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November 1st, 2007

NEW 135gr 30-Caliber MatchKing from Sierra Bullets

Sierra surprised many by announcing a completely NEW 135-grain HPBT MatchKing in 30 caliber (.308 diameter). The new bullet is part of Sierra’s 2008 line-up, so expect the 135-grainer to be at vendors around mid-December 2007 (at the earliest). Sierra tells us: “This bullet was designed to fill the need for a lighter-weight / low recoil 30-caliber bullet for smaller-capacity cartridges. Sierra expects this bullet to be a popular choice for our across the course, handgun silhouette and 100-200 yard benchrest customers.” Hmmm, 100-200 BR? The bullet’s a bit heavy for the 30BR but it might prove effective for club-level “factory class” competition with .308 rifles. The bullet should also work well for Garand Matches.

Sierra 135 grain MatchKing 30 cal

The new 135gr SMKs will be available in boxes of 100 bullets (stock #2123) with MSRP of $35.30 per box or in boxes of 500 bullets (stock #2123C) with MSRP of $164.49 per box. We expect the 100-count boxes to cost about $25-$26, based on current “street price” for 150gr HPBT MatchKings.

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November 1st, 2007

Redding Case Neck Gauge on Sale at Midsouth

The Redding Case Neck Gauge is one of the better tools on the market for measuring neck-wall thickness. It works quickly and is both repeatable and accurate. When turned and unturned necks were checked first on the Redding tool and then double-checked with a Starrett ball mic, the results were the same–but of course the task can be completed much faster with the Redding gauge or similar tool.

Redding Case Neck GaugeNeck-wall thickness gauges are not just for folks who turn necks. For best accuracy, you want cases that have the same neck-wall thickness so you maintain consistent neck tension case to case. Likewise you want to eliminate cases with necks that are much thicker on one side than another. Even if you shoot “no-turn” necks, this tool lets you efficiently sort cases by neck-wall thickness and uniformity. That can dramatically improve accuracy.

The Redding Case-Neck Gauge comes complete with a .001″ Dial Indicator and two pilots (.22 and .30 caliber). With a MSRP of $96.00, this unit typically sells for $78 to $84.00. Right now, Midsouth Shooter’s Supply has the Redding Case-Neck Guage, item 076-26400, on sale for just $56.88, including two mandrels and both .22 and .30 caliber pilots. If you shoot a 6mm, 6.5mm, or 7mm, you’ll need to purchase a separate pilot for $4.09. CLICK HERE for a web brochure with more details.

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