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November 27th, 2007

The Beauty of Solid Bullets

When it comes to creating the perfect, streamlined bullet form, solid projectiles represent the ultimate in bullet construction. Made of solid metals such as bronze and copper-nickel alloys, these bullets are lathe-turned for perfect uniformity, and the highest possible Ballistic Coefficient.

Lost River Ballistic Technologies was one of the pioneers of solid, lathe-turned projectiles in the USA. The original .408 Chey-Tac ammunition used bullets produced by Lost River on Swiss-type CNC lathes from solid bars of proprietary copper nickel alloy. Lost River’s bullets are hard to find today, but reader DesertLefty recently offered some for sale in our Forum Classifieds. We just thought you’d like to get a look at these slippery beauties. Shown below, for comparison purposes, are 6mm and 6.5mm Lost River projectiles, along with two conventional bullets. From left to right: 6.5mm 139 gr Lapua Scenar, 6.5mm 132 gr Lost River J40, 6mm 100 gr Lost River J40, and 6mm 115 gr DTAC.

DesertLefty notes: “You will need a very fast twist barrel to stabilize these. The manufacturer’s web site is no longer working, but I think the recommended twist was 1-7 and the BCs were about 0.7 for the 6.5mm and 0.6x for the 6mm.”

If you are intrigued by the ballistic performance of lathe-turned solids, check out the website of Germany’s Lutz Möller. Lutz has produced a series of ultra-high BC bullets, both solids and conventionally jacketed projectiles. His 105-LM bullet for the .338 Lapua won the 2005 Lapua Sniper Cup. The circular driving bands you see are a distinctive feature of Möller’s bullets. The bands reduce drag in ultra-long bullets by effectively reducing the bearing surface in contact with the rifling. This 105-LM bullet has an amazing BC of 0.93. Lutz also has a .408 Chey-Tac bullet with a 0.95 calculated BC!

Lutz Möller bullets

Lutz Möller bullets

LM-105 photos © copyright Lutz Möller, All Rights Reserved.

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November 27th, 2007

Bargain Days at Sierra Trading Post

I know most of this site’s readers on this site would spend their last dime on bullets and powder. But sometimes, you do have to purchase other essentials such as winter clothing and outdoor gear. Plus it’s the holiday season again, and that means gifts for the family.

Sierra Trading Post

Today we’re featuring Sierra Trading Post. This is a solid company that provides a wide variety of products for the outdoorsman, at sometimes spectacular prices. This editor has personally shopped with Sierra Trading Post for years, and just today I purchased two items, a Windstopper® Base Layer Shirt (item 12991) for winter motorcycling, and a set of Kenyon Polarskins polypro long johns (item 13854) for snow sports. At $16.95, the Polarskins are half the price I’d pay for a similar product from most outlets.

Sierra Trading Post is now running a huge promotion, with every item at least 50% off retail. Here are some products of interest to shooters and hunters:

Black Diamond Head lamp

I’ve got one of these LED lamps. It is much lighter than most other “headband lamps” and the battery lasts a long time. I use it for camping, reading, and even in the reloading room in the evening for extra illumination.

Winchester Upland Jacket

For $39.95, this Blaze Orange/Khaki Winchester Upland hunting jacket is a great bargain, though it’s not waterproof. What I really like is that it comes with TWO fleece inner liners–a vest and a full-sleeved inner jacket, both of which can be worn separately. It even has cartridge holders in the front and a game pouch on the back. Here’s what one purchaser has to say: “Have worn this in thick bushland, stands up to abuse, and with blaze orange built in, no need for extra items of [hunting] clothing. Very adaptable with warm vest that can be removed if too warm”.

Steiner 7x50 Binoculars

If you want a pair of armored binoculars that will last a lifetime, these 7×50 Waterproof Steiners are a great deal at $274.50. Even at “ultra-discount” warehouse stores, 7×50 Marine Steiners sell for $300-320.00. These binoculars are based on the rugged Steiner mil-spec 7×50 unit used by the U.S. Army. Steiner’s fully-coated lenses are legendary for their clarity and resolution.

Sierra Trading Post isn’t all just camping and outdoor gear. There is a wide selection of other suitable gift items for the wife, kids, and relatives — wool sweaters, silk underwear, travel accessories, ski goggles… you name it.

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