November 17th, 2007

Physical Training for Rifle Shooters

In the current edition of The First Shot (the CMP’s Online Magazine), Sgt. Walter E. Craig of the USAMU discusses physical conditioning for competitive shooters, particularly Highpower competitors. In the article, Craig advocates: 1) weight training to strengthen the Skeletal Muscle System; 2) exercises to build endurance and stamina; and 3) cardiovascular conditioning programs to allow the shooter to remain relaxed with a controlled heart beat. Sgt. Craig explains: “An individual would not enter a long distance race without first spending many hours conditioning his/her body. One should apply the same conditioning philosophy to the sport of shooting. Physical conditioning to improve shooting skills will result in better shooting performance…. The objective of an individual physical training program is to condition the muscles, heart, and lungs thereby increasing the shooter’s capability of controlling the body and rifle for sustained periods without experiencing fatigue.”