulation for home computers. A FREE DEMO is offered on the web. This is serious training software, not just a computer game. You choose the rifle, and the program provides different scenarios with various wind angles/speeds and target distances. The result of each shot is exactly calculated using ballistics formulas to show where the bullet hits on the target.

This simulation graphically displays how wind, altitude, and temperature affect the bullet in flight. The results for distance are given in both meters and yards. The program provides a variety of atmospheric conditions and you can practice Mil Dot ranging on three targets: A 12″ X 12″ swinging plate, a 30″ X 18″ knock down plate and a regulation 72″ X 19″ knock down plate. Chose from three chamberings: .308 Winchester, (175 gr), Windrunner .338 Lapua, and 50 BMG. Each caliber has 70 different range exercises, plus an advanced stage for each caliber with 25 different timed hold-offs and moving targets. Add in different atmospheric extremes and you get almost 300 different ranging scenarios.


Long-Range Shooting Computer Simulation

The demo has sample stages from the CD version of Shooter Ready. A basic understanding of mil dot ranging, using a range card and some exterior ballistics is recommended.

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November 29th, 2007

Wow, $19.88 for a Camelbak Hydration Pack

Sorry Guys — As of 12/2 Cabela’s is SOLD OUT of Camelbak Vipers. Told you it was a great deal!

Cabela’s has the CamelBak® Viper Hydration Pack, item EBC-517588, on sale right now for $19.88, marked down from $89.88. That’s right. This is the same 3.1 litre-capacity product sold elsewhere on the web for up to $90.00. We searched the web, and the absolute lowest price we found (other than Cabela’s) for a CamelBak® Viper was $58.00. So, this is an awesome deal at Cabela’s. The Viper features a 102 oz. baffled reservoir and 90 cubic inch cargo volume. Users report that the insulation is excellent, so your water stays cool, while the external fill feature allows for effortless filling. The Viper hydration pack is used by the U.S. Military.

Camelback viper

For other super deals, check out Cabela’s Bargain Cave.

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